Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Needs A Proper DLC, Not More “Insomniac Original” Suits

There's so much potential here, why not build upon it?

Story Highlights

  • A possible expansion for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has plenty of evidence, yet is still nowhere to be seen.
  • Instead, the game continues to get more suits, that too not the iconic comic ones everyone wants.
  • Spider-Man 2 players had their differences, but a new DLC can hype the game up once again.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Insomniac’s latest web-swinging adventure had everyone presenting a different story. Some found it perfectly enjoyable and impactful, while others felt the story pacing, content shortage, and certain design choices were pretty lackluster. Which one are you?

There’s one table where the entire fanbase sat down peacefully and shook hands though. What was that? The possibility of a DLC. For people with story complaints, for those who found the game’s length questionable, and for those who think the game’s perfect, an expansion was the answer to everyone’s qualms and wishes. The question is, where is it?

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 And The Alleged DLC

Before I begin, I should tell you that Insomniac and Sony still haven’t confirmed the DLC’s existence (or DLCs), it’s just us fans going all detective over it. But, rest assured, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have ample reason that it exists, or existed at some point.

The first evidence can be found in the game itself. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is filled with splendid side stories, the peak of the game for me. Among these, certain stories are just begging to be translated into a DLC. You guessed it, I mean the Kleetus Cassidy and the Carnage plotline. With him outsmarting Peter and escaping with a gooey piece of the symbiote we all know the end result of, it’s the perfect setup for a possible DLC.

There should be a Carnage dlc for Spider-Man 2.
byu/isidrowyd inSpidermanPS4

Insomniac and Sony would be out of their mind if they didn’t follow up on this one. However, “Sony would be crazy not to” isn’t exactly a confirmation of the DLC’s existence, is it? Now I wouldn’t be here with such a shaky reasoning alone, and you know it.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 needs a boost | Source: Insomniac Games
Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 needs a boost | Source: Insomniac Games

The next piece of evidence came from the unfortunate Insomniac leak. While I absolutely condone such a heinous action, not taking a look wasn’t going to undo it, so I snuck a peek. Multiple DLCs for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 greeted me, including Beetle, Carnage, and Spider-Verse, and even a follow-up Venom game. Still think there’s no DLC?

All future Insomniac projects
byu/OrangeC-2003 inGamingLeaksAndRumours

The final confirmation accidentally came from Insomniac itself. A Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 update that was supposed to add more features like an NG+ mode had an innate bug that allowed access to certain dev menus and interfaces not yet released. These showed the existence of the Beetle DLC in the game, which couldn’t be accessed. Do you believe me now that a DLC was, or still is a reality?

NG+ was a solid addition | Source: Insomniac Games
NG+ was a solid addition | Source: Insomniac Games

Enough With The Suits

Despite all these heavy leaks, Insomniac and Sony have yet to comment on the DLC’s existence. But what I don’t understand is what is up with all these new suits every once in a while. Is this their makeshift attempt at “DLC? What DLC? Here, have these fancy suits.” I was for real expecting it on the State of Play (it might’ve saved it).

Don’t get me wrong, I love to roleplay as a different Spidey every time I boot up the realistic web-swinging simulator. But does it eliminate the need for more content? No, it doesn’t. No matter how good-looking the suits are, a lack of meaningful content is always going to be a problem. If Insomniac wants me to return the game, it needs to do a little better than just a stylish new costume.

When will insomniac finally drop a DLC for Spiderman 2?
byu/imalwaysbored_123 inSpidermanPS4

Oh, and don’t even get me started on the suit selection. Where are all the iconic comic suits, Sony? There’s genuine gold waiting out there, while all we’re getting are more Insomniac originals. They’re fancy and stylish, but they can never hold a candle to the iconic comic variants much more meaningful for all the hardcore fans. They hold lore significance and appeal to the inner “cosplay fanatic” a lot more.

These are the suits we need | Source: u/JahnDavis27 (Reddit)
These are the suits we need | Source: u/JahnDavis27 (Reddit)

The DLC Needs To Happen

Thus, it’s imperative that Insomniac considers providing a glimpse or a release date for the DLC if it’s happening, or makes it clear that we’re never getting one. The uncertainty is killing me.

If you ask me, a DLC for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 can go a long way. Spider-Man’s insane popularity is a secret to none, and neither is the extreme following of the Insomniac games. I know Spider-Man 2 cost a lot to make, but that’s all the more reason why a “less cost” DLC can be used to re-spark interest in the game and bolster its sales. 

byu/imalwaysbored_123 from discussion

Venom is a fan-favorite figure, and by extension, a symbiote story with Carnage at the center has the potential to turn a lot of needs, Sony and Insomniac just need to strike the iron while it’s hot. New suits can only go so far in bringing back interest, especially when they’re not even the comic suits everyone adores. Thus, whether it’s Beetle or Carnage, a DLC certainly needs to happen now.

Let there be some DLC’s.
byu/NathanRider inSpidermanPS4

I know Insomniac’s bulk of the workforce is probably busy with something like Marvel’s Wolverine, but a little effort to bring Spider-Man 2 back to the spotlight is for the greater good.

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