Crisis Core Reunion: How To Beat Wyerd?

Learn everything about how you can defeat the Wyerd in Crisis Core FFVII Reunion!

Wyerd in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion is among many enemies that are considered one of the toughest. In the remastered version along with the original version of the game on the PSP, many players have struggled against the mighty beast. Despite being bulky and having a good defense Wyerd is very slow when it comes to its movement. Its slow movement creates the perfect basis for an effective battle strategy in Crisis Core Reunion.

Key Takeaways
  • Wyerd is a formidable foe in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion.
  • It has strong resistance against elemental and magical attacks.
  • Encountered in missions like M6-4-4, M7-4-6, and M8-6-2.
  • Effective moves include Darkness Materia, DMW Limit Break Attacks, and Costly Punch.
  • Defeating Wyerd may yield the Aegis Armlet as loot.

About Wyerd

facts about wyerd
Wyerd in “Breakthrough” [Image by eXputer]
Wyerd can be considered a mini-boss in Crisis Core Reunion due to its sheer resistance in battle. The extremely strong enemy is capable of dealing massive amounts of damage to Zack and can kill him in just a few moves. Fortunately, Wyerd’s attacks and movement are quite slow, which allows the player to timely dodge or evade the incoming powerful attacks.

As for its appearance, the Wyerd has a thick maroon-colored coat. It is a four-legged creature and has feet that resemble a dinosaur. Wyerd’s face is quite intimidating to look at, which is capped by two large horns. Before facing the mighty beast in Crisis Core Reunion, it is essential to learn a bit more about it.


  • Level: 55
  • HP (on Hard Difficulty): 48,799
  • MP: 29
  • ATK: 133
  • MAG: 9
  • VIT: 254
  • SPR: 48
  • LCK: 7
  • EXP: 5,966
  • SP: 244
  • Gil: 263

Moving on, it is also crucial to know how each element performs against the Wyerd. Many of the Materia attacks used by Zack use elemental damage. Sadly, when it comes to the Wyerd, none of them would prove beneficial.

  • Fire: Halved Damage (50%)
  • Ice: Halved Damage (50%)
  • Thunder: Halved Damage (50%)
  • Gravity: Immune (0%)


where to find wyerd
Wyerd Location [Screenshot by eXputer]
Moving on, the Wyerd can be found in multiple places within the game. You can encounter Wyerd in the following missions:

  1. M6-4-4: Hiding in the Wasteland (unlocked after completing “In the Secret Facility”)
  2. M7-4-6: Breakthrough (unlocked after completing “Signs of Growth”)
  3. M8-6-2: Another Notice (unlocked after completing “Notice”)


Naturally, players frequently wonder what loot they would receive after killing powerful opponents like the Wyerd. Defeating Wyerd can yield the following items:

  • Dropped Item: Aegis Armlet (Bangle item that increases Zack’s VIT and SPR by +20 and prevents Stun and Silence)
  • Stolen Items: Remedy (healing item that cures all status effects) and Pearl Necklace (an accessory that prevents Silence and Poison and increases SPR by 20)

How To Defeat Wyerd?

wyerd battle zack fair
Battle against the Wyerd [Image by eXputer]
Now that we are all caught up with some vital information about the Wyerd, it is time to review the method you should use to tackle it in battle. Since Wyerd is almost immune or heavily resistant to multiple types of elements, players can not head into battle without a plan. Wyerd is capable of dealing with cocky and overconfident players in a matter of seconds. 

Therefore, it’s best to revise your strategy if you keep dying against the Wyerd. The first thing you should do is familiarize yourself with its attacks in Crisis Core Reunion.

Here’s a strategy to take down Wyerd:

Moves to Watch Out For:

  1. Bad Odor: This move releases a damaging gas that can cause Status Ailments.
  2. Tackle: Wyerd charges forward and can deal significant damage.
  3. Gaia’s Wrath: The most dangerous move, Wyerd stomps twice, creating shockwaves that can be lethal.
    wyerd attack moves
    Gaia’s Wrath move by Wyerd [Screenshot by eXputer]
  4. Horn Charge: Wyerd thrusts its horns forward multiple times.

Battle Strategy:

  1. Level Up: Make sure Zack is at least level 25-30 before facing Wyerd.
  2. HP Up Materias: Equip HP Up Materias and have healing items on hand since Wyerd’s attacks are powerful.
  3. Elemental Materias: Avoid using elemental Materias (e.g., Fire, Ice, Thunder) as Wyerd is highly resistant to them.
  4. Darkness Materia: Equip the “Darkness” Command Materia to enable special attacks that expend HP to deal non-magic/physical damage.
    wyerd how to beat in crisis core reunion
    Darkness against Wyerd [Screenshot by eXputer]
  5. Costly Punch: Use the Costly Punch, which deals significant damage, and can be created through Materia Fusion.
  6. DMW and Limit Breaks: Make use of the DMW and Zack’s Limit Break moves, such as Octaslash.
  7. Summons: Consider using summons like Bahamut to deal additional damage.

Remember that Wyerd has a high Vitality and a large health bar, so the battle may take some time. Be patient, watch for its powerful attacks, and use the recommended Materias and abilities to bring Wyerd down in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII.

darkness materia crisis core reunion
Darkness Materia [Image by eXputer]


With that, we reach the end of our detailed combat guide. Today we covered all the things every player should know about the Wyerd in Crisis Core FFVII Reunion. After reading through the guide, you should be well aware of how to beat the Wyerd. We covered the most efficient battle strategy backed by some informative facts and stats about the Wyerd in the new Final Fantasy game.

While playing through the storyline, it is important to know a few things, like the answers to Hojo’s Questions and the Mako Recovery Unit puzzle. Apart from that, players should also focus on getting the Magic Pot and Cactuar Summons for Zack Fair. To take Zack to the next level, it is also fulfilling to know everything about the Buster Sword.

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