Disney Dreamlight Valley Elsa Stuck In Cave Glitch [FIXED]

This guide covers the glitch where Elsa gets stuck in a cave and the ways to fix it.

Story Highlights
  • Breaking the Ice quest involves consuming potion to initiate breaking the ice.
  • The quest also has a common glitch where else gets stuck in the cave and you are unable to break ice.
  • You can either try enhancing your ax or exit game without saving to get rid of this glitch.

In a life-sim adventure game, the smoother the gameplay experience, the greater the fun. Similarly, Disney Dreamlight Valley ensures a fun experience if you do not face any glitches. In this guide, we have covered Disney Dreamlight Valley Elsa is stuck in a cave glitch, so you can fix it. 

It is unsaid that glitches are a part of gameplay; sometimes, you face a glitch that everybody is facing, and sometimes your glitch is specific in nature. In both cases, you need to find a fix for the glitch. The game has various RPG elements with various Disney characters.

Breaking The Ice Quest

ice breaking quest
Breaking The Ice Quest

Before we discuss the glitch of Elsa being stuck in the cave, let us talk about what the quest involves. The quest begins with inviting Elsa to the village and then completing the tasks related to Anna.

You can also work on the main quest alongside this. You will also be required to cook the potion named “Warmed of Summer Potion”. The following ingredients are needed in specific quantities.

  • 3 Garlic
  • 5 Lemons
  • 1 Vial of Ocean Water
  • 2 Sugarcanes
  • 5 Sunflowers

Steps Of The Quest

The steps of the Ice Breaking Quest are pretty simple and involve the following three steps.

Forest Of Valor

You have to visit the forest to get the essentials. Visit the forest and collect the items according to your necessity. The task requires patience in order to be completed. Apart from this, consider reading Demigod Of The Wind & Sun.

Dazzle Beach

Elsa stuck in a cave quest
Dazzle Beach

This is a pleasant-looking beach in the game where you need to interact with shiny water blotches. You can buy the items from the booth that Goofy runs. 

Potion And Ice Breaking

The last step is potion and ice breaking, where you have to break the frozen rocks. This is an important step of the quest, as this is the point where you will face the glitch. You will make a potion using all the ingredients and then hand it over to Elsa. 

Now, you will be able to shatter the ice rocks. However, entering the Frozen Cavern to break the ice is the point where there is a high possibility of encountering glitches. If you do not face the glitch, communicating with Elsa after getting Blue Crest will lead to the completion of the quest. 

Elsa Stuck In The Cave Glitch

stuck in the cave glitch
Elsa Stuck In The Cave Glitch

Getting stuck in the cave is a common glitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley. After getting stuck, players usually try to upgrade their pickaxe, but it does not work most of the time. Elsa keeps telling you to break the ice, which becomes frustrating for the players at one point.

The common response of the players here is to restart the game and leave the ice cave to come back to see Elsa registering, but these are all pointless responses. We have discussed what you can do to fix this glitch in the following paragraph.

Fixing The Glitch

There are two best ways that you can use to get rid of Else stuck in the house glitch.

  • You can no longer progress in the game after getting stuck, so you need to exit the game without initiating the Auto or Manual Save option. Restarting the game and going back to the previously saved game is the best way to go about this glitch.
  • One possible option that works for a lot of people is enhancing your ax. You can try enhancing it and see if it helps in breaking the ice because this may not be an actual glitch but your ax unable to break the ice.
  • The developers are already working on fixing the glitch; while it is here, you can simply access your old saved game to avoid getting stuck in the glitch.


The smooth gameplay experience is only possible if your game is free of glitches. It is definitely not possible to play a glitch-free game, but the right way is to find the solutions for these glitches. When Elsa is stuck in the cave of Disney Dreamlight Valley, it becomes frustrating for the players, so we have covered the steps to avoid this glitch in the guide above. 

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