Disney Dreamlight Valley Ancient Doorway Quest Walkthrough

Fulfill your desire to explore mysterious caves in this quest given by Ariel.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is one of the most charming and passionate fan-service games we have seen come out in the last couple of years. It features many iconic characters that have been a part of so many gamers’ childhoods. Today, our guide will focus on getting you through the Disney Dreamlight Valley: Ancient Doorway quest which is given to the player by Ariel

Key Highlights
  • The quest is provided to the player by Ariel
  • The main purpose of the quest is to uncover a Mystical Crystal that is hidden in a Mystical Cave
  • Mystical Cave is present in the Dazzling Beach area.
  • Before you can get the quest, you will need to reach level 10 Friendship with Ariel
  • To find Ariel players will need to complete the quest called “The Mysterious Wreck”. It is given to the player by Goofy
  • Ariel has some of the most screentime out of all the characters in the game’s humongous cast, and she plays a big role in the quest.
  • The original Ariel, Jodi Benson, herself returns to reprise the role of the iconic character. 
  • Disney Dreamlight Valley Ancient Doorway quest has some complicated puzzles which can prove to be confusing for casual gamers or non-gamers
  • The quest has the player go all around the valley. You have to interact with multiple characters and talk to them about certain emotions
  • During the quest, you will encounter Moana, Ursula, & Remy; talking to them about the right emotion or passion is essential for progression.

Ancient Doorway Quest Walkthrough

Disney Dreamlight Valley ancient doorway stone slab quest walkthrough full
Returning the stone slab to Ariel | Captured by us at eXputer

We will take you through the quest step by step. First and foremost, go find Ariel and talk to her if your friendship level is 10. Friendship levels in the game can be increased in various different ways. The most effective method is to talk to them regularly and shower the characters with gifts.

Moreover, getting the quest and even unlocking Ariel does take a lot of time. Once, you have finally reached the required level Ariel will ask you to inquire about a stone. She finds this mysterious slab while swimming around the lake. Take it from her, and then make your way toward Merlin

Merlin then explains to the player that the Stone Slab they are holding is a mystical item. He then informs the player that they need to imbue the slab with emotions. As you can see in the screenshot that we have provided above the Stone Slab has four slots. It is in these four slots that the emotions will be imbued. 

Permeating The Stone Slab With Emotions 

Lucky for you, the first emotion it needs is Joy, which can be filled out by Ariel herself when you return to her. Fans of Disney films know about the emotions of each of these characters and how they add to their character and personality. 

The quest basically works like a fetch quest in regular RPGs. Don’t worry it is much shorter and going through these beautiful areas makes the time go by quickly. Most of it revolves around going to a certain location and talking to a certain character. 

Furthermore, it is a very well thought-out quest as all the emotions that you will be filling are from characters who you yourself know to possess them. Speaking of these characters to permeate the Stone Slab with the three remaining emotions, you will need to talk to these characters below. 

  • First, go and talk to everybody’s favorite animal chef, Remy, about passions. Ratatouille is a film many adore, and it is a film that shows the passion of chefs through Remy. The little guy loves cooking and never gives up on his passion, no matter the circumstances. 
  • Secondly, talk to Moana about excitement. Fans of her film know that she is a passionate and daring adventurer who loves the excitement that comes from dangerous endeavors. 
  • Lastly, talk to Ursula The Sea Witch about anger. She is pissed at Ariel and her beauty and she tries her absolute best to ruin her life throughout the film. It is ironic how both of them have to play a part here for the Stone Slab to work. The game also has a fun Ursula quest that the players can partake in.

Placing The Stone Slab In The Cave

What does the stone slab do in disney dreamlight valley
Placing the Stone Slab | By eXputer

We are almost done with the quest. Now we are reaching the final part. This one is very simple and just requires knowledge of the layout of the cave. It is also the part where many non-gamers and newcomers get confused

In addition, the last step of the quest asks the player to figure out where the Stone Slab goes in the cave. Naturally, start by making your way to Dazzle beach and entering the Mystical Cave. Here simply make your way down the stairs, and soon you will reach an area where the slot for the Stone Slab is. 

Take a look at the screenshot we have provided above to get an idea of what to look for. It is literally located directly to the right of the bottom of the staircase. It is very hard to miss when you know exactly where it is.

Once you have located it, go ahead and interact with it. Here it will ask you to insert an item, where you will naturally place the Stone Slab. Doing so will make the wall disappear instantly, revealing a glowing crystal that is lying on the ground directly in front of the player. 

This right here is the Mystical Crystal. Pick it up and then go to Ariel. Talk to her and do as she asks. It will complete the quest and will reward the player with Ariel’s Seafoom Suits Ariel’s Seafoom Gown. It is an excellent reward that gives fans of The Little Mermaid something to dress up in. 

Wrapping Up 

It is obvious from this Subreddit post that fans love Ariel and her story. She has been done justice in the game, like almost every other character. Disney Dreamlight Valley has become one of the best RPGs for many non-gamers who are just here to hang out and do fun quests with their favorite characters. 

There are many characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley who you can hang out with and do fun quests for. What’s more, is that the game also has about 167 recipes for you to cook. These also include the recipes from Remy’s Recipe book

Most fans of Disney seem to love the game. . Fans are also glad to see that so many Disney Dreamlight Valley voice actors are the original people who voiced the characters in their respective films. What are your thoughts on the game? Did you have a pleasant experience? Let us know all about it in the comments section below.

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