MHR Teostra: How To Beat, Weakness & Item Drops

This guide gives you detailed information on Teostra in MHR and discusses about its weaknesses along with the best strategies to beat the Dragon effectively.

Monster Hunter Rise often introduces new patches and updates for the game to make it better and more exciting for the users. With the recent update, the developers have launched the latest game additions, including new arenas, armors, and interesting boss fights. Out of these newly introduced monsters, one is Teostra, which is an Elder dragon in MHR. When you progress through the game, you will have to face the mighty Monster, but you don’t need to worry as this article will discuss in detail all the weaknesses of Teostra and how you can defeat the Elderly MHR Dragon.

Key Highlights

  • Teostra is a highly aggressive alpha dragon that dominates over all the species in its territory and will attack anything that tries to encounter it.
  • Teostra is distinguishable by its fiery red coloration and golden hair, and thick fur-covered wings. With a fire and dragon element, it is immune to fire and weak to water and ice.
  • To unlock and find Teostra, players must have crossed the Hunter Rank (HR) 40 in the hub and search for the dragon in the Lava Caverns or Sandy Plains.
  • Before engaging in a fight with Teostra, players should be familiar with its attacks and moveset, including its charge attack, blast attack, and fire breath.
  • Teostra’s weak spots are its Head, Wings, and Tail, with the Head being the weakest.
  • To defeat Teostra, players should target its weak spots with heavy attacks and dodge its flame attacks.
  • Water and ice-enhanced abilities, Blunt weapons with ice-enhanced traits, and Sharp or Blunt weapons with water-enhanced abilities are most effective against Teostra.
  • Teostra rewards players with valuable items and materials for crafting armor and upgrading weapons.

MHR Teostra Overview

Teostra is a newly introduced Elder Dragon in the game who is as just as fierce and lethal as Malzeno in MHR Sunbreak. It was introduced after the April Update – Patch Version 2.0. The Dragon has unique abilities with overpowered attacks.

Monster Hunter Rise Teostra
Teostra: The Empror of Flame

Teostra can be distinguished in MHR with its apparent features and fiery red coloration with golden hair. It has a massive mane, with huge fangs that spread over its body and a pair of horns that are pointed backward. The wings are completely covered in thick fur that gives the Monster extra protection. The tail is of decent length that has a clump of golden fur at its end. It can also cast Blast and Fire attacks to damage its target from range. It is an aggressive creature that does not like the presence of other creatures in its area and gets triggered if you get too close to it.

Here are all the necessary details about Teostra that you must need to know. Make sure you read the MHR Sunbreak Prized Pelt guide if you have the MHR Sunbreak DLC.

SpeciesElder Dragon
Known HabitatsSandy Plains, Lava Caverns
Element Fire and Dragon
WeaknessWater, Ice
DebuffsFireblight, Blastscourge
Threat Level8/10 Stars

Nature And Behavior

Teostra is a highly aggressive Alpha Dragon that dominates over all the species in its territory. It will attack anything that tries to encounter him to assert its dominance. Unlike Lunastra, who typically warns you first to get out of its territory, Teostra will not give you a chance but rage upon you and continue to attack until you’re out of the area or die.

Teostra has a biological bond with Lunastra, and it will cooperate if she is present on the same map. Both have similar characteristics and can co-exist in the same territory as well. 

How To Unlock And Find Teostra In MHR

In order to unlock Teostra in Monster Hunter Rise, you have to cross the Hunter Rank (HR) 40 in the hub. Once you have crossed the level, make your way to the Lava Caverns or Sandy Plains to find the Dragon.

Teostra is most often found in hot areas such as the Desert Volcanic areas, but it has also made its venture into the Swamp and the Town. So, if you are looking for this Dragon, target these areas.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you want to face Teostra, make sure that you are equipped with well-upgraded armor and weapons, as the fight is not going to be easy. If you want the best weapons to counter Teostra, then check out our Monster Hunter Rise Weapons Tier List.

Teostra Attacks & Moveset

Before engaging in a fight with any Elder Dragon, you need to know their Attacks and Movesets beforehand. It will significantly help you in understanding their attacking behavior and special attacks, eventually helping you to win the mighty battle. Here are all the Movesets and special attacks of Teostra that it can cast on its enemies.   

Charge Attack

It is the most common attack used by Teostra to inflict damage upon its enemies. The beast takes a step back, gets steady, and charges toward you with a heavy hitbox. The movement of the Monster is abrupt and could cause a considerable amount of damage if you are not cautious.

In order to avoid the Charge attack of Teostra, try to maintain considerable distance or move close to its shoulders to avoid the charge. Make sure to dodge the attack sideways rather than moving backward, as it also leaves a trail of Blast Dust when enraged with its Blast Dust aura.

Leaping Tackle

Leaping Tackle is a tricky move of Tesotra in which the beast lowers its head to a side and then suddenly leaps at its enemy, which knocks them away and deals massive damage. The attack is also abrupt with a high hitbox. The most optimal way to dodge the attack is to move diagonally to the opposite side. 

Flame Thrower

The flame thrower is one of the lethal attacks of Teostra in which the beast raises its head and lifts one leg in order to take a large breath and cast a heavy cone of flame that spreads around in a wide area. This attack is exceptionally lethal that can cause some serious damage.

