How To Fix Steam Error Code E8? [Quick Solutions]

You can fix Steam Error Code E8 by Reverting to the Old Login Page, Clearing your Steam Cache, and more!

Many Steam users have often encountered Error Code E8, directly linked to the login system. This error can prevent you from accessing your account and does not go away on its own in most cases. Multiple reasons can cause this problem, including but not limited to network and server issues. But whatever the case, do not fear, as I will be covering all the causes and their respective fixes.

The error message says: “Something went wrong while attempting to sign you in. Please try again later.”
Error message
Error message (Image by eXputer)
  • Pre-Check: Before going further, I recommend you update the Steam Client and restart your computer afterward. Doing so will rule out some basic causes for the problem.
Key Takeaways

You can solve the Error Code E8 through the following methods:

  1. Revert to the Old Login Page.
  2. Re-Confirm your Login Credentials.
  3. Clear Steam’s cache.
  4. Lastly, try reinstalling Steam.

Revert To The Old Login Page

The Error Code E8 started popping up after the recent visual overhaul to the client. Valve keeps turning Steam into a chromium-based application with each update, and even though I like it, the resource expense can get too much. Thankfully, a popular fix has been to use command-line launch options to revert to the old Login page.

Doing so would strike out the new ReactJS-based login window, plus you save up a bit on system resources: A win-win scenario in both cases.

To do so, go through the following steps:

  1. Right-click on the Steam shortcut > Click on Properties.
  2. Type ‘-login -noreactlogin’ in the Target field > Click OK.
    using commandline options for error code e8
    Using Command-Line Options (Image Captured by eXputer)

Clear Steam’s Cache

Cache allows your application to store information that it can recall back. For the most part, having a cache is essential for both performance and convenience. Most applications, including Steam, use this to store your login information or cache pages that you frequently visit.

The problem is that this storage often gets rewritten and updated, and when this happens, the chances of errors like Code E8 shoot up. So, I highly recommend you try clearing the cache for Steam. Doing so will reset the application, giving you a fresh attempt at a re-login.

Make Sure Your Credentials Are Correct

As simple as it sounds, re-check your login details. I can’t quantify the number of times I leave a capslock on or a character out. Give it a thorough look, and even try resetting your password to a fresh one to see if that works. It’s always worth a try, as the client doesn’t save your password except for an auto-login.

Whitelist Steam In Your Antivirus Software

Sometimes, your antivirus software can mistake safe applications on your system as potential threats. This can cause the application to stop working as intended because the antivirus restricts the application from starting or accessing the internet. 

To solve this, I recommend whitelisting Steam and your library directories in your antivirus software. This will alert the software that this specific application is safe and not to be bothered, allowing the app to execute without interruptions. Valve also officially recommends this solution if Steam is not working as it should.

Reinstall Steam

  • Warning: Uninstalling Steam will also remove your complete game library as well. So, I highly recommend either moving the directory or creating a backup before attempting this.

Lastly, if you still can’t get past the problem, I recommend you take the bullet and reinstall Steam. The problem could be linked to your initial installation or a bad update. Doing so would remove all the unnecessary packages and fill in the spaces for missing files.

My Thoughts

I believe the problem has never been constant or too widespread. I say this because the time frames of the different threads on Steam and Reddit are either entirely spaced apart or around a specific update.

Aside from simply forgetting your password, the problem was most likely caused by the new Steam UI update. In any case, however, the issue was most likely patched by Valve silently, with no acknowledgment on their Official X Support Page. This is not alarming, as almost everyone reports issues directly on the forums.

I believe the issue was patched with one of the October ’22 updates. But this is not to say the problem is entirely gone, as it still sometimes pops up due to issues on the user end.

Luckily, the solutions to get around this are pretty simple, and you won’t have a hard time. Lastly, if the problem persists, I recommend you open a ticket on the Steam Forums.

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