Callisto Protocol Guard’s Corpse: How To Access Implant

Learn players can get their hands on the guard's corpse in order to get access to the laundry room!

Callisto Protocol has many objectives hidden within the main storyline that prompt players to move from one place to another in search of hidden items that will otherwise hinder their further progression. Players will have to get the Guard’s Corpse in Callisto Protocol to the laundry room for further progression and will need help!

Key Highlights:

  • The guard’s corpse is a part of the story-progression objective whereby players have to get an implant from the neck of the dead guard
  • The dead guard can be encountered when players progress and reach a little bit further after starting chapter 3, Aftermath
  • The main benefit of getting the implant will be that players will be able to access the Laundry Room to progress in the chapter further. 
  • The best way to get your hands on the dead guard is to make your way through the Recreation A225 area vent. 
  • Players cannot skip getting the implant, as you can not move ahead in the story without it. 

Sneaking A Kill 

Quick Kill
Quick Kill (Image Credits Exputer)

In order to find the guard’s corpse and get to enter the laundry room, players will need to be progressing through chapter 3; you will need to move forward from when you will receive the print for the Hand cannon from Elias during the starting points of the chapter. After that, you will be prompted to make your way over to the Shu, which is where your journey begins. 

Make your way over to the elevator that you are able to take down, and activate it so that it starts to make its way down. When it stops, there will be a door in front that will have the green unlocked symbol on it, and you can head up to it in order to open it up. 

When the door opens, head inside, and you will notice red lights illuminating the general area inside. From there, you will want to turn right, and right in front of you, there will be an enemy whereby you will be able to learn about the quick kill mechanic. It basically entails crouching down, then quietly heading over to the enemy when they are not facing you, and there will be an indicator on their back that will allow you to stab them and murder them in one move. 

A2 Area 

A2 Area
A2 Area (Image Credits Exputer)

After you’ve done performing the quick kill, you’ll want to start heading over to the stairs, where there are red lights with tons of smoke. From there, turn left and head up the stairs again. When you do so, you will be in a long hallway in the general A2 Area, and lo and behold, in front of you will lie yet another enemy. 

The enemy will be standing right in front of the Recreation A225 area and will spit out a projectile at you. There will be a hallway on the left that you can explore around as well, and some of the prisons in it might give you a bit of loot here and there. 

Turn right around, and head back to the hallway where the Recreation area is present. When you first enter it, you will notice the chair and cloth that is on fire, but before you advance further, you can head into another hallway beside it where there will be a ladder leading down where you can find more loot, but it’s optional

Secret Ladder Leading Down 

Ladder Leading Down
Ladder Leading Down (Image Credits Exputer)

Now, if you want to know where the ladder leads, go ahead and jump over the boxes and interact with the ladder by pressing E, which will allow you to start stepping down it. 

If you look a bit down, you will able to notice a platform that will be further leading down, and you can simply head down. From there, you will enter another prison area where there will be nothing but cells everywhere, and the cells will be closed off. 

 Head back, and you will be able to encounter a corner that you can turn towards, and there will be just a couple of closed-off cells. 

However, the second you decide to turn back around, an enemy will start heading toward you and attempting to attack you, and you can simply take them out. After defeating the first one, you will be attacked again, and the enemy will attempt to gnaw at your neck. You need to pry off its attack by consistently pressing E. to murder them off and stomp on them to get your hand on a bit of either credit or ammo. 

Take the vent to crawl back towards the area you came from, and you can jump on the platform to reach the ladder, and then you can start climbing your way back up.

Recreation A225 Area 

Recreation A225
Recreation A225 (Image Credits Exputer)

Once you’re in the A225 area, start heading further in, and you want to make your way to a room where there is a blood trail on the ground, and when you go in, there will be a vent that you can head into, and there will be an enemy that won’t attack you but will be behind one of the grills staring at you. 

You will enter another room when you make your way down the vent. Head down, and right on you’re left, there will be a robot guard that will be malfunctioning. Therefore players don’t really need to worry about the robot attacking them

When you carefully pass the malfunctioning robot, there will be an area that will lead deeper into A225. When you reach the robot, immediately crouch since there might be enemies in front that you might have to fight against. 

In the area you enter, there will be a few boxes placed beside each other, and there will be orange pieces of cloth scattered across the room. The boxes that will be present will be arranged in an arrangement of two boxes stacked beside each other and present in case any enemy appears, and you need to crouch and hide. 