Another Variant of the Flame Thrower is the Flame Burst which is almost similar, but both its legs remain on the ground, and it swings its neck to make an arc of flames that go swirling across the area. You can dodge the attack by moving near its shoulder area as it has a lower hitbox.

Proximity And Strafing Flamethrower

The main attack move of Teostra is its flame-throwing ability. In this attack, the Dragon stands tall on its legs and unleashes a massive jet of flames directly downwards, making a large dead zone radius. When Teostra is about to initiate the attack, make sure to move to the side and not stand directly below it.

While performing the Strafing Flamethrower attack, Teostra flies up in the air and releases a beam of flame, aiming downwards. The flamethrower attacks are easy to dodge if you can read the beam pattern and move to the opposite direction timely.


Teostra flies back to make a distance from its enemy and then flies back towards them. The Monster moves towards its target to crash land at it at 180 degrees. When the Blast Dust aura is fully charged, it will also cause explosions from its belly area while hitting, which makes the hitbox even larger.

The Supernova

Teostra activates its Super Flame Armor state and makes a huge sphere of flames and explosions. It is the most lethal attack of Teostra that can significantly eat up your Health Bar, so you need to be cautious as this move is enough to knock you out if you are already low on HP.

MHR Teostra Weakness

Now that you know all the strategies and attacking moves of the deadly Monster, it is now time to learn about the weaknesses of Teostra so that you can use them to your advantage and beat the Dragon efficiently in MHR. The beast is most weak to water and ice as they are completely against its natural elements, so make sure to use the weapons according to that.

For a complete breakdown, we have crafted a table that mentions the hitpoints on each body part along with its weakest spots. So, have a thorough look at it. If you are interested in MH Rise builds, then you must read heavy bowgun Build and Horn Build in Monster Hunter Rise.

Teostra Parts Weaknesses
Hind Leg3025200150105

Teostra Ailment Effectiveness

Each Ailment has a different effect on Teostra with varying resistance. In order to understand the effect of each Ailment, we will discuss with the help of stars along with their maximum resistance so that you can use the Ailments in MHR, which are the weakness of Teostra.

MHR Teostra
Teostra Ailments


  • 1 Star
  • Initial Resistance: 2/4
  • Next Resistance: Threshold
  • Maximum Resistance: 1/4
  • Natural Buildup Degradation: 2/4
  • Total Damage: 2/4


  • 0 Star
  • Initial Resistance: 0/4
  • Next Resistance Threshold: 2/4
  • Maximum Resistance: 0/4
  • Natural Buildup Degradation: 2/4
  • Effect Duration: 0/4


  • 1 Star
  • Initial Resistance: 1/4
  • Next Resistance Threshold: 2/4
  • Maximum Resistance: 1/4
  • Natural Buildup Degradation: 2/4
  • Effect Duration: 2/4


  • 2 Star
  • Initial Resistance: 3/4
  • Next Resistance Threshold: 3/4
  • Maximum Resistance: 2/4
  • Natural Buildup Degradation: 2/4
  • Damage: 2/4


  • 0 Star
  • Initial Resistance: 0/4
  • Next Resistance Threshold: 1/4
  • Maximum Resistance: 0/4
  • Natural Buildup Degradation: 2/4
  • Effect Duration: ¾


  • 0 Star
  • Initial Resistance: 0/4
  • Next Resistance Threshold: 0/4
  • Maximum Resistance: 0/4
  • Natural Buildup Degradation: 0/4
  • Stamina Loss: 0/4


  • 2 Star
  • Initial Resistance: 2/4
  • Next Resistance Threshold: 2/4
  • Maximum Resistance: 2/4
  • Natural Buildup Degradation: 2/4
  • Effect Duration: 3/4


  • 1 Star
  • Initial Resistance: 2/4
  • Next Resistance Threshold: 2/4
  • Maximum Resistance: 2/4
  • Natural Buildup Degradation: 2/4
  • Effect Duration: 2/4


  • 1 Star
  • Initial Resistance: 2/4
  • Next Resistance Threshold: 2/4
  • Maximum Resistance: 2/4
  • Natural Buildup Degradation: 2/4
  • Total Damage: 2/4


  • 1 Star
  • Initial Resistance: 2/4
  • Next Resistance Threshold: 2/4
  • Maximum Resistance: 2/4
  • Natural Buildup Degradation: 2/4
  • Effect Duration: 2/4

How To Face And Defeat Teostra?

Each Elder Dragon has some weak spots on its body. In the case of Teostra,  it is its Head, Wings, and Tail. The head among them is the weakest spot to target, so make sure that your major and heavy attacks are inflicted on its upper body as it will deal more damage than doing so on any other areas. Going for the tail with low attacks is also a good strategy, but keep in mind that his legs are armored, and targeting them will not do any significant damage.

When Teostra casts any of his flame attacks, just dodge your way out of it, and then you can counterattack when the beast is in a cooldown state and vulnerable to attack.

During the battle, Teostra will likely stay on the ground more. Although the beast can also fly up in the air, it prefers to make most of its attack while staying on the base. You can use it as an edge and deal damage as much as you can while you get the chance.

Teostra Weakness
Teostra Fight

The main key to the fight is to be fast and quick in movements when Teostra is about to initiate its attack and then counterattack with heavy hits while the beast is in a vulnerable state.

Teostra can also take you up in the air. If the Dragon does that, make sