Disney Dreamlight Valley Elsa Stuck In Cave Glitch [FIXED]

Learn effective workarounds like Restarting Disney Dreamlight Valley without Saving to get past the Elsa being Stuck in the Cave Glitch.

Update: This glitch was patched in the Scar’s Kingdom Update.

In a life-sim adventure game, I feel like smooth gameplay is everything. But that’s not the case for Disney Dreamlight Valley, where players have been puzzled over Elsa getting stuck in the cave. Apart from getting stuck, Elsa can also stop moving or disappear entirely.

From this and other similar issues, I don’t think it’s hard to see that the NPC AI is pretty much broken in the game. However, don’t be alarmed, as I have a few workarounds to get you through the quest.

stuck in the cave glitch
Elsa Stuck In The Cave Glitch (Image by eXputer)
Key Takeaways

Try the following solutions to fix the glitch:

  1. Restart the game without saving.
  2. Time Skip 2 Days.
  3. Go to Elsa’s house with another character.

Restart The Game Without Saving

As this is a glitch, sometimes it will trigger, and sometimes it won’t. So, to combat this, you can just try restarting the game without saving. Doing this will throw you back to the previous checkpoint or save file, allowing you another chance at the quest.

With this, you could get Elsa to stop being stuck in Dreamlight Valley. While this fix is a bit primitive, who is to complain if it works?

Time Skip 2 Days

Yes, you have to make a time machine and then… Just pulling your leg. Disney Dreamlight Valley syncs its time with your computer’s clock, and changing it can stop Elsa from being stuck in the cave. Let me explain how this works.

Time Skipping 2 Days for elsba being stuck in the cave glitch
Adjusting Date/Time in Windows (Image Captured by eXputer)

So, when you change your date to be in the future, the game thinks it is a new day. Following this, a reset happens that also resets NPCs locations, effectively fixing the glitch.

Go To Elsa’s House With Another Character

A prominent fix among the players has been to visit Elsa’s house with another character. While there are no limitations to who this character may be, I recommend choosing Maui or Donald. Once you take them out to Elsa’s house, talk to them to trigger a teleportation to their house.

After this, you can return to the Ice Castle and hopefully find Elsa unstuck in Dreamlight Valley. For some reason, the game resets NPCs when you do this, which fixes the issue.

My Thoughts On The Glitch

This glitch is not unique, with many other game-breaking bugs on the list. However, the one at hand was widespread, with reports by players pouring in from Reddit and Steam. But, even though the game was a glitchfest on release, it has mostly been patched. 

The most notable patch that did the heavy lifting was the Scar’s Kingdom Update. It fixed a ton of progression-blocking bugs and introduced many quality-of-life updates. However, the Official Disney DLV Twitter handle quickly responded to players, even when the glitch was live.

scar's kingdom update in disney dlv fixing the elsa glitch
Scar’s Kingdom Update in Disney Dreamlight Valley (Image by eXputer)

In my opinion, that is pretty hard to see, so at least I can appreciate it. But, if you still encounter it today, I am sure you were able to get around the glitch after following this simple guide.

However, if not, I suggest contacting DLV Support to submit a ticket. 

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