When you head towards the end of the room, there will be an open room a bit towards the right that you can enter and simply see what might be in there. From there, head back out; there will be another room in front of you. 

Laundry B202 Room

Laundry Room
Laundry Room (Image Credits Exputer)

When you head outside the open room and pan your camera to the right, you will take note of a “Laundry B202” labeled on top. However, when you head closer to the door, not only will there be a red sign that says that it is locked, but the second that you attempt to approach it, there will be a voice that will say “Access Denied,” and will not allow you inside the room. 

From there, you will be told that you can’t open the door, and rather, you will need to access security credentials, which means that the only way you will be able to enter the laundry will be if you’re part of security. 

Find A Guard’s Corpse Objective 

From here, you will be prompted with a new objective, “Find A Guard’s Corspe.” Once you do, start making your way forward, and you will notice that tons of guards are dead on the ground. However, these are not the ones that we want. 

Start heading past the boxes, and if you go back towards the robot that was originally malfunctioning and standing when you entered the room, there will be Callisto Protocol Guard’s Corpse will be placed right in front of the robot. It appears that the robot itself had murdered the guard before it got malfunctioned. 

There will be blood coming out of the guard’s head, and it will be positioned with an arm that will be placed in front of its head. Get close to the corpse, and you will be prompted to “Harvest Implant,” which will basically entail that there will be an implant in the guard’s corpse that you will have to take out. 

Pressing on E will prompt players to “use your shiv to dig out their implant,” and Jacob will instantly roll over the dead guard first to get it to lie with its stomach facing to the side. 

Upon being .prompted to shove into the guard with a shiv, players might be able to hear Jacob say, “wait- what?” before the game tells you that you don’t really have a choice and that it is quite possibly the only way that you will be able to access the laundry room

Jacob hesitantly grabs onto the guard’s head to keep it tight and then grabs his shiv in his right hand before he turns his own head to the side, closes his eyes, and then shoves the shiv into the back of the guard’s neck where the health bar was present and while digging around the neck, Jacob will exclaim, “What a mess!:. 

After that, a small text on the screen will say that you just have to do whatever it takes to survive in the game and that the prison will eventually change you as a person. After a few seconds of digging, you will be able to dig out an implant

The implant itself will belong to a Sergeant that is clearly now dead, and the sergeant’s name will have been SGT Eric Jane. The implant will be the key to getting into the room, and you are basically done! 

SGT Eric Jane’s Data 

Guard's Corpse
Guard’s Corpse (Image Credits Exputer)

Now that you are done investigating the corpse’s body, you can read a bit into the lore of SGT Eric Jane and whatever ended up happening to him. If you head into your inventory, which you can access by pressing Tab on your PC, it will showcase an area for your data bios, which shows clips as well as audio files of deceased prisoners and important people. 

The data bio will showcase that Sgt Eric never had a choice, and inmates had been tearing through the area. Therefore, he had no option left but to seal off the door completely. 

After that, it will read further when Eric asks where Warden Cole is, and he will tell Eric that he was present in his tower, watching. Eric will then asks what happened and what’s going on, and Warden tells him that it’s essentially the end of a long journey. 

If you want to explore further, you can head into the laundry room, which will take you further into the storyline. 


In order to get to chapter 3, where you can get the Callisto Protocol Guard’s Corpse, players will actually need to get through the main storylines of chapters one and two as well as start off chapter 3, which we will discuss right now.

Chapter One 

Chapter one is going to be relatively easy, as the only thing that players will need to do is to explore the cockpit and the cargo area. 

Players will have an objective called “Check on Special Cargo,” which will simply entail players exploring the ship and cargo bay space. After doing so, they will get another objective which will have them “Return to Cockpit.” 

Chapter Two 

As far as chapter two is concerned, it will be the Outbreak chapter and will contain a few other objectives for players to complete before they can progress further. 

Payers will be told to explore their cell, after which they will have to cross the bridge so that they can get over to the control room. From there, an opening of Elias’ cell will be required, after which you will have to make your way back to Elias. From there, you will be required to find the elevator and get past the security units without getting caught. 

Finding the weapon’s lockup, going back to the watchtower, and going past Captain Ferris, as well as heading towards the exit, will be one of the objectives before players can fully progress enough to get to chapter 3. 


And there we have it! All there is to know about how to get the implant, and with that, we will wrap up our Callisto Protocol Guard’s Corpse guide! Consider reading our Walkthrough to know more about the game, such as the trapped worker and ending of the game.  

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