Crisis Core Reunion: How To Beat The Angeal Penance

Find out everything there is to know about the Angeal Penance Boss fight in the Crisis Core FFVII Reunion.

Angeal Penance is a boss that appears during Chapter 5 of Crisis Core FFVII Reunion. In reality, the beast is born from a fusion between Zack Fair’s mentor, Angeal Hewley, and other Angeal Copies. The Angeal Penance boss puts up a tough fight for Zack; however, with the right strategy, players can overcome it. After successfully beating Angeal Penance, players acquire the Buster Sword

Key Highlights

  • Angeal Penance is a Boss who appears during the 5th Chapter of Crisis Core Reunion.
  • The Angeal Penance is a fusion of Angeal Hewley and Angeal Copies.
  • The Boss has loads of different moves; some of them are Thunder of Envy, Rage of Sloth, Unleashed Wrath, and Wings of Pride.
  • The best way to beat the Angeal Penance boss is to time your dodges perfectly and use Blizzaga and Barrier/Wall Materia.
  • After defeating the boss, players get the Lightning Armlet as dropped loot.
  • The cutscene that follows the boss fight also shows Angeal Hewley passing on his Buster Sword to Zack Fair.

How To Defeat The Angeal Penance In Crisis Core Reunion?

boss fight against the angeal penance in crisis core reunion
How to defeat Angeal Penance? [Image Credit: eXputer]
Even though the Angeal Penance appears way earlier than some of the other tough enemies, such as the Wyerd and Sea Hulk but despite that, it provides a great challenge for the players. This is mainly due to its wide range of moves. By using some of its moves, the Angeal Penance can cause damage to the player and also increase its stats.

Fortunately, the Angeal Penance is weak against Elemental damage such as Ice, Fire, and Thunder. However, we have noticed that Fire and Ice moves do a lot more than the Thunder attacks. Nonetheless, before we discuss the battle strategy in further detail, you need to familiarize yourself with all the moves the Angeal Penance uses during battle.


angeal penance moves crisis core
Unleashed Wrath move by Angeal Penance [Image Credit: eXputer]
The Angeal Penance can make use of multiple different moves during the boss fight. Not all of these will cause damage to the players; some moves will enhance the stats of the Angeal Penance boss. Despite that, it is important to know all the moves it uses so that you can counter it accordingly. 

Most of the damaging attacks the Angeal Penance has are capable of covering a wide range of areas on the battlefield. Although the majority of its attacks are directed in front of him, he can still harm either of its flanks and back if you try to be cunning for an extended period of time. Let us now go through all the moves (which are based on Seven Deadly Sins) the Angeal Penance boss uses in the new Final Fantasy game.

  • Double Trident Slash: One of the most common moves in the Angeal Penance arsenal. During the Double Trident Slash, the Angeal Penance will swipe the trident in front of himself twice in quick succession. 
  • Thunder of Envy: The Thunder of Envy is another physical move that makes use of Lightning-elemental damage. It is rather a cunning move where the Angeal Penance will strike lightning, specifically behind its body, whenever the player is standing behind the boss.
  • Wings of Pride: While using the Wings of Pride, the Angeal Penance will launch feathers toward Zack. The move can hit the player eight times in total; however, with a timed roll, the player should be able to dodge them.
  • Rage of Sloth: The Rage of Sloth is another projectile attack where the Angeal Penance throws a bolt toward the player. Fortunately, it doesn’t do a lot of damage.
  • Charge of Greed: The Charge of Greed is a highly damaging attack performed by the Angeal Penance. During the attack, the boss enemy will charge toward the player. If the player gets caught in these steps, they will incur damage.
  • End of Gluttony: The End of Gluttony is a healing move performed by the Angeal Penance to restore some of its health during the battle.
  • Defense of Lust: The Defense of Lust is a defensive move during which the Angeal Penance boosts its stats to reduce the damage taken from physical and magical attacks.
  • Unleashed Wrath: Lastly, the Unleashed Wrath is the most devastating attack the Angeal Penance can perform. During the move, Angeal will eject a beam which can cause a massive amount of damage to the player. If the AP isn’t broken down then this move can potentially kill Zack Fair.

