Warzone 2 Friend Request Locked [FIXED]

Having trouble adding your friends in Warzone 2? Here are 10 most effective methods to fix the Friend Request Locked error.

Warzone 2 Friend Request Locked” is one of the latest errors in Call of Duty: Warzone 2. It occurs due to a glitch in the lobby server, and it hinders the player’s ability to send friend requests to their friends and prevents them from playing the game together.

Key Highlights
  • Many players have trouble adding their friends due to the “Friend Request Locked” error in Warzone 2.
  • The error occurs due to a glitch in the Warzone 2 lobby servers that disables the friend request feature in the game.
  • The error can be easily resolved by using alternative methods to add friends to your Activision account, like the COD Companion Application on Mobile Phones and using a different game to add friends.

Since its rocky launch, Call of Duty: Warzone 2 has had its fair share of in-game bugs, glitches, and errors. Players find themselves running into all kinds of audio issues, lobby bugs, and connection errors. The latest of these errors is the “Warzone 2 Friend Request Locked” error. Let’s explore this error and appropriate fixes in detail. 

How To Fix Warzone 2 Friend Requests Locked?

If you keep running into this annoying error when trying to add friends to your Activision Account, don’t worry. You can easily fix the “Warzone 2 Friend Request Locked” error by using alternative methods to add friends, like using other games and mobile applications. We also recommend you share these methods with your friends so that they can also troubleshoot this error and join your multiplayer lobby. Let’s jump right into it.

Add Friend Using a Different Game

MW 2019 Lobby.
MW 2019 Lobby.

If you cannot accept the friend request in the Warzone 2 lobby, try using a different game, like MW2 or MW1, to add friends to your account. This way, you can avoid any glitches that the Warzone 2 lobby servers might cause. The friends you add in the other game will also be ported to your friend list in Warzone 2.

Add Friend Through Notification

Notifications Tab.
Notifications Tab.

Alternatively, You can ask your friend to send you a friend request and then add them through the notifications tab if you cannot add them yourself. Follow these steps to add a friend through notification.

  1. Launch the game.
  2. Open the game Settings > Account > Network.
  3. Note down your Activision Account Name and ID.
  4. Give your friend your Activision ID so they can add you.
  5. Accept the friend request notification in the notifications tab.
  6. If you didn’t receive any notification, change the Notifications filter to All, and you should be able to see it now.

After following these steps, the friend request option should be unlocked automatically.

Use the COD Companion Application

"warzone 2 friend request locked" cod companion app.
Call of Duty: Companion App.

If the methods above do not solve the problem, don’t worry. You can also use the Call of Duty Companion Application on your mobile phone to add friends to your account. Players can also edit their in-game loadouts using the companion app and view their current stats. Many players have fixed the Friend Request Locked error in Warzone 2 by using the companion app to add their friends.

Are you having trouble with the Audio in Warzone 2? Please read our guide on Fixing the Audio Issues, which covers all of the fixes for the annoying audio problems in COD Warzone 2.

Make Sure Warzone 2 Servers are Running

Before you move on to other fixes below, you need to ensure that the COD: Warzone 2 servers are up and running, as doing so might save you time. Head over to the official public server status page to see the current status of the game servers. This error might be caused by a server outage, as the servers go under maintenance now and then. 

Restart Your System

Although it’s pretty simple, it is worth trying. Restarting your system can sometimes fix the lobby glitches by resetting the game lobby’s faulty cache and server connections. We recommend restarting your PC at least once before jumping to the other solutions below.

Restart The Game

One of the easiest ways to fix the “Warzone 2 Friend Requests Locked.” error is for everyone in your lobby to restart their game, including you. This error mostly occurs due to a glitch with the game client or a buggy server connection and can be easily resolved by simply restarting your game once. 

Creating a Channel

Another way to easily fix Warzone 2 Friend Request Locked error is to create a channel in the Warzone 2 lobby and ask your friend to join it. You can add many other players to your channel and communicate with them. This way, you can play with your friends without needing to add them. 

  1. Open the Channels tab in the Main Menu (Headphone icon on the top right of the screen)
  2. In the Channels Menu, Select Party Game Channel.
  3. Now, in the newly created channel, choose the Invite Players option.
  4. The players you invite will join your channel, and they can also add other players to the channel to play together.
  5. You can choose which members you want to Invite using the channel menu.

Remove Existing Friends

Some users could resolve this error by unfriending all of their existing friends from the in-game menu. However, there is a big chance that this may not work for you. We recommend trying this method as a last resort if all else fails. If you have a big friend list, note down your friends’ Activision IDs so that you can add them back.

Update The Game

This is an important step to fix the “Warzone 2 Friend Request Locked” error. You and your friends must update the game on their systems to make sure that everybody is updated to the latest version of the game. Otherwise, if the game versions are not in sync, it could cause the Friend Request Locked error. To update the game to the updated version on PC, follow the steps below:


"warzone 2 friend request locked" Battle.net launcher
Battle.net launcher.

Players who are running Call of Duty: Warzone 2 on the Battle.net Launcher can update their game by following the steps below:

  1. Launch the Battle.net launcher on your PC.
  2. Head over to the Installed games tab in the side panel.
  3. Select Call of Duty: Warzone 2 and click on the gear-shaped icon next to the Play button.
  4. Click on the Check for Updates button in the drop-down menu.

Battle.net launcher will search for any updates and then Update the game to the latest version.


If you’re playing Call of Duty: Warzone 2 on the Steam games launcher, try following these steps to update the game.

  1. Run Steam and head to your Games Library.
  2. Find Call of Duty MW2|Warzone 2.0 in your games list and Click on it.
  3. Steam will tell you if there is any update available for the game.
  4. If an update is available, click on Update.
  5. Wait for the update to finish downloading, and then run the game.

Contact Activision Support

warzone 2 friend request locked - activision support.
Activision Support.

If none of the fixes above worked for you, there might be some issues with your account that only the Activision Support Team could fix. Contact the Support team by submitting a support ticket for any account-related queries, as they can help you resolve the issue quickly.

Did You Fix The Error?

That’s all for our guide on fixing the Warzone 2 Friend Request Locked Error. Players should note that Warzone 2 is still a new game, and it will take some time for the developers to remove any bugs and glitches. 

COD Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 players have also been experiencing other bugs and errors in their games. Some of these bugs include the Proximity Chat Not WorkingA player that your platform denies error, and Join Failed You are on a Different Version Error. If you’re also experiencing these bugs, head to the Error Fixes category on our website.

We hope you can troubleshoot the Warzone 2 Friend Request Locked error by following these solutions. For more informative articles related to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2, stick around at eXputer!

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