How To Get Hardwood In Disney Dreamlight Valley [Guide]

Our guide is about how to get Hardwood in Disney Dreamlight Valley and it's uses. We have also mentioned all farming methods for Hardwood.

The adventure-rich game Disney Dreamlight Valley is out for grabs. You will learn to craft a lot of items using materials like Hardwood in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Our guide today will focus on how to get Hardwood in Disney Dreamlight Valley as well as its uses.

Key Takeaways
  • Hardwood is an important item like many other items in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
  • It is important to collect it in order to complete one of the major quests in the game.
  • You will need hardwood to fix the Shipwreck and help Goofy and also to repair and craft furniture.
  • Hardwood can be found in locations like Glade Of Trust and Forest Of Valor.
  • There are several other locations for farming the item as well.

What Is Hardwood 

One of the materials required to craft furniture for your characters in the game is Hardwood. You will find many resources of it throughout your adventure and exploration of the regions.

Hardwood in Disney Dreamlight Valley;

To expand your kingdom, you will need hardwood so that you can craft various important items from it. 

Quest For Hardwood

Hardwood is also a requirement for one of the most important quests in the game, The Mysterious Wreck. Also, once you have unlocked the Dazzle Beach area, you will have to complete the Mysterious Wreck quest after unlocking goofy.

Hardwood location in Disney Dreamlight Valley;
Quest for Hardwood 

The quest will require you to go through a lot of gathering and foraging in order to repair the ship. Among several items required to repair the ship, one is Hardwood.

Depending upon the region you’re exploring, you will find four common types of wood. One of which is hardwood. While you will be able to collect Sprucewood quite early on in the game, it will take a lot of time for you to get your hands on a good amount of hardwood.

You will also need to farm the hardwood in order to use it. Our guide below will show you how you can farm hardwood and all the possible locations of it. 

Uses Of Hardwood 

Hardwood can be used to craft new furniture in the game for your characters. Thus you will be able to renovate their homes using Hardwood. Furthermore, if there is any furniture in need of repair, you can use Hardwood to fix it as well.

As soon as you get Hardwood, you will be able to complete one of the major quests in the game, where you will be required to fix the Mysterious Shipwreck and help goofy. 

All Locations Of Hardwood 

 Fortunately enough for players, there are plenty of resources of hardwood in the game. You will come across several locations where you will be able to farm the item in order to make furniture and repair the shipwreck.

However, all of these locations are in the woody region of the game.

Hardwood location in Disney Dreamlight Valley;
Locations for farming Hardwood 

You will find most of its resources under the trees, so it is important that you don’t waste your time looking for items besides houses, lakes, or in the valley itself. Just head straight towards the forest and keep an eye out for a certain type of reddish-brown colored wood. It will be located under the trees nearby. Following are all the places where you can find hard words easily and quickly for your quests. 

  • Forest Of Valor 
  • Frosted Heights 
  • Sunlit Plateau 
  • Forgotten Lands 
  • Glade Of Trust 

Recommended Areas For Farming

We recommend going for the Forest Of Valor and The Glade Of Trust when looking for Hardwood. They are the cheapest areas to venture into, and you can easily access them for 5000 Dreamlight. Furthermore, you will find a lot of Iron Ore resources here as well, so collecting them will help you in other quests of Goofy. 

Frosted Heights, Forgotten Lands, and Sunlit Plateau are good places to gather hardwood as well. The abundant sources of Hardwood will help you complete your quest in no time. The item itself is pretty identical to the Softwood; however, it is much red and darker in color. Also, you will be able to identify it easily as it is reddish brown in appearance as compared to other types of wood in the game.

By farming hardwood in the forested area, you will have enough resources offered to fix the Mysterious Shipwreck and complete the quest for Goofy.

How To Farm The Hardwood 

By now, you will be aware of all the locations where you can find Hardwood. It is important that you farm as much Hardwood as possible from these locations so that you won’t need to come back and collect them again for future quests. You can not make the Hardwood spawn more often in the game.

Farming Hardwood

We recommend collecting as much Hardwood as possible and keeping an eye out when you are venturing into the forest for other quests. If you are just starting out with the game, make sure to check out all the tips for Disney Dreamlight Valley to help you get started. 

Also, make sure that you are in the forest whenever you are looking for Hardwood or any other type of word so that you are not searching for empty places. 

Requirements For Farming 

Make sure that you have a lot of Dreamlight in your inventory when you are unlocking these areas for farming. If you’re just starting out in the game, we recommend that you collect and spend your Dreamlight in Glade Of Trust and Forest Of Valor. Not only are they cheaper, but they are also rich in Hardwood.

Royal Shovel

Furthermore, we recommend that players get the Royal Shovel when they’re farming hardwood. Royal Shovel will help them increase the farming speed when they upgrade it. You can get the Royal Shovel by raising your friendship level with Anna and completing her quests.

shovel for Hardwood farming in Disney Dreamlight Valley;
Shovel for farming in Disney Dreamlight Valley

When you start farming with the Royal Shovel, you will be able to uproot the roots of the trees. Doing so will help you get double the amount of Hardwood in the game, and you won’t have to farm other locations for the item.

Also, when you upgrade the Royal Shovel, you will be able to remove the tree stumps that are found everywhere in the valley and are blocking your path. We have also curated a guide on the voice cast of Disney Dreamlight Valley, so make sure to check it out to see who voices your favorite character in the game. 

Wrap Up

With this, our guide on how to get Hardwood, along with its uses and farming methods, comes to an end. Hopefully, after reading our guide, you will be able to farm Hardwood for one of the major quests in the game and use it to craft and repair furniture in the game as well.

Make sure to leave any queries you have in the comment section down below, and we will get to it as soon as possible. 

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