Fallout 4: How To Find Fusion Cores

Power Armor Fuel.

Power Armor has been an iconic symbol in video games for well over two decades, and it’s something that has played a prominent role in each and every game in the Fallout series so far. It’s actually so significant to the franchise that, apart from Fallout: New Vegas, every game features the armor on it’s cover.

And although this has functioned as simple end-game gear up until New Vegas, Fallout 4 Alumium decided to turn the dial up a notch by turning them into walking tanks instead. So Power Armor feels more unique as a result, but it does so at a cost.

Now when you hop into one of these frames, you constantly deplete a source of energy known as Fusion Cores. These are small batteries that can be found in limited amounts in The Commonwealth wasteland, and Power Armor is incapable of functioning properly without it.

So if you’re someone who expects to go through a lot of Fallout 4 Fusion Cores, then this guide will show you all of the best places to farm this resource.

Fallout 4 Fusion Core Guide

Fallout 4 Fusion Core
Fusion Core.

To start with, it should be mentioned that Fallout 4 technically classifies Fusion Cores as ammunition. They are found within the ‘Ammo’ tab of your inventory, so they do not have any weight.

They also have a relatively short lifespan. A fully charged core can only function for twenty minutes before it completely depletes. If you perform actions that drain your AP meter such as sprinting, holding your breath while aiming, or using the V.A.T.S system, then it loses charge even faster.

Fusion Cores can be found in a variety of different locations. You can pickpocket them from NPCs, find them on enemy corpses, take them from powered machinery, find them in containers or simply buy them through some merchants.

The following lists show you all of the places you can find these Fallout 4 Fusion Cores in the world:

Fallout 4

Fallout 4 Fusion Core
Fallout 4.

These are the Fusion Cores that can be found within the base game without any DLC installed.

  • ArcJet Systems: Both inside and near the abandoned ArcJet Systems building in the Commonwealth, there are two Fusion Cores. The first is in the generator area behind the rocket control room, while the second is in a generator in the warehouse to the north of the building.
  • Atlantic Offices: There is one laying around on the roof of the Atlantic Offices building in the Glowing Sea.
  • Back Alley Bowling: This is an unmarked location that is part of the General Atomics Galleria. On the second floor of his structure, a core can be found underneath the metal shelf in the hallway behind the bar.
  • Boston Airport: After the main quest ‘Reunion,’ one core spawns in the generator at the southeastern part of the terminal ground floor.
  • Boston Mayoral Shelter: One Fusion Core can be found inside a generator in the utility room near the Gym.
  • Cambridge Polymer Labs: In the director’s office on the second floor, look for a display case with a core inside it.
  • The Castle: Three different cores can be found within the Castle’s armory, while two can be found on the Sentry Bot named Sarge.
  • Concord Civic Access: Players can find one behind a pipe, near the western end of the water drain of these sewers.
  • Factory: To the northeast of the South Boston Police Department, there is an unmarked building simply named Factory. A core can be found inside a generator on the second floor.
  • Federal Ration Stockpile: There are two Fusion Cores in this area. One can be found in a generator behind the bunker in the northwestern corner of the compound, while the other is in the underground bunker.
  • Fort Hagen Command Center: Look inside the generator room in the western part of the underground area.
  • Four Leaf Fishpacking Plant: Two Fusion Cores can be found inside the building, one on a shelf and one in a generator. A final core can be found on the roof of the structure.
  • Goodneighbor: During the side quest ‘The Big Dig,’ look on the shelf inside the train cart strongroom to find two cores.
  • Greenetech Genetics: Three cores can be found on the eighth floor of this abandoned Commonwealth building. Two are behind a Master locked gate, while the third can be found right after the gate inside an Advanced locked door.
  • Gunners Plaza: On the roof of this plaza, two cores can be found behind a novice locked door, while a third can be found directly in the middle of the area.
  • Kendall Hospital: Look inside the basement with the Deathclaw to find one core.
  • Longneck Lukowski’s Cannery: After the sewer section, one can be found in the basement full of mines.
  • Malden Center: Descending from the elevator on the main level of the building, there are three different cores right next to the generator.
  • Malden Drainage: A Fusion Core can be found in a charging station here, right at the end of the canal, to the north of the Taffington Boathouse.
  • Milton Parking Garage: Completing the trap-filled maze inside the parking garage rewards the player with 4 cores.
  • Mass Fusion Containment Shed: One Fusion Core can be taken from the generator behind the security gate, behind a locked door.
  • Medford Memorial Hospital: Players can take one core from the fusion reactor room on the second floor.
  • Mole Rat Den: In the northeastern part of the den, you can find a core on the ground.
  • Museum of Freedom: You can take a half-charge Fusion Core from the basement while completing the ‘When Freedom Calls’ main quest.
  • Mystic Pines: At the bottom of the stairs behind the Advanced locked door, you can locate one core in the northeast corner of the building.
  • Poseidon Reservoir: There is a military checkpoint to the north of the reservoir. One core can be looted from a set of Power Armor there.
  • Quincy Church: The Fusion Core can be found inside the church, on top of a crate.
  • Railroad HQ: A core can be found in a generator behind an Expert locked security door, in the base’s ‘Secret Exit.’
  • Recon Bunker Theta: During the quest ‘The Lost Patrol,’ you are able to take one from the home of Paladin Brandis if you tell him the fate of his officers.
  • Roadside Pines Motel: Look for one core behind the motel, in a fusion reactor to the west of the building.
  • Robotics Disposal Ground: One Fusion Core can be found In the crate next to the sentry bot in the middle of the room. Two more can be gained by booting up the robot and then ordering it to self-destruct, then looting its body.
  • South Boston Military Checkpoint: You can take one from the elevator to the highway, while another can be found in a Power Armor suit nearby.
  • Starlight Drive-In: Search in the room at the back of the screen, behind a Novice locked door.
  • Suffolk County Charter School: A Fusion Core can be found in the basement of this building, in the farthest generator from the stairs.
  • Super Duper Mart: There is a generator room in the back of the store where players can find a core.
  • The Switchboard: The Switchboard is an unmarked location in the Commonwealth Wasteland. The first Fusion Core can be found in the lower level generator room, right next to the sewer entrance. The second one is behind a locked security gate right before players leave the area.
  • USAF Satellite Station Olivia: Players can find a core in a generator in the basement, next to the room with the catwalks.
  • Vault 81: The NPC Erin Combes may reward the players with a Fusion Core for completing the quest ‘Here Kitty, Kitty.’
  • Vitale Pumphouse: In the second room of the building, there is a singular Fusion Core. The combination “10-4-5-1” is required to access the room.
  • Waystation: You come across one core while following Dogmeat in the ‘Reunions’ quest.
  • Weston Water Treatment Plant: Inside the eastern hut in the area, there is one core.
  • Wilson Atomatoys Factory: Outside the building, look for a core in the generator by the south wall.
  • Wreck of The FMS Northern Star: Near the bow of the ship, one Fusion Core can be found Inside the generator on the ground level.
  • Yangtze: One core can be found in an open footlocker in the crew quarters. A second can be found underwater near the generator on the lower level.

