Rainbow Six Siege Best Team Composition [Expert Picks]

Dominate Rainbow Six Siege with the best team composition, balancing offense and defense for unstoppable tactical prowess,

Rainbow Six Siege necessitates strategic finesse in deploying Operators, prompting players to understand how each Operator’s kit aligns with either offensive or defensive tactics. Different Operator Team Composition excels in unique strategies within Rainbow Six Siege.

Key Takeaways
  • The Best Team Composition features some of the Best Attackers and Defenders in Rainbow Six Siege.
  • The advantage of these team compositions is that you can use them against almost any strategies in low rank.
  • The disadvantage is that most higher-rank players can counter them easily, so you need to choose operators wisely to counter them.

Best Team Compositions In Rainbow Six Siege

Here’s the summary of the Best Team Composition in Rainbow Six Siege:

TeamOperatorsBest For
Strategic ChaosGlaz, Maverick, Gridlock, Zero, DokkaebiBest For Sneaky Attack
Breach MastersThatcher, Ying, Lion, Thermite, BuckBest For Agressive Team
Standard DefenseFenrir, Azami, Solis, Valkyrie, KaidBest Defense Against All Attacks
RoamingCaveira, Valkyrie, Echo, Castle, MuteBest For Denying Entry

1. Strategic Chaos

Best Sneak Attack Team
Strategic Chaos
Create Confusion and Chaos by silently killing opponents [Image by eXputer]
GlazFlip SightUtilizes long-range marksmanship with smoke cover for team.
MaverickSuri TorchStealthily breaches and flanks enemy positions.
GridlockTrax StingersDeploys area-denial traps and provides cover with smoke.
ZeroARGUS CameraCollects intel and assists with soft breaches using gadgets.
DokkaebiLogic BombDisrupts enemy communications and hunts down roamers.

Instead of directly facing opponents, cause chaos and take out enemies strategically. Start by using Zero to gain access to the site and gather intel on enemies with his argus launcher. Then, quietly breach with Maverick’s Breaching Torch. With Glaz’s Thermal scope, secure a kill to create confusion.

These actions will grab the enemies’ attention, allowing Gridlock to slow them down with her Trax Stingers. At this point, Dokkaebi can use her ability to call the opponents while Zero secures the location, Glaz provides cover, and Maverick watches the flanks.

Instead of Maverick, you can use any hard breacher because it’ll create chaos while your team pushes from the other side.

  • Why I Chose This: It allows for a strategic approach, emphasizing stealth and coordinated tactics such as intel gathering, breaching, confusion tactics, enemy slowdown, and disruption of communication.
  • Strategic gameplay emphasis.
  • Stealth and coordination focus.
  • Intel gathering opportunities.
  • Effective breaching tactics.
  • Confusion and disruption tactics.
  • Requires teamwork and coordination.
  • Relies on specific operator abilities.
  • Execution may be challenging.
  • Dependent on player skill.

2. Breach Masters

Best Aggressive Team
Breach Masters
Breach every wall to entry using the Best Breachers Masters [Image by eXputer]
ThatcherEMP GrenadesDisables defender gadgets, crucial for breaching operations.
YingCandela Utilizes flash and smoke for aggressive entry and area control.
LionEE-ONE-D DroneProvides team-wide intel and forces enemies into vulnerability.
ThermiteExothermic ChargeOpens reinforced walls, essential for breaching hard objectives.
BuckSkeleton KeyCreates vertical angles and clears barricades with shotgun.

Enhance your team’s entry capabilities by employing the correct combination of breachers. Before heavy hitters move into secure and clear areas, Thatcher can utilize his EMP Grenade to deactivate nearby electronics, providing signals for Thermite to execute a standard heavy breach using his Exothermic Charge.

This duo allows for flexibility with other attackers in implementing alternative strategies. For example, Ying and Lion are effective choices for area clearance with a combination of Candela Flash and EE-ONE-D abilities, while Buck can aggressively enter to secure eliminations.

I think any hard breached works in this case, as long as you can destroy the reinforced walls. It doesn’t have to be thermite.

  • Why I Chose This: It lets the team enter together smoothly, disrupting electronics for breaching, clearing areas, and taking out enemies quickly.
  • Smooth team entry.
  • Disrupts electronics for breaching.
  • Clears areas efficiently.
  • Quick enemy elimination.
  • Requires teamwork.
  • Relies on specific operator abilities.
  • Difficult to execute.
  • Vulnerable to counter-strategies.

