Spider-Man 2’s Miguel Reference Sets The Stage For A Spider-Man 2099 Game

Insomniac and Spider-Man 2099, a dream combo.

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  • Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is a complete blast and the surprising Miguel reference was a pretty huge deal.
  • Past games like Shattered Dimensions and Across the Spider-Verse have me craving for more Spider-Man 2099 content.
  • Spider-Man 2099 gameplay created by Insomniac in a crossover-style game would be the stuff of dreams.

The concept of superheroes is certainly appealing, and so are their video games. Not many characters got their chance at it though, like a longed-for Superman game. But those who did came in with a bang. Yes, I’m talking about Batman and Spider-Man; you know it. The legendary Arkham series received its last entry back in 2015, but Insomniac’s Spider-Man is still making noise with the recent Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

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Spider-Man games always had a consistent history, with new titles every once in a while — some of these pretty enjoyable and unique, some not so much. However, the character went through a complete revolution of sorts when Insomniac picked up the mantle. After three games, especially Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, there’s no room for doubt and all I want now is for Insomniac to work on a potential Spider-Man 2099 game. Let’s look at some of the reasons why I make this demand.

A Different Spider-Man (Miles) Was A Perfect Variation

To start things off, the first thing to mention is how a new Spider-Man can spice things up in terms of gameplay variety and enjoyment. As you’re aware, there are many different variants of a hero, some from alternate timelines, while some a completely different individuals like in this case. These variants mostly make comic appearances and so many people might not be familiar with them, but that is not the case with Spider-Man. Games like Shattered Dimensions and the Spiderverse movies have brought alternate variants to light.

When Insomniac picked up Miles Morales’ Spider-Man to feature in its games, it was a highly well-received idea. Everyone knows the standard Peter Parker Spider-Man, but this was a new and versatile addition. Not only did this create a brilliant story scenario to explore a different individual who had big shoes to fill, but it also led to a breath of fresh air in terms of combat, with Miles’ unique arsenal and additional powers. You know it was a brilliant idea when Miles’ game was equal if not better received than the first one.

The combat in Miles Morales is crazy good. I suck but I can imagine how badass it would look if one can master it.
byu/WyrmHero1944 inplaystation

What’s better than one Spider-Man everyone loves? two Spider-Men. Insomniac made sure to make this phrase as much a reality as possible in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. So how about another one now? A majority welcomed Miles, and I can assure you that Spider-Man 2099 will be an even more widely appreciated character. I want a new Spider-Man game but with a twist this time. And what’s better than the futuristic setting of 2099 with the iconic web-slinger?

Edge Of Time And Shattered Dimensions Had Me Craving For More 

You want a Spider-Man 2099 game because you loved the character in Across the Spider-Verse, I want it because I know how fun he is to play in Edge of Time and Shattered Dimensions (We’re not the same). If you truly adore the Miguel version of Spider-Man, I insist you give these games a try, and I’m sure your demands for a new Spider-Man 2099 game will receive a significant boost. It’s that fun to play the character.

First up, I’ll expand on Shattered Dimensions since it is more widely available. This game was the prime Spider-Verse experience before Spider-Verse existed. Not to go into any spoilers, Shattered Dimensions features a dimension-bending threat that brings together four different Spider-Men in an epic crossover game. The past me knew the Amazing and Ultimate variants, but was utterly blown away by the new 2099 and Noir variants, plus they were a ton of fun to play with.


Next up is Edge of Time. This is a more obscure one that I think flew under the radar of many people, which might be because of the restricted platforms. The game features the Amazing and 2099 Spider-Man variants in a time-travel-esque story. The gameplay from Shattered Dimensions makes a return here. Enjoy the time-slowing, mirage-creating abilities of Spider-Man 2099. Once you go through these two gems that showcase Miguel’s video game prowess, you’re bound to reciprocate my feeling for an Insomniac game.

Unpopular opinion but I liked Edge of Time
byu/Visual_Caregiver_229 inSpiderman

Across The Spider-Verse Was The Catalyst I Needed

Across the Spider-Verse was a blessing for me in more than one way. As an Into the Spider-Verse fan and as a Spider-Man 2099 fan, I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Not only did it give Spider-Man 2099 and thus Miguel a much-needed screentime, it boosted the character’s popularity to insane heights, such that people can’t wait to see more of him. It did the character a lot of justice, too and I’m just happy one of my favorite Spider-Man variants is much more recognized now.