Far Harbor Expansion

Fallout 4 Fusion Core
Far Harbor.

The following is a list of Fallout 4 Fusion Cores in the Far Harbor DLC.

  • Acadia: On the bottom level of the observatory, there are two Fusion Cores behind a Master locked door.
  • Harbor Grand Hotel: To the southwest of the hotel, there is a beach with a burning ship. On the bottom deck of the ship, there is a generator with a core.
  • Glowing Grove: This is an outdoor area, and a Fusion Core can be found on the most southeastern table.
  • The Nucleus: Two cores can be seen on the metal shelves in the first wooden shack upon entering the location.

Nuka-World Expansion

Fallout 4 Fusion Core

Here are the Fallout 4 Fusion Cores in the Nuka-World DLC.

  • Angry Anaconda: A core can be found in the generator next to the Expert locked portable cabin.
  • Cola-Cars Arena: After going through a destroyed wall, you can fund a Fusion Core in an area next to the preparing room.
  • Fizztop Grille: On the patio outside the apartment, look on the nightstand at the right side of the bed.
  • Nuka-Cade: There is an employees-only door in the southeastern room of the location. It leads into a generator room with a Fusion Core.
  • Nuka-Cola Bottling Plant: One core can be found inside a small cabin on the eastern part of the roof.
  • Nuka-Town Market: Two Fusion Cores can be stolen from Aaron Corbett’s counter.
  • Nuka-World Access Tunnels: The core can be seen inside the maze, after passing the wooden bridge.
  • Nuka-World Junkyard: Five different cores are scattered around the entire location.
  • Nuka-World Transit Center: At the end of the tracks of the ride, one Fusion Core can be found near a pile of radioactive barrels.
  • Safari Adventure: Look next to the door of the AFAD base at the Angry Anaconda for the fist core. Look for the second one in the Welcome Center cloning facility.
  • Vault-Tec: Among the Stars: A Fusion Core can be taken from the second monitoring room, where you loot the Vault-Tec control room key.
  • Welcome Center: In a room to the left of the albino Gatorclaw, you will find the final Fusion Core.

This has been our Fallout 4 Fusion Core guide.

It does not account for random merchant inventories and enemy drops, but it should nonetheless help you find all placed Fusion Cores in the base game and the DLCs.

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