3. Standard Defense

Best Defense Team
Standard Defense
Defend the site and wait for the time to end [Image by eXputer]
FenrirF-NATT Dread MineTactical intel gathering and area denial with his gadget.
AzamiKiba BarrierArea denial and holding flanks.
SolisSPEC-IO Electro-SensorIntel Gatherer, even able to pinpoint some of the operators location.
ValkyrieBlack Eye CamerasSurveillance expert and information gatherer.
KaidRtila ElectroclawElectrifying Reinforcement denying attackers to breach.

For a well-rounded defense strategy in any Rainbow Six Siege map, I opt for this team composition with my team which includes Fenrir, Azami, Solis, Kaid, and Valkyrie. Valkyrie is the primary scout, utilizing her Black Eye to monitor flanks and spot opponents.

The other Defenders complement Valkyrie’s role with their unique abilities. Solis supports Valkyrie’s observation by using her SPEC-IO Electro Sensor to tag and detect all active electronic gadgets, enabling the team to intercept enemies heading towards any active site.

Azami’s Kiba Barrier reinforces vulnerable openings, while Kaid’s Electroclaws electrify metal objects, repurposing enemy utilities against them. Fenrir further enhances the team’s defensive capabilities by detecting enemy locations with its F-NATT Dread Mine.

  • Why I Chose This: It allows for a comprehensive defense, covering scouting, electronic detection, reinforcement, and utility disruption, ensuring versatility against various attacking strategies.
  • Versatile roster for the defense.
  • Black Eye for scouting.
  • Electro Sensor detects gadgets.
  • Kiba Barrier reinforces openings.
  • Electroclaws electrify metal objects.
  • Requires coordination and teamwork.
  • Limited to defensive roles.
  • Relies heavily on gadgets.

4. Roaming

Best Entry Denial Team
Roam around Strategically using this team [Image by eXputer]
CaveiraSilent StepStealthy roamer and interrogator, flanks and disrupts attackers.
ValkyrieBlack Eye CamerasProvides intel and traps, assists with map control and defense.
EchoYokai DronesOffers intel and crowd control with Yokai drones and impacts.
CastleArmor PanelsReinforces and fortifies the objective, controls enemy movement.
MuteSignal DisruptorDenies enemy intel and gadgets.

This defensive lineup relies on Caveira’s Ability as a Roamer, Valkyrie’s hidden cameras, and Echo’s disruptive drones. Caveira moves silently with Echo’s drones watching her back, while Valkyrie’s cameras provide extra intel on enemy positions. Castle reinforces entry points with barriers, and Mute jams enemy drones, making it harder for attackers to gather information. Together, I believe they form a strong defense to block entry to the site and catch attackers off-guard.

However, Caveira might not be the ideal roamer to choose as she can be easily countered by Jackal and Deimos, that is if you’re caught in the preparation phase. 

  • Why I Chose This: This lineup optimizes offensive capability by leveraging stealth, surveillance, disruption, and entry denial, allowing for aggressive engagement over passive defense.
  • Stealthy movements.
  • Hidden cameras.
  • Disruptive drones.
  • Entry point barriers.
  • Enemy drone jamming.
  • Relies on coordination.
  • Vulnerable to rushes.
  • Requires map knowledge.

Alternative Picks That I Considered

While there are multiple team compositions, I chose not to include some due to some individual factors:

TrappersMelusi, Thorn, Aruni, Jager, LesionWhile it is good to have trappers in your team as they can pinpoint the location and disrupt enemy attacks, having too many trappers on site can easily be countered.
ShieldMontagne, BlitzShield operators are good specially after the rework, but they're very situational and are countered easily unless you have someone backing you up.
Full LockdownMute, Kaid, Castle, Wamai, BanditLocking down sounds good, until opponents try to play vertically and get frags easily.

My Thoughts On Best Team Composition

I think if you’re in a low rank having these team compositions can help you learn more about the aspects of defending and attacking. However, they might be useless if you’re playing against higher ranks and must plan according to the Map, Site, and Defending operators. 

Moreover, read my review of Rainbow Six Siege to get further insights. Learn how to play Anchors and defend your site like a pro.


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