Crisis Core Reunion: How To Beat The Angeal Penance

Find out everything there is to know about the Angeal Penance Boss fight in the Crisis Core FFVII Reunion.

Angeal Penance is a boss who appears during Chapter 5 of Crisis Core FFVII Reunion. In reality, the beast is born from a fusion between Zack Fair’s mentor, Angeal Hewley, and other Angeal Copies. The Angeal Penance boss puts up a tough fight for Zack; however, with the right strategy, players can overcome it. After successfully beating Angeal Penance, players acquire the Buster Sword. 

Key Takeaways
  • Angeal Penance is a Boss who appears during the 5th Chapter of Crisis Core Reunion.
  • The Angeal Penance is a fusion of Angeal Hewley and Angeal Copies.
  • The Boss has loads of different moves: Thunder of Envy, Rage of Sloth, Unleashed Wrath, and Wings of Pride.
  • The best way to beat the Angeal Penance boss is to time your dodges perfectly and use Blizzaga and Barrier/Wall Materia.
  • After defeating the boss, players get the Lightning Armlet as dropped loot.
  • The cutscene that follows the boss fight also shows Angeal Hewley passing on his Buster Sword to Zack Fair.

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How To Defeat The Angeal Penance?

boss fight against the angeal penance in crisis core reunion
How to defeat Angeal Penance? [Image Credit: eXputer]
Even though the Angeal Penance appears way earlier than some of the other tough enemies, such as the Wyerd and Sea Hulk, despite that, it provides a great challenge for the players. This is mainly due to its wide range of moves. By using some of its moves, the Angeal Penance can cause damage to the player and also increase its stats.

Fortunately, the Angeal Penance is weak against Elemental damage such as Ice, Fire, and Thunder. However, I have noticed that Fire and Ice moves do a lot more than the Thunder attacks. Nonetheless, before I discuss the battle strategy in further detail, you need to familiarize yourself with all the moves the Angeal Penance uses during battle.


angeal penance moves crisis core
Unleashed Wrath move by Angeal Penance [Image Credit: eXputer]
The Angeal Penance can make use of multiple different moves during the boss fight. Not all of these will cause damage to the players; some moves will enhance the stats of the Angeal Penance boss. Despite that, it is important to know all the moves it uses so that you can counter it accordingly. 

Most of the damaging attacks the Angeal Penance has are capable of covering a wide range of areas on the battlefield. Although the majority of its attacks are directed in front of him, he can still harm either of its flanks and back if you try to be cunning for an extended period of time.

Let’s now go through all the moves the Angeal Penance boss uses in the new Final Fantasy game:

  • Double Trident Slash: A common move where Angeal Penance swipes the trident twice quickly.
  • Thunder of Envy: Strikes lightning behind itself when the player is positioned behind the boss.
  • Wings of Pride: Launches feathers towards the player; timed rolls can help dodge the eight hits.
  • Rage of Sloth: Projectile attack with a low damage output.
  • Charge of Greed: High-damage attack where Angeal charges toward the player.
  • End of Gluttony: A healing move that restores some of Angeal Penance’s health.
  • Defense of Lust: Boosts stats to reduce damage from physical and magical attacks.
  • Unleashed Wrath: The most devastating attack, ejecting a beam that can potentially kill Zack Fair if the AP isn’t broken down.

Battle Strategy

angeal penance boss fight strategy
Battle Strategy for the Angeal Penance boss fight [Screenshot by eXputer]
Adopting a solid defensive strategy is crucial in the Crisis Core Reunion battle against Angeal Penance. Here are key defensive tactics to consider:

  1. Level Up: Ensure Zack Fair is at a high level, preferably 30 or higher, to withstand Angeal Penance’s powerful attacks.
  2. Potion Preparation: Have a substantial supply of Potions and Hi-Potions in your inventory. The battle might be prolonged, and having ample healing items is essential.
  3. Materia Setup: Equip Wall, MBarrier, and Barrier Materias to enhance your defensive capabilities. If you lack these Materias, consider creating them through Materia Fusion. Fuse HP Up and Fire for Barrier Materia, or combine Octaslash and Barrier to create Wall Materia.
  4. Perfect Timing for Dodges: Angeal Penance has potent moves that can be devastating if not avoided.
  5. Beware of Thunder of Envy: Avoid lingering at the back of Angeal Penance, as it may use the Thunder of Envy move, posing a threat even from behind.
  6. Defense of Lust Preparation: Be ready for Angeal Penance’s Defense of Lust move, which can extend the battle. Having enough potions and maintaining a defensive stance during this phase is crucial.
angeal penance blizzaga move
Blizzaga Materia against Angeal Penance [Screenshot by eXputer]
With that said, let’s now focus on how you can bring down the Angeal Penance boss once and for all:

  1. Elemental Attacks:
    • Utilize fire and ice Element attacks as Angeal Penance lacks significant resistance against these elements.
    • Melee attacks with the sword can be used to complement elemental attacks, but the primary source of damage should come from magic.
  2. Blizzaga and Firaga Materias:
    • Equip Blizzaga and Firaga Materias to deal substantial damage from a distance.
    • Use Blizzaga to perform ranged attacks, allowing you to dodge incoming moves effectively.
  3. Maintain Distance:
    • Angeal Penance is a fast enemy, so avoid rushing your attacks.
    • After one or two Blizzaga Materia moves, move around the area to evade Angeal Penance’s attacks.
  4. Keen Observation and Dodging:
    • Pay close attention to Angeal Penance’s moves and patterns.
    • Dodge attacks at the right time to minimize damage and increase survivability.
  5. Limit Break and DMW:
  6. Break AP during Unleashed Wrath:
    • When Angeal Penance is about to perform the Unleashed Wrath move, break the AP to interrupt the attack and minimize its impact.

Angeal Penance: Overview

angeal penance boss
About Angeal Penance [Image Credit: eXputer]
As I mentioned earlier, Angeal Penance is a boss in Crisis Core Reunion. Hence, you will need to face it and defeat the boss in order to progress the storyline. The Angeal Penance is a tough opponent who has all kinds of tricks up its sleeves. When it comes to its moves, the Angeal Penance has loads of options to choose from. And these attacks are capable of doing critical damage to Zack.


Angeal Penance is a tough boss, which makes it necessary that you do some research before facing it in Crisis Core FFVII Reunion. Knowing some of the basic stats and weaknesses of Angeal Penance will instantly give you an advantage in the battle. From this information, you can figure out which Materia you want to use in battle.

Let’s now review some of the most notable and basic stats of Angeal Penance:

  • Level: 25
  • HP: 27,800
  • MP: 544
  • ATK: 37
  • MAG: 44
  • VIT: 107
  • SPR: 163
  • LCK: 24
  • EXP: 4,711
  • SP: 3,000
  • Gil: 4,000

Apart from that, you should also take some time out and check out how Angeal Penance boss performs against different elemental damages. Fortunately, the boss doesn’t put up much resistance against many elemental damages, except for Gravity. That means that Quake Materia won’t do you any good in the Crisis Core Reunion boss fight.

  • Fire: Full Damage (100%)
  • Ice: Full Damage (100%)
  • Thunder: Full Damage (100%)
  • Gravity: Immune (0%)


dropped items of angeal penance in crisis core
Dropped Loot by the Angeal Penance [Screenshot by eXputer]
In the major boss fight against Angeal Penance in Crisis Core, players can acquire valuable loot through two methods. The first is defeating the boss to receive dropped loot, including the Lightning Armlet and occasionally a Hi-Potion. The Lightning Armlet, worn by Zack Fair, reduces Lightning damage by 50%, boosts Spirit and Vitality by five, and increases MP by 10%.

Alternatively, using “Steal” or “Mug” moves against Angeal Penance can yield the Bronze Armlet, another accessory that boosts HP by 10%. In summary, this boss battle presents an opportunity to obtain useful accessories in Crisis Core Reunion.

Additionally, players receive the Buster Sword in a cutscene after defeating Angeal Penance.

With that, I reached the end of my guide, which covered all the crucial information about the Angeal Penance boss in CC FFVII Reunion. The battle can be tough if players head into it without any plan. Hence, by keeping all the Angeal Penance’s moves in mind, you can figure out its attack pattern and dance along to put down the beast.

While playing through Crisis Core FFVII Reunion, there will come many points where you will require assistance—for example, finding the solutions for Hojo’s Questions, Squats mini-game, and the Mako Recovery Unit challenge.

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