Crisis Core Reunion: Goddess Materia Locations

Know the location of every Goddess Materia in the area.

As players progress through chapter 10, they will find themselves face to face with a giant door in front of a pedestal in the Portal Of Severance area. As they interact with it, they will be tasked to find all seven Goddess Materia locations scattered across the short map in Crisis Core Reunion.

Key Takeaways
  • The seven Goddess Materia are required to unlock the giant door located in the Portal of the Severance.
  • Four of the Goddess Materia are scattered in the Depths Of Judgment area.
  • The remaining three Goddess Materia are found in the Lake Of Oblivion area.

Goddess Materia Locations In The Depths Of Judgment Area

We’d recommend starting off your search for the Goddess Materia from this location, as the Depths of Judgement area has 4 of them. And they are all closely located to each other, so players shouldn’t have much trouble trying the locate them.

Everything about Goddess Materia: 

Left side of the mapAfter entering the area, look to the
left side to find a container with
Light Materia.
Sandy beach areaFrom the sandy beach, follow the
path going up to discover another
container with Heaven Materia.
Small tunnelMove towards the sandy beach
and head left to find an entrance
to a small tunnel. Upon exiting
the tunnel, you will find a
container on the right side with
Ground Materia.
Path going upAs you exit the tunnel, go up the
path and make a U-turn. At the
end of the path, you will find a
container with Star Materia.
Right side upon
entering the area
Upon entering the area, look to
your right to find a container with
Life Materia.
Opposite direction
from previous materia
Move in the opposite direction
from the previous materia and
take the path on the left side of
the area. Follow the path to
discover the next container.
One of the right corners
of the area
Continue following the path
without straying, and you will
find the final container at one of
the right corners of the area.

Light Materia

goddess materia location
Light Materia location [Image Credit: eXputer]
Players should be able to spot the container a few moments after entering the area. It is located on the left side of the map, and it contains the Light Materia.

Heaven Materia

goddess materia location
Heaven Materia location [Image Captured by eXputer]
After obtaining the Light Materia, start running down the path toward the sandy beach-type area. Once there, you should be able to spot another path right in front of you that is going up. Simply go there, and you will spot another container. This one contains the Heaven Materia.

Ground Materia

goddess materia location
Ground Materia location [Image Captured by Us]
After obtaining the Heaven Materia, move toward the sandy beach again and start moving left as well. You will spot an entrance to a small tunnel. Enter the tunnel, and when you reach the other side. The container containing the Ground Materia awaits you at your right.

Star Materia

locations of different materias
Star Materia location [Image Credit: eXputer]
Move through the tunnel again as soon as you get out. You will see another path going up. Go up and then make a U-turn; you will spot a container at the end of the path. Open the container to obtain the Star Materia.

Goddess Materia Locations In The Lake Of Oblivion Area

Once you have collected the Star Materia, start backtracking, and you will spot a cave entrance/tunnel to your right. Enter it, and there lies the entrance of the Lake Of Oblivion.

Life Materia

location of different materias
Life Materia location [Image Captured by eXputer]
As soon as you enter the area, look to your right, and you will spot the container that contains the Life Materia.

Being Materia

goddess materia location
Being Materia location [Image Credit: eXputer]
Once you have obtained the previous materia, start moving in the opposite direction and take the path that is available on the left side of the area. Follow along the path, and you will find the next container.

Sabbath Materia

goddess materia location
Sabbath Materia location [Image Captured by eXputer]
For the last materia, keep moving in the same direction, don’t stray from the path, and you will spot the last container at one of the right corners of the area. And with this, your hunt for the Goddess Materia ends.

Wrap Up

That concludes our guide on the locations of all seven Goddess Materia in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion. We hope our guide helped you out. Just be prepared for a surprise that follows right after you insert all the Goddess Materia in the pedestrian, but we won’t ruin that surprise for you.

If you are still new to the game then you may want to consider reading our Crisis Core Reunion: Materia Fusion List guide as it can aid you in deciding what’s the best use of the different materia that you currently have in your inventory. In case you are having trouble in certain battles then our guides on the Costly Punch and the Magic Pot can also aid you in your journey.

The game is available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Do let us know what you think about the game in the comment section below.


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