Battle Strategy

angeal penance boss fight strategy
Battle Strategy for the Angeal Penance boss fight [Screenshot by eXputer]
First and foremost, let us cover the defensive strategy of the battle. While facing the Angeal Penance in Crisis Core Reunion, you need to be on your toes at all times. Some of the attacks the beast boss can perform will instantly put Zack Fair down if he hasn’t reached the appropriate level. Therefore make sure you Level up in time and reach at least 30+ before you face the Angeal Penance.

Now, it is extremely important that players have a good supply of Potions and Hi-Potions in their inventory before heading into battle. Having an ample amount of potions is important because the battle can get stretched for a longer period, especially if the Angeal Penance decides to use the Defense of Lust move a couple of times.

Apart from having potions, make sure that you have the Wall, MBarrier, and Barrier Materia available. If, for some reason, you don’t have these Materias, you can create them by going to the Materia Fusion menu. You can fuse HP Up and Fire to make Barrier Materia. On the other hand, you can also fuse Octaslash and Barrier to create Wall Materia.

Lastly, it is essential that you time your dodges perfectly. Never get too comfortable at the flanks or the back of Angeal Penance. Even though the back of Angeal Penance may look like a good spot but be wary that the boss enemy can end up using the Thunder of Envy move on you. Therefore, never settle during the battle; keep moving and switching up positions to become a harder target for Angeal.

angeal penance blizzaga move
Blizzaga Materia against Angeal Penance [Screenshot by eXputer]
With that said, let us now focus on how you can bring down the Angeal Penance boss once and for all. Earlier, we saw that the Angeal Penance doesn’t have any major resistance against the Fire and Ice Elemental attacks. Hence, that is exactly the way to go while facing the boss in Chapter 5 of Crisis Core Reunion. The melee attacks with the sword can add a bit of spice into the mix, however, do not expect any major amount of damage with it.

Most of your damage should come through the usage of Blizzaga and Firaga Materias. The Blizzaga is good enough because you can perform it from a distance, which will also help you in dodging incoming attacks at the right time. The Angeal Penance is a fast enemy, hence, do not try to rush your attacks. After one or two Blizzaga Materia move, make sure to move around the area to avoid any moves from Angeal Penance.

Lastly, keep a keen eye out at the DMW and use a Limit Break move whenever it is available. Doing so will allow you to have some breathing space and will also add something special to your whole battle plan for the Angeal Penance. Also, make sure to break the AP whenever the Angeal Penance is about the perform the Unleashed Wrath move. By keeping all of these pointers in mind, you will eventually beat the Angeal Penance boss in the new Final Fantasy game.

Angeal Penance: Overview

angeal penance boss
About Angeal Penance [Image Credit: eXputer]
As we mentioned earlier, Angeal Penance is a boss in Crisis Core Reunion. Hence, you will need to face it and defeat the boss in order to progress the storyline. The Angeal Penance is a tough opponent who has all kinds of tricks up its sleeves. When it comes to its moves, the Angeal Penance has loads of options to choose from. And these attacks are capable of doing critical damage to Zack.

Of course, the ungodly creature still has the face of Angeal Hewley and his broken wings as well. Other than that, its lower body is that of a four-legged monster. The torse area is replaced by a huge mouth with sharp claws. Apart from its appearance, the boss also holds a shield and a trident in his hands. Now that we have covered some brief introductory information about the Angeal Penance let us focus on its stats.


Angeal Penance is a tough boss, which makes it necessary that you do some research before facing it in Crisis Core FFVII Reunion. Knowing some of the basic stats and weaknesses of Angeal Penance will instantly give you an advantage in the battle. From this information, you can figure out which Materia you want to use in battle. Let us now review some of the most notable and basic stats of Angeal Penance.

