Crisis Core Reunion Hero Drinks Farm [Best Methods]

Learn about the best methods to farm the Hero Drink in Crisis Core Reunion.

The Hero Drink is one of the recurring items and is one of the fusion items in Final Fantasy. It is used to boost the stats of the players and can grant the player an upper hand in battle; thus, it is important to know how to farm them as quickly as possible, so you never run out of the Hero Drinks in Crisis Core Reunion.

Key Highlights

  • Before players commit to these farming methods, they will need certain accessories and materias that’ll increase their damage and their chances of stealing items from enemies.
  • In the first method, players would need to steal the Hero Drinks from the Iron Claw enemies in the mission M9-3-6.
  • The second method is a bit harder to perform than the first one, but it also offers more loot. Players will need to steal the Hero Drink from Master Blade in mission M9-6-3.

Materia And Accessories Required For The Farm

hero drink farm in crisis core
Menu Screen of Crisis Core [Image Credit: eXputer]
Before you take on this farm, we will recommend equipping these accessories and materias, as some of them are required if you wish to obtain the maximum amount of Hero Drinks in the least amount of time possible.


We will recommend equipping these materias before starting your farm run.

  • Mug or Steal 
  • Hammer Punch
  • Health Potions
  • Soma

The Mug or Steal materia is going to be the backbone for this farm as without this materia, getting a considerable amount of Hero Drinks in such a short time is simply not possible in Crisis Core Reunion. As for the Hammer Punch, we will recommend using it to finish off your enemies quickly. The other two Materia can be skipped if you are confident in your abilities, but we will recommend bringing them just in case. 


Once you are done with obtaining all the appropriate materias, shift your attention to obtaining these accessories.

  • Brigands Gloves
  • Mog’s Amulet
  • Adaman Bangle
  • Sprint Shoes

Players will need the Brigands Glove as it offers 100% steal, and since you will be stealing the Hero Drink. Equipping these gloves is highly recommended. The Mog’s Amulet will shift Zack’s attention to stealing the Hero Drinks only. The Adaman Bangle accessory will break your HP limit, thus allowing you to have more HP at a time. And finally, the Sprint Shoes will increase your sprint by 20 and make you immune to the “Stop” status.

How To Farm The Hero Drink

The Hero Drink is used in materia fusion as it gives the new materia the effect of boosting the Attack stat by 1. It can be acquired after defeating either the Master Blade or Iron Claw. It can also be acquired from chests or given as a reward after completing a certain mission, but here we will only be listing the quickest ways to farm them.

Method 1

Players who are looking to farm a considerable amount to Hero Drinks should first unlock the mission M9-3-6. As you start the mission, we will recommend avoiding all combat and heading straight to the location that we have pointed out in the picture below.

hero drink farm crisis core
Location of the Iron Claw enemies [Image Captured by Us]
As you reach the bridge area, you will be pretty much forced to take on the enemies. Once that is out of the way. Move on ahead. You will come face to face with two Iron Claw enemies. Please remember that you’ll need all the materias and accessories listed above if you want this farm to work.

Now, it is time for you to fight the Iron Claws. You’ll need to use your steal materia and steal the Hero Drinks from the Iron Claws enemies mid-battle. After successfully stealing the hero drink, use the battle stance and then hammer punch your enemies to inflict devastating damage (a whopping 99,999 damage).

Of course, it can be a bit difficult for some players to get the timing right, and players may run low on HP or AP. But that is exactly the reason why we told you to stock up on health potions and Somas beforehand.

Once you have defeated the Iron Claws, head toward the bridge, and two more Iron Claws will appear, follow the same strategy and get your Hero Drink’s prize.

Method 2

The second method is a bit harder than the first one, as players will be performing it in a late-game mission. However, the general strategy remains the same, but we would recommend switching some of your materia and accessories. 

In terms of materia, we would recommend replacing the Hammer Punch with the Costly Punch and replacing the Soma with the High Jump materia. When it comes to accessories, replace the Brigands Gloves with the Ziedrich, and replace the Sprint Shoes with the Super Ribbon.

The Costly Punch is one of the most powerful moves in Crisis Core, and the High Jump is also one of the materias that allow Zack to deal massive damage. In terms of accessories, the Ziedrick is a powerful piece of equipment that offers stat bonuses and protection against nearly every element in the game. Likewise, the Super Ribbon further prevents all ailments.

Once you have obtained the required pieces of accessories, start the mission M9-6-3 and head to the location that is shown in the picture below.

hero drink farm crisis core
Location of the Master Blade enemy [Image Captured by eXputer]
Once you have started the mission, Master Blade is the enemy you are looking for. The general strategy remains the same, use the battle stance first but instead of using the Hammer Punch, use the High Jump instead to deal major damage to the mobs aside.

Once they have been dealt with, use your mug/steal ability to steal the Hero Drink from the Master Blade and then use the battle stance+Costly Punch to finish the enemy quickly. Players will be rewarded with another Hero Drink after defeating the Master Blade. Players have the ability to repeat this farm as many times as they want.

Hero Drinks As Mission Rewards 

Here is the list of every mission in Crisis Core in which players will be rewarded with Hero Drinks after completing them.

  • M1-1-2: Shinra Advanced Training
  • M1-1-3: 50 Shinra Troops (x2)
  • M1-5-2: Special Ops Weapons Return (x2)
  • M3-5-1: Intercept the Copies (x3)
  • M3-5-2: Attack The Copies’ Base (x2)
  • M4-4-1: A New Threat (x2)
  • M4-4-5: Anti-Shinra Base (x3)
  • M6-1-6: Items In The Coal Mines II (x2)
  • M6-2-2: Slum Development Plan 2 (x2)
  • M6-3-5: Item In The Coal Mines (x2)
  • M6-5-1: City Planning Dept (x3)
  • M6-6-6: The Don’s Twilight (x10)
  • M9-2-2: Weapons Out Of Control
  • M10-3-3: Please Make It A Vacation

Wrap Up

That neatly wraps up our guide on how to farm Hero Drinks in Crisis Core. You’ll be dealing with different enemies, and you will be able to get your Hero Drinks much quicker at a higher level; thus, do consider reading our guide on how to level up fast in the game.

In case you wish to learn more about some of the accessories we have listed here and want to know about all the best accessories in Crisis Core, then do consider reading our Best Accessories guide, but that’s all from us.

Crisis Core is available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Do let us know what you think about the game in the comment section below. Credit for these Hero Drink farm methods goes toward the Youtuber named SwitchBrokey.


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