Cyberpunk 2077: Pisces Mission [Best Outcome]

After ending Cyberpunk multiple times, this is my take on the Pisces side job

Cyberpunk 2077 is a game in which every choice you make has some consequences, so your choices in Judy’s “Pisces” job immediately impact the game’s course of events. Therefore, one must know of Cyberpunk 2077 Pisces Best Outcome before making the ultimate edition near the conclusion of the quest. 

Key Takeaways
  • Judy Alvarez offers you this job after you complete her Third Side Job, Talkin’ ‘Bout A Revolution.
  • The choices you make during the Pisces quest decide the future with Judy. You’ll have three options, but you can choose only one.
    1. The first option is to accept Maiko’s offer. This will result in an inability to continue Judy’s remaining quest and letting Maiko and Tyger Bosses take charge of Clouds.
    2. The second option is to reject Maiko’s offer and Kill Tyger Bosses. This will allow you to complete the remaining quest line.
    3. The last option is to reject Maiko’s offer, but you let them live instead of killing her and the Tyger bosses. Judy will not like the decision.
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How To Start The Pisces Job?

Allow me to list everything you need to know on how to start the Pisces job down below:

  • Judy Alvarez will offer you this job through a call after you complete her Third Side Job, Talkin‘ ‘Bout A Revolution.
  • To start this job, you’ll have to wait six in-game hours after completing Judy’s 3rd side job until Judy texts you for the quest.
  • When you receive this message, you’ll have to wait another six hours to begin this mission.
  • If you miss the call, call her back.
  • After a few days, Judy will leave you a text message; reply to her and book a time by a day.
  • She’ll then call you again to proceed with the quest.

Pisces Mission In Cyberpunk 2077

Here, I have listed all the events that will take place in the Pisces Mission:

  1. After you get the green signal from Judy, you’ll begin this quest in Westbrook District and Japantown Sub District.
  2. The main location is in the Mega building H8, where there will be all the action.
  3. You, along with your group of dolls, will make it through this building to take out the Tyger Claws gang.
  4. At around 4 pm, you’ll start your raid with the dolls.
  5. First, you’ll have to take the elevator and go directly down, where you’ll have to kill the three guards using stealth attacks.
  6. Then go to the rooftop on the elevator, jump over to another roof beside you, and go down through a ladder. 
  7. To avoid fighting the guards, slip into the penthouse through the shutters.
  8. However, if you want to take down guards, walk through the door.
  9. Now pass through a bar area, take down two more Tyger Claws, and enter Hiromi’s office.

Pisces Choices And Their Outcomes

When you enter the office, Maiko will start talking to you. You’ll have three options to choose from. Each choice will have its consequences. These choices can alter Judy’s questline in Cyberpunk and also make her either available or unavailable as a Romance option. 

Luckily, I played through the quest a couple of times which is why I’m here to guide you on every choice and outcome you can get in Cyberpunk’s Pisces Side Job.

The-image shows you're talking to Judy after you accept or reject Maiko's offer
The image shows you’re talking to Judy after you accept or reject Maiko’s offer [Picture credits: Exputer]

The First Option

The Worst Outcome.

Maiko will ask you not to do anything to the Tyger Claw bosses and let the Clouds remain their subservient. In this way, she’ll take over Hiromi’s position among them. If you choose this option, then Hitomi will be killed, and Maiko will take over the reins of Clouds. 

The image shows you're talking to Maiko and thinking of accepting her offer
The image shows you’re talking to Maiko and thinking of accepting her offer (Picture credits: Exputer)

Afterward, she’ll give you money. Accepting the money means leaving them as they are and not fulfilling Judy’s wish to eliminate the Tyger Claw bosses from the Clouds and make the dolls free. 

This is the worst choice as neither you can complete Judy’s quests nor fulfill your promise to her, making your progress in the game totally futile. Allow me to list all the pros and cons in detail.

  • Players will receive some credits as a reward.
  • Judy will not be happy with this decision.
  • You will be barred from completing Judy’s quest line.
  • She’ll leave you later in the game because you didn’t fulfill your promise.
  • Players will be unable to approach Judy as a romantic option.

The Second Choice

The BEST Outcome.

You reject Maiko’s plan and kill all three Tyger Claw bosses, including Hiromi. This will make Maiko angry at you, and she’ll attack you. However, you’ll have the choice to kill or leave her. A wise decision would be not to kill her and leave her unconscious. 

The image shows you have kill Tyger Bosses
The image shows you have killed Tyger Bosses (Picture Credits: Exputer)

As a result, Judy will become happy with you, and you’ll get a chance to romance and access the Pyramid Song side job in Judy’s romance. This will also maximize your gains in the game, as you can complete the quest line and get extra EXP. Hence, choosing this option brings you Cyberpunk 2077 Pisces quest best outcome.

  • Judy will be happy and you’ll be able to finish her quest.
  • You will be able to romance Judy later on.
  • None.

The Third Option

The Easy Choice.

The third option is to reject Maiko’s offer and refuse the payment she gives you. But, instead of killing her and the Tyger Claw bosses, you choose to let them live. This will result in Maiko being the Chairwoman of the Clouds. 

The image shows you're talking to Tyger Bosses
The image shows you’re talking to Tyger Bosses (Picture Credits: Exputer)

If you take this decision, it won’t be wise as it’ll allow Tyger Claw bosses to control Clouds still and make dolls their subservient. It also means you’re not fulfilling your promise to Judy of eliminating the Tyger Claw bosses.

Now allow me to list all the pros and cons of this decision:

  • Judy will not like this decision initially, however, you’ll get to terms with her later in the game.
  • You’ll still have the chance to romance her later in the game and complete the quest line.
  • It’ll result in Maiko becoming the Chairwoman of the Clouds. 
  • Tyger Claw bosses still controlling the Clouds from the backend.

My Opinion

You can make any decision, but the second option seems like the best Pisces outcome in Cyberpunk 2077 as not only will it fulfill Judy’s wish, but it will give you a chance to maximize your gains in the game. it is also the decision I made during my first playthrough.

Nevertheless, you can also opt for the third option if you want to favor both Judy and Maiko. However, in the end, it’ll depend on you. With that said, you would surely want to know The Best Operating System to give you an edge against your enemies in this fast-paced game.

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