Pokémon Black And White 2 Are The Ideal Pokemon Games

Over a decade later, I still think Pokemon Black and White 2 are the most ideal Pokemon games.

Story Highlights

  • Pokemon Black and White 2 expanded on the Unova region to make it even better than its prequel.
  • Being the last 2D game before the game switched to 3D, the visuals are absolutely beautiful.
  • With so much side content packed into the games, players have so much to do and are unlikely to get bored.

Pokemon is easily one of the most popular gaming franchises, standing on the same pedestal as gaming giants like Grand Theft Auto. When combining the mainline games, remakes, and various spinoffs, the Pokemon franchise has spawned over 50 games with no sign of stopping soon.

When asked which Pokemon game is the best, the answers are usually Platinum, Emerald, or the Heartgold and Soulsilver games, However, I think a different game deserves the title of best Pokemon game, or at least the ideal one. While the term best is subjective, Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 tick all the boxes of what makes a good Pokemon game.

Great Story To Enjoy And Greater World To Explore

One of the best parts about Black and White 2 is its story. Like every Pokemon, it spans the entire region, but this one focuses on a more emotional and empathetic storyline. In most Pokemon games, the protagonist’s rival is another person they meet as they progress through the story and then fight. The rival also helps fight the evil team alongside the hero sometimes.

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In Pokemon Black and White 2, however, the rival’s motivation to fight Team Plasma and explore the region is more emotional. Without getting into spoiler territory, you should probably have a tissue box nearby when nearing the endgame.

Alongside the rival’s story, the main plotline and region is great. The game takes place in the America of the Pokemon Universe, Unova. It also introduces a wide range of environments and activities. Black 2 and White 2 are worthy sequels taking place two years after the originals. Players can see how much everything has changed and where everyone is now.

Pokemon Black And White 2’s Excellent Visuals

Pokemon Black and White 2 were the final mainline titles before the franchise went fully 3D. Unlike most previous games, the generation 5 sequel features animated sprites for every Pokemon. This makes for added immersion and I always enjoyed catching a new Pokemon and seeing how it acted in combat.

Besides the 2D Sprites, the overall aesthetic is amazing, with multiple seasons in-game that change depending on the time set in the device. If someone plays the game in Spring, they’ll see an abundance of flowers everywhere, but if they play it in winter, they’ll see snow everywhere.

Why I think Pokemon Black 2/White 2 are the best Pokemon games so far.
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The seasonal changes don’t change with the visuals, either. Another example I have in mind is how the soundtrack subtly changes depending on various factors. If someone plays Pokemon Black and White 2 during the winter, they’ll hear little jingles here and there to signify the season. The drums in the score also change depending on whether the player is moving, with the instrument joining the score if they are.

Side Content? Unova Has You Covered

Most people believe that content like the Battle Frontier in generation 3 is one of the best side content available in Pokemon games. However, I think Black 2 and White 2 offer better alternatives. In the case of Battle Frontier, both give players the option of competing in the Battle Tower or White Treehollow, depending on what version of the game they have.

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There’s also the inclusion of Pokestar Studios, where the protagonist can star in various in-game films and act. Over here, players can choose multiple dialogue options, which can change how the story plays out, so it’s always a pleasure to check out every option to see what ending I’ll get.

While I can’t say that Black and White 2 are the best Pokemon games ever, they’re the most ideal. They have all the features I look for in a good Pokemon game, and if modern games were more like Black and White 2, maybe they’d be more successful.

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