Here Are Steam’s Top “Open-World Survival Crafting Fest” Recommendations

Tight on budget but love a good open-world survival game? Steam and eXputer has you covered.

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  • Steam’s latest store-wide sale called “Open-World Survival Crafting Fest” is here and it’s a whopper.
  • The sales promo has discounted a wealth of high-class games belonging to the genre. 
  • Some recommendations from the side of eXputer include Sons of the Forest, Palworld, and others. 

With Steam feeling extra generous lately, the sales occasion of “Open-World Survival Crafting Fest” is upon us, bringing along with itself a swath of worthy games that you shouldn’t be sleeping on, especially if you’re a fan of the whole survival game genre. The discounts currently range between 30% to a whopping 75%, so there’s that. You’re bound to find a few good picks in there, if not much else.

Just to remind you though, Steam recently wrapped up its Publisher Sale, involving the likes of Behavior Interactive, Annapurna, and others as well. Onto the next one then! 

Survival Game Enthusiasts Are Going To Love Their Current Options

The following games have been hand-picked after careful consideration coming off of hundreds of hours poured into the respective experiences. If you feel like I missed a noteworthy title or two, comment down below, tell me about it all, and start a discussion. 

1. Sons Of The Forest 

Sons of the Forest on Steam Is Available for About $7 Right Now
Sons of the Forest on Steam Is Available for About $7 Right Now

Endnight Games’ Sons of the Forest had been in early access for a long time before getting treated to a full release on February 22, 2024. By the time that happened, the devs cranked up the quality of the title significantly, despite the game selling more than 2 million copies within 24 hours of its early access release.

Today, Sons of the Forest is one of the best survival games in the business, boasting great music, ample weapon variety, a grand map with superb attention to detail, and more. eXputer reviewed the title and rated it 4/5, with author Asad Ahmed remarking, “Sons of the Forest is an extremely ambitious follow-up that completely outperforms its predecessor in every way.”

2. Palworld

Palworld Is Going for Less Than 10 on Steam
Palworld Is Going for Less Than $10 on Steam

Japanese developer Pocketpair pretty much pulled off the impossible when it crafted the perfect formula of “Pokemon with guns” in the name of Palworld. Ever since the title’s early access release on January 19, 2024, its player count has seen exponential growth, with cumulative sales crossing the 15-million mark on Steam in less than one month following its global launch.

eXputer’s 4.5/5.0 review of Palworld holds it in high regard, with author Rabiya praising the title’s active crafting mechanics, great exploration, fantastic world design, and fun yet challenging combat. Get it for 10% off right now while you still have the time. 

3. Days Gone 

Days Gone on Steam Is Priced at 12.49
Days Gone on Steam Is Priced at $12.49

Bend Studio’s Days Gone is a zombie game done right. It possesses a special mechanic that makes it a class apart from your typical survival title, featuring a zombie horde system that’s insanely well-built, considering how the swarm chases after you. First-timers are going to awe in fear when the scenario actually occurs, that’s a guarantee. 

4. No Man’s Sky

No Mans Sky Is a Starfield Players Wet Dream
No Man’s Sky Is a Starfield Player’s Wet Dream

Hitting the nail on the head with space exploration since 2016, No Man’s Sky is one of the best open-world survival games you can play on your PC. Back when the title launched, however, it was a completely different story and over the course of its release, things went from zero to hero in quite a manner, giving us a beautiful comeback story from British developer Hello Games. 

eXputer revisited No Man’s Sky and rated it 3.5/5.0. Our review expert Moiz Banoori notes, “After all these years, No Man’s Sky is still a delight to play, especially when exploring and visiting new places with friends.”

  • Get it on Steam. 

5. Subnautica

Subnautica Is Dirt Cheap on Steam Right Now
Subnautica Is Dirt Cheap on Steam Right Now

I have yet to play a game that makes me feel as immersive as Subnautica, I’ll tell you that. Unknown Worlds Entertainment has whipped up something exceptionally well-made here, with the atmosphere and the environment truly being unnerving, especially to the newcomers. You play Subnautica, and you basically become the underwater submarine. 

But do be warned that you may not find the game specifically tailored to your preferences because the game could take a bit of gameplay before it genuinely starts to take off. 

6. Rust

Rust Is a Killer Survival Game
Rust Is a Killer Survival Game

Facepunch Studio’s Rust has been around for as long as one can remember, being one of the premier crafting slash survival-oriented games in the business. Although the title came out in 2018, it’s gone on to gather almost 900,000 reviews on Steam, with the vast majority of them being “Very Positive.” Rust is just one of the most addictive games you’ll ever get around to playing. It’s a sell-your-soul type of deal here.

As opposed to its $20 pricing, Rust is coming for $9.99 at the moment on Valve’s platform. I recommend getting a taste of it. 

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