  • Level: 25
  • HP: 27,800
  • MP: 544
  • ATK: 37
  • MAG: 44
  • VIT: 107
  • SPR: 163
  • LCK: 24
  • EXP: 4,711
  • SP: 3,000
  • Gil: 4,000

Apart from that, you should also take some time out and check out how Angeal Penance boss performs against different elemental damages. Fortunately, the boss doesn’t put up much resistance against many elemental damages, except for Gravity. That means that Quake Materia won’t do you any good in the Crisis Core Reunion boss fight.

  • Fire: Full Damage (100%)
  • Ice: Full Damage (100%)
  • Thunder: Full Damage (100%)
  • Gravity: Immune (0%)


angeal penance location
Angeal Penance in Chapter 5 [Image Credit: eXputer]
First and foremost, we would like to point out that Angeal Penance is a part of the main story. Hence, there is no way that you can miss out on this boss during your playthrough. Players will get to face the Angeal Penance during Chapter 5: “Where Are You?”

After defeating Genesis and reaching Modeoheim, Zack will begin to seek out Cloud and Tseng. Eventually, the player will make their way into a bathhouse. Here they will find Tseng and Cloud down and dusted. After a brief cutscene, continue to follow the path until you reach a hole in the wall after climbing up a bunch of pipes. Go through the broken wall to reach the Bathhouse Second Floor Hall. Another cutscene will begin, after which you will get to face the Angeal Penance boss.


dropped items of angeal penance in crisis core
Dropped Loot by the Angeal Penance [Screenshot by eXputer]
Moving on, since Angeal Penance is a major boss fight in the game, it is important to know all the possible loot you can get from him. Returning Crisis Core players would know that there are two methods through which you can yield loot from the opponent. The first method is to beat the enemy and receive the dropped loot simply. On the other hand, you can also use moves like “Steal” and “Mug” to snatch items from your enemies.

When it comes to the Angeal Penance, both methods can be applied. If you manage to beat the boss in Crisis Core Reunion successfully, you will get the Lightning Armlet. Sometimes, players will also receive the Hi-Potion. The Lightning Armlet is an accessory that can be worn by Zack Fair. When equipped, the Lightning Armlet will reduce the damage taken from Lightning attacks by 50%; it will also increase Spirit and Vitality by five and MP by 10%.

If you decide to use Steal or Mug moves against the Angeal Penance, then you will potentially get the Bronze Armlet. The Bronze Armlet is another accessory item in Crisis Core Reunion which increases HP by 10%. So, in a nutshell, the fight against the Angeal Penance could provide you with some good accessories in the game. 

Lastly, players will also get the Buster Sword during the cutscene after defeating the Angeal Penance.

Round Up

With that, we reached the end of our guide, which covered all the crucial information about the Angeal Penance boss in Crisis Core FFVII Reunion. The battle can prove to be quite tough if players head into it without any plan. Hence, by keeping all the Angeal Penance’s moves in mind, you can figure out its attack pattern and dance along to put down the beast.

While playing through Crisis Core FFVII Reunion, there will come many points where you will require assistance—for example, finding the solutions for Hojo’s Questions, Squats mini-game, and the Mako Recovery Unit challenge. To improve your combat skills, make sure that you have some of the Best Summons in the game, like the Behemoth Fury, Cactuar, and Magic Pot. Finally, be sure to check out the list of Trophies you can achieve while playing Crisis Core FFVII Reunion.

Make sure that you have equipped some of the vital accessories in the game, for example, the Ziedrich, Cursed Ring, and Heike Soul, to boost Zack’s stats. If by any chance you’re facing crashing and errors while playing Crisis Core Reunion, then be sure to check out our Crisis Core Reunion Crashing Fix guide.

Thank you for dropping by at eXputer to learn about the Angeal Penance boss. Feel free to stick around for more Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion guides.

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