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Join Us On A Adventure To Learn About The Ending Of the Crisis Core Reunion!

The Crisis Core Reunion Ending ends in a tragic way that leaves every person who goes through those intense cut scenes, and those last moves of the game will be heavily saddened. Every player will feel this ending from the very bottom of their heart. However, Crisis Core Reunion is a game with various pros and cons in its game mechanics and how it plays out, but one thing is for certain it has great lore and story to cope with everything.

Note: From This Point On, The Guide Will Feature Major Spoilers! Read At Your Own Risk.

Key Highlights

  • The ending of the Crisis Core Reunion is very saddening as it is totally something that has been built from the start of the game and is very hard to take in.
  • The game ends on a sad note with a hint towards Final Fantasy 7, which we take up the events of this game.
  • The best possible way to get to the ending is to complete each and every story-related mission so that you have achieved everything possible in the game.
  • The ending will reveal a lot about the build-up of the characters in the game, and it also has a lot of its own segments, which will utterly disrupt you. Definitely would not want to miss out on it.

Chapter 10: Thanks To You Zack

White Banora Apple
The White Banora apple In Crisis Core Reunion [Image By: eXputer]
Now we start things off with chapter 10. The story of the chapter starts with Zack finding out about the whereabouts of Genisis Rhapsodos. This is done due to the fact that Genesis is always found carrying around with him a White Banora Apple. Furthermore, it leads Zack to believe that Genesis has been hiding at Banora this whole time.

And with that established, Zack leaves Cloud Strife under the supervision of Lazard Deusericus and makes his way to the tunnels under the once-prosperous Banora Village, which now is just a crater. However, these tunnels and the remaining land are flowing with huge amounts of the lifestream.

Later on, Zack wanders around the tunnels and eventually stumbles toward the end, where he finds Genesis near a statute of “The Goddess”. With that, Genesis starts a series of dialogues that claim that the “LOVELESS” poem has been full filled. This is because Zach inherits Angeal’s will with Sephiroth’s cells, making the poem’s hero, prisoner, and traveler reunited again.

Next, during the dialogue, Genesis grabs hold of the Goddess Materia, which is in the hands of the Goddess Statue that we mentioned before. Just as Genesis holds the materia in his hands, it leads him to transform into Genesis’s Avatar. And ultimately triggers a boss fight with the Genesis Avatar.

Genesis Avatar Boss Fight

Genesis Avatar
The Genesis Avatar In Crisis Core Reunion [Image Taken By: eXputer]
Now the boss fight itself is quite easy, depending on which difficulty you are playing on. All you have to do is keep up your MP and just spam all your high-damage moves to do maximum damage to the Avatar. Also, keep in mind that you have to attack the Materia as well, which is in the sword of the Avatar.

Furthermore, we will not dive more into the boss fight, but it should not be a problem for you to deal with it, given that you focus on the sword and the avatar with maximum damage.

Genesis Last Stand

Genesis last Stand
Genesis Attack That Commences The Second Boos Fight [Image Credit: eXputer]
After you have dealt with the Genesis Avatar, Genesis will appear again in his human form or normal form. Next, he will deliver a few dialogues and slash at Zack, who doges him without much effort. And then another boss fight is engaged, but this time with the human form Genesis.

Once again, when you have defeated Genesis, which is again a fairly easy fight if you have powered up Zack, you will witness another cut scene. The cutscene will start with Genesis slowly dying and falling to the ground. Genesis then sees the statue of the goddess turn into the real goddess “Minerva” and is surrounded all over by lifestream itself. 

Next, when Genesis approaches the goddess, she bursts into a lifestream, and Genesis falls on the ground with the statue also breaking. With that, Zack approaches Genesis and carries him out of the tunnels and to the campsite just outside where Lazard and Cloud reside.

Upon his exit, Zack finds Lazard injured, and Cloud knocked out due to the heavy fighting they were dealing with the Shinra Troops. However, they were able to deal with them because of the help of a canine Angeal Copy, which is the same one that saved Aerith around four years ago at the church. 

“LOVELESS” Reenacted

LOVELESS Reenacted
The LOVELESS Being Reenacted [Screenshot By: eXputer]
After that, Zack gathers everyone around a chair. Where Cloud is sitting on the chair, Lazard is lying back right next to it, and Zack places Genesis also right next to the chair. Next, he goes and gathers some White Banora Apples and hands them to each of the people lying. And reserves one for himself and then reenacts the LOVELESS poem

Later Zack bites into the apple and hence fulfills the long-last vision of Genesis, who now realizes the true Gift Of The Goddess, which is a SOLDIER honor. After this, Lazard and Angeal, Copy canine, fade away and die. And a letter is left behind which is the last of the 89 letters written by Aerith to Zack who did not receive the other 88. Aerith gives up on the letter as she writes in her last letter and gives up on a reply from Zack.  She also mentions the flower wagon that Zack helped set up.

Furthermore, as you can imagine, Zack was in disarray and quickly left for Midgar to return to Aerith. With this, Zack and Cloud depart, and after that, Nero and Weiss appear as 1st Class SOLIDERs to take away Genesis, whose voice narrates the last act of the LOVELESS, which now rests on the ground where he was lying just a moment ago. Want to learn more about this, then go through Genesis’ Abduction At The End Of Crisis Core [Explained].

Zack’s Last Assault

Shinra Troops
The Huge Amount Of SHINRA Troops [Screenshot Credit: eXputer]
Lastly, we see Zack and Cloud traveling in a back of a truck and are dropped off in the middle of nowhere. We also see that the TURKS are launched in order to find Zack and save him. However, they are unable to find him. 

Next, Zack sets Cloud down and ventures off. Later he finds a huge amount of SHINRA Troops with choppers that are there to eliminate him. Zacks proceeds further to take on these troops who wear him down, and during this fight, you can see glimpses of various clips from the game which emphasize different characters and bring together the good moments of Zack’s life. 

However, with this, Zack is eventually overrun by the huge number of SHINRA troops that are able to take him down. And with it, you can see Zack slowly dying, lying on the ground as Cloud makes his way crawling toward him. Zacks talks to Cloud and tells him that he is going to live “for the both of us.” And informs Cloud that he is the living legacy of him Zack.

With that, Zack gives Cloud his sword and dies. After this, Cloud sees some visions of his moments with Zack and promises himself to uphold Zack’s expectations. After which, Cloud departs, and a winged figure takes Zack’s hand and flies off. 

With this, the final dialogue is uttered by Zack, “ would you say I became a hero?” and then the credits play. Right here, the game has officially ended.

Post Credit Scene

Post Credit Scene
Cloud With Zack’s Sword In Post Credit Scene [Image By: eXputer]
However, there is a post-credit scene where we see that something has shifted in the lifestream. And then, it transitions to Aerith, who feels this shift and looks towards the sky. After which, it transitions to Cloud, who is wielding Zack’s Buster sword at the top of a train. And with this, the ending of the game is complete.

Also, if you want to learn more about the ending, then go ahead and look through this Reddit page.

And with this, we bring our Crisis Core Reunion Ending Walkthrough to an end. Where we described to you the events that happened toward the end of the Crisis Core Reunion; however, if you believe that we missed something, then please do let us know through the comment section down below.

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