Dying Light 2 Walkthrough, Guides & Tips

Our Walkthrough will dive into detail about all the things in Dying Light 2 and make your experience fun!

The parkour and zombie-skull-bashing formulas are expertly combined in Dying Light 2. It has a strong emphasis on exploration through rooftop climbing, completing side missions, and other encounters while wandering the streets. It takes place 22 years after the first game and features Aiden Caldwell, a new protagonist with a variety of parkour abilities. Players can use various techniques and parkour skills to traverse the map.

The melee and ranged weaponry add to the open-world atmosphere, and players must use different types of weapons to take down infected zombies! As you use melee weapons in battle, they lose quality and have limited durability. Throwing Knives, Bows, and spears are long-range weapons that can be employed.

By disassembling weapons for craft pieces, new blueprints and components may be found that can be used to enhance different types of weapons. Our Walkthrough will dive into detail about all the things in Dying Light 2 and make your experience fun!


Dying Light 2 Review
Reviews (Image By: eXputer)

Check out our reviews if you’re on the fence about whether or not to purchase Dying Light 2. They detail all the game’s components, including gameplay, storyline, combat, and more, and assist newbies in knowing all about the game. You’ll better understand these elements after reading the reviews, enabling you to choose wisely.

Everything About The Weapons And Skills

Dying Light 2 Best Bow
Everything About The Weapons And Skills (Image By: eXputer)

Dying Light 2 features a lot of unique and fun weapons and skills, so you’ll want to know everything about them if you want to be the best player. These include weapons and skills like the Finger Gun, which can take down enemies at range, the Air Kick skills, which is a super powerful kick, and much more. Our Dying Light 2 Walkthrough has a series of guides that detail each of the weapons and blueprints.

Money And XP Farming Methods

The Sign two handed Weapon
Money And XP Farming Methods (Image By: eXputer)

In Dying Light 2, Money is required to make purchases at any merchant, which can range from anything like the weapon mods, throwable items, and weapons. While XP is needed to obtain skill points and purchase skills that help improve your combat and parkour. This Dying Light 2 Wiki details all the methods you can use to get the most money and XP.

Quests And Challenges

Dying Light 2 Nightrunner's Hideout Safe Map Location & Safe Code
Quests And Challenges (Image By: eXputer)

Dying Light 2 has a lot of quests and challenges, like the Moonshine Quest, in which you have to help Jack and Joe make the choices or obtain the First Biomarker that can make you strong and fast. Our Dying Light 2 Wiki page explains what you need to do and helps you quickly complete the quests and the challenges.

Error Fixes and Best Settings

Updating Nvidia GPU Drivers through GeForce Experience
Error Fixes and Best Settings (Image By: eXputer)

Every game has errors and glitches like the co-op issues, which can sometimes make the game’s co-op feature unplayable and cause issues for the players until they are fixed in future updates. Furthermore, the best settings allow the player to get good fps and performance. We have guides in our Dying Light 2 Walkthrough which will help you with all your issues.

Best Builds

Dying Light 2 builds
Best Builds (Image BY: eXputer)

Builds can change your whole playstyle and offer you a different approach to eliminating your enemies. You can pick a build that matches your playstyle after looking at the builds below.

Our Dying Light 2 Walkthrough guide contains a Ranger Build if you prefer a mix of stealth and range, A Brawler Build if you want to bash heads and have fun, A Medic Build, which gives max parkour time and stealthy kills, and a Tank Build if you want to take less damage.

Location Guides

Dying Light 2 Paraglider
Location Guides (Image By: eXputer)

There are a number of things to find in Dying Light 2, such as Military Tech, Airdrops, and inhibitors. These items can be hard to locate if you don’t know their location. Missing out on these would be a terrible decision as they could help your player improve their night runner equipment and blueprints and fight the virus. Our Dying Light 2 Walkthrough features guides on all of such things to clear all your confusion.

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