The Finals Error Codes: Explained And Fixed

You can fix The Finals Error Codes by Turning Crossplay Off, Making sure your Party is Elgibile, and more.

The game I was looking forward to the most this year was the Finals, and I couldn’t be more excited for the full release. However, while I did enjoy the playtest, it seems that Embark Studios decided to go with a slow launch. As a result, people playing the Finals have been hit with various error codes ranging from Code TFGE0002 to TFMR0100.

Even though this is understandably annoying, fret not, as I have compiled a few fixes for them that are bound to get you back into queues. 

Key Takeaways

Some common error codes in The Finals so far have been:

  1. TFGE0001
  2. TFGE0002
  3. TFMR0100/TFMR0002
  4. TFLA0002
  5. TFGE0003
  6. TFLA0004

Some effective fixes are as follows:

  1. Turn Crossplay Off.
  2. Make sure your Matchmaking Region is correct.
  3. Make sure your party is eligible for the game modes.
  4. Lastly, wait out the server limit.

Pre-Check: Before I explain the individual codes and their fixes, you should rule out your end by Testing your Internet Connection and Updating your Drivers

Error Code TFGE0002

The Finals - Error Code TFGE0002
The Finals – Error Code TFGE0002 (Image Copyrighted by eXputer)

Out of all the error codes in The Finals, this one is the most widespread in the community. As the message suggests, the game throws this error when you get kicked from the servers entirely. From my understanding, I believe that the primary cause is the ongoing capacity cap on the servers. 

So, a simple workaround that has ‘mostly’ worked for players is to turn crossplay off. Doing this narrows your queues to just your platform-specific ones. However, the problem is that this might only work around 6 out of 10 times because of the player limit. So, it’s worth a try.

Simply go to Settings > Click on Advanced > Turn Crossplay Off. 

turning crossplay off to fix the finals errors
Turning Crossplay Off in The Finals (Image by eXputer)

Error Code TFGE0001

THe finals Error Code tfge0001
The Finals – Error Code TFGE0001 (Image by eXputer)

Unlike the other error codes in The Finals, there isn’t much you can do for Code TFGE0001. As the issue originates from the server, you can try restarting the game a few times or applying the same fix detailed above. If that doesn’t cut it, the best thing to do would be to wait a day or two till the servers are accepting more players.

Error Codes TFMR0100/TFMR0002

The Finals - Error Code TFMR0100/TFMR0002
The Finals – Error Code TFMR0100/TFMR0002 (Image Captured by eXputer)

Both these error codes in The Finals only occur when you are trying to queue together with multiple people. This could mean that the matchmaker either couldn’t find a suitable match or encountered a problem with your party. The latter is more likely to be the cause as certain game modes have a ‘Matches Played Requirement.’ 

So, to get past this, double-check that everyone in your party meets that requirement. If not, a few Quick Cash matches should do the trick. Also, make sure everyone is on the same Region and Crossplay settings.

Error Code TFLA0002

The Finals error TFLA0002
Error Code TFLA0002 (Image by eXputer)

Nothing is worse than having a great round, and then suddenly you’re face to face with a “Kicked From Server” screen due to a connection error. 

This can happen due to various reasons, including Finals servers shutting down for maintenance or a problem with your DNS. 

The first course of action should be verifying the game’s server status through The Final’s official Twitter account. If the servers are live and you’re facing this issue, then try changing up your DNS server or using a free VPN to get back into the game. 

Error Code TFGE0003

The Finals error TFGE0003
Error Code TFGE0003 (Image by eXputer)

Server connection time out is a common error in The Finals that results in your internet connection not working properly. Problems could range from weak WiFi signals to issues from the ISP’s end. 

First, check your internet connection to see if it’s functioning normally.

If it’s not, then I suggest you attempt the following fixes: 

  1. Use an Ethernet cable instead of WiFi.
  2. Restart your Modem/Router.
  3. Contact your ISP to enquire about any downtime in internet services.

If all else fails, you should try resetting your modem to its default settings, as they could also be what’s causing conflict. Some players on Steam Forum are also reportedly fixing this issue by doing the same.

Error Code TFLA0004

The Finals Error TFLA0004
Error Code TFLA0004 (Image by eXputer)

This is the worst prompt you can receive in any game, let alone the finals. It displays an Account Banned notification followed by a message saying, “Due to certain recent behaviour that is against our Code of Conduct, your account has been banned. Visit Player Support for more info.”

This could either happen due to the game’s anti-cheat detecting any cheats or exploits on your system, or it could be a glitch in the server. 

To verify the root cause and also attempt to unban your account, you’ll need to visit the Finals player support website and Appeal Ban or Restriction.

My 2 Cents On The Finals Error Codes

In one way or another, most of the error codes detailed above are caused by the ongoing cap on the number of concurrent players. While I do wish the servers were as accommodating as the manager in the Infinite Hotel Paradox. Sadly, they aren’t, not at the moment at least. 

Till they are, the few solutions I shared above should do the job. But, if you were unlucky in getting the game to work, you are not alone. Hopefully, the issues will be resolved within the week, allowing you to get back in.

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