But what’s most important is how it boosted the chances for a Spider-Man 2099 game. As I mentioned earlier, I wanted a game featuring the futuristic web-slinger ever since I played those past games. I immediately fell in love with that unique gameplay and wanted nothing but more. However, at that point, the character was pretty unknown and was only showcased in these games, which too many people didn’t know of. 

Into the Spider-Verse, however, was a worldwide sensation. Its scale was much more immense than the character’s games, and the audience was phenomenally larger. As such, Across the Spider-Verse was the same, and thus Spider-Man 2099 has now caught the eye of a lot more people than before. So, suppose even if a game featuring Miguel’s Spider-Man was not viable before, which I doubt, there’s genuinely no second-guessing now that utilizing this character in a video game is sure to turn a massive number of heads.

Across the Spider-Verse has made Spider-Man 2099 a lot more popular.
Across the Spider-Verse has made Spider-Man 2099 a lot more popular.

Insomniac Hinted Spider-Man 2099, And I Love It

Okay, before Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, it felt like wishful thinking, but now the possibility for a Spider-Man 2099 game is higher than ever, and I couldn’t be more excited. Before discussing this possibility, The first thing to mention here is the sheer quality of Insomniac’s latest Spidey game. I admit I had some issues with the first 2 games, but Insomniac made sure to rectify any errors and make Spider-Man 2 a near-perfect adventure.

Two playable Spider-Men with distinct abilities and an intertwined, heartwarming story are certainly brilliant, but what’s even more impressive are the game’s splendid sidequests filled with love, dedication, and a sense of grounding these fictional stories in reality. Amidst these side adventures is a collection one where you collect Spider-bots which are essentially references and easter eggs galore. At the end of this collection spree though, a shocking reveal awaits, which pleasantly blew me away.

Howard's pigeon quest is an excellent example of Marvel's Spider-Man 2's phenomenal side quests.
Howard’s pigeon quest is an excellent example of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s phenomenal side quests.

You witness a portal opening which shows a rather peculiar bartender named Delilah. As mysterious as it all feels, the real surprise is when she mentions Miguel before signing off. You’re left to wonder; what in the world was that? And here’s the answer, Delilah was a scrapped Across the Spider-Verse character who didn’t make the final cut, but the reference here is a very apparent connection to Spider-Verse, as well as Miguel or Spider-Man 2099. How’s that? Finally believe an Insomniac Spider-Man 2099 is a solid possibility?

Delilah and her Miguel dialogue have me hopeful for a future crossover game.
Delilah and her Miguel dialogue have me hopeful for a future crossover game.

Is An Insomniac-style Spider-Verse With Spider-Man 2099 Too Much To Ask?

Insomniac has once again proved its expertise and has created one of the best superhero adventures to dive into. I’m sure this has been said many times, so let me direct you to a different point. Even more than Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, what fascinates me is what Insomniac is setting up for the series’ future, the “final chapter”. All these references to other superheroes, the tease in the ending, and the many crossover hints are pointing towards a possible Spider-Verse of Insomniac’s creation.

Am I the only one who would love to see Insomniac’s take on a Spider-Man 2099 game? It could be set in the same universe as the current games. I always had a soft spot for the 2099 levels in SM:Shattered Dimensions.
byu/oroszakos inSpidermanPS4

This possibility has me excited more than anything else. And the thing I want Insomniac to do as the priority for its Spidey verse is to give it a Spider-Man 2099 addition. Even if it’s not connected to the existing Insomniac verse, a standalone game would suffice, but imagine for a moment the possibility of a connected verse where the heroes team up in an epic Shattered Dimension-style finale. The thought’s enough to give me goosebumps. In the meantime, I can at least enjoy the 2099 suit in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

The 2099 suit in Marvel's Spider-Man 2 can get me by while I wait.
The 2099 suit in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 can get me by while I wait.

Just think about the time-bending Spider-Man 2099 gameplay, but in Insomniac’s style full of finesse. And why stop there? While we’re at it, a crossover game can also feature other characters, like Spider-Man Noir, another one of my favorite Spider-Men. However, before anyone says it I realize how that would be too much to ask, but a Spider-Man 2099 game at least is well within the realm of possibility. I hope we see a game featuring Miguel and the world of 2099 someday with Insomniac’s signature expertise.

While you wait for that day with me, you can enjoy Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 in the meantime, now available on PS5.

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