Disney Dreamlight Valley Clay: How To Find & Get It

eXputer's take on Disney Dreamlight Valley Clay guide lists all the best methods of acquiring this resource so as to help Goofy fix his ship.

If you like doing quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you have probably already come across one that asks you to locate some clay. You will soon understand that despite the fact that this may seem straightforward at first, it is not as simple as it appears to be at first.

Key Highlights
  • Clay is a material found in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
  • Clay is necessary for completing the Mysterious Wreck quest.
  • Clay can be found in Glade of Trust, Sunlit Plateau, and Forgotten Lands biomes.
  • To find clay, search for muddy areas near water sources or bring characters that increase chance of discovering other resources and hold down the dig button.
  • Clay can also be found by characters with high friendship levels if given the digging duty.
  • Bring meals or purchase them to maintain energy while farming for clay..

You are in luck since this is not an insurmountable endeavor, and there are a few different locations where you may begin your search. Continue reading our Disney Dreamlight Valley clay guide if you are seeking to gain further knowledge on this subject. In this guide, you will discover where to look for and get this in-game material.

What Is Clay In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Clay Disney Dreamlight Valley

Clay is a material that may be found rather often in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Bricks, as well as other decorative elements, such as pillars, flower pots, and even a clock tower, may be fashioned with its support. However, clay may also be used in another important way.

In order to complete the Mysterious Wreck quest, which may be started shortly after Dazzle Beach is unlocked and takes place in Dreamlight Valley, you will need to locate clay. Clay is a very vital resource to have at the beginning of the game since it will enable you to meet Ariel after the Mysterious Wreck quest has been completed.

Because of this, in order to access and finish Goofy’s quest titled “The Mysterious Wreck,” you will need to acquire the clay resource, and our article explains how to do so. In this walkthrough, we will show you how to get clay in Disney Dreamlight Valley so that you may assist Goofy in fixing the odd crash and locating Ariel.

Where To Find Clay

Clay is a resource that is simple to locate in Dreamlight Valley if you learn where to search for it. This is true whether you are on the quest to investigate the Mysterious Wreck or you just need to know how to acquire clay so that you may make certain goods. You must go to one of the sites listed below in order to get clay.

  • Glade of Trust: Players can unlock with 5000 Dreamlight
  • Sunlit Plateau: You can unlock it with 7000 Dreamlight
  • Forgotten Lands: It can be unlocked with 15000 Dreamlight

The only thing that players are required to do in order to get Clay after they have unlocked one or several of the biomes that contain it is to look for muddy places that are close to sources of water. These are the possible locations where Clay may be found.

When digging, it is advantageous for players to bring a character that increases the chance of discovering more things. This is because getting 25 Clay will probably take many laps through the region, and having those other goods will help expedite the process.

Clay is not assured to be discovered when you dig up a trench in any of these biomes; nevertheless, it is not an especially uncommon find, and as a result, you will quickly have stacks of clay to use for crafting if you put in a small bit of effort to farm it.

It is sufficient to bring your Royal Shovel with you and proceed to any one of the sites mentioned above. Now, start digging! Clay may sometimes drop instead of money or mud, and you’ll discover that it accumulates quite rapidly since it often falls in stacks of two or three pieces at a time.

This will happen very seldom. It is not necessary to unearth luminous areas of soil in order to get clay; thus, digging may be done everywhere.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, the strategy that requires the least amount of money to get clay is to have the Glade of Trust unlocked. This can be seen in the list that is above. Clay may be discovered at any of these locations using the same technique, though.

How To Get Clay

Instead of hitting the dig button many times, you should hold it down while you’re trying to increase your rate of clay collection. This will cause your character to dig in a continuous straight path, and you will quickly discover that you have accumulated a significant amount of clay as a result.

After spending approximately a minute excavating the three rows seen above, I was able to collect 25 clay, which is the precise quantity required to finish the quest Mysterious Wreck.

While you are out looking for clay, you should also consider asking another character to come along with you. Clay is one of the additional objects that may be found when digging if your friendship level with a character is high enough and you give them the digging duty.

If you plan on farming clay or any other resource in Disney Dreamlight Valley, then we suggest either carrying some meals with you or purchasing them once you get there. Consuming meals will help you to maintain the blue bar on your energy gauge full.

Unlocking the Wishing Well in the region you’re farming in will allow you to quickly move between the area you’re farming in and your house. This is an alternative way. This will allow you to replenish your Energy bar without the need to prepare any meals.

In addition, after around five minutes of digging holes in the Glade of Trust, we were able to collect more than 30 clay. The Glade of Trust is home to both hardwood and iron ore, both of which are essential components in the process of mending the broken raft that is part of Goofy’s quest.

If, on the other hand, you have another mission that requires clay or another substance that cannot be obtained in the Glade of Trust, you are free to unlock the Sunlit Plateau alternatively. This biome will need to be unlocked before The Forgotten Lands may be accessed when it finally becomes available.

When you are digging, it is a good idea to hang around with a character who has the benefit of digging. Following the discovery of one clay substance, there is a possibility that the approach may reveal still another clay material.

You have complete control over whatever bonuses each villager receives; thus, the digging benefit is not restricted to a single player character. However, after you achieve a certain milestone in their friendship, you will be able to accomplish your goal.

Playing Mysterious Wreck Quest For Clay

The Mysterious Wreck Disney Dreamlight Valley

The A Mysterious Wreck quest becomes available to players after they have unlocked it. In this quest, Goofy invites players to assist him and his friends in repairing a raft that has been damaged on the little island. Players will need a number of things in order to complete this challenge, including 30 pieces of Hardwood, 7 Rope, 25 Clay, and 10 Iron Ingots.

As soon as you get to Dazzle Beach, the With Great Power quest will most likely have you assisting Ursula in breaking out of her cave. Meanwhile, there is still another important quest available here, and you may begin it by going to the little island that is located behind Goofy’s store, which is located on the beach.

You’ll locate a sunken raft if you make your way across the shallow sea that’s behind his kiosk. In the vicinity, you may also find a paddle buried in the sand. Simply picking up the paddle will get you started on the hunt for the Mysterious Wreck.

If you give Goofy the paddle after you have obtained it, he will volunteer his assistance in repairing the damaged raft. In order to finish the Mysterious Wreck, Goofy will request the essential materials and supplies listed here:

  • Hardwood x30
  • Rope x7
  • Clay x25
  • Iron Ingot x10

Collect these items, and if you are having trouble finding clay, refer to the part that is mentioned above in our guide; then, take these items to Goofy so that he may mend the mystery wreck, and then voyage to a new area to meet Ariel. You will need to collect seaweed in order to make rope if you are unsure how to acquire rope. After that, the seaweed may be used to create fiber, which can subsequently be used in the making of rope.


Because you will be doing a lot of creating in Disney Dreamlight Valley, it will be incredibly helpful for you to know exactly where you can get all of the necessary supplies.

Some of the materials used in the making may be found fairly easily in Disney Dreamlight Valley, while others could be a bit more difficult to track down.

However, being aware of where everything is located can ideally make your gameplay experience simpler. That’s where we believe our Disney Dreamlight Clay guide comes in and provides useful information to the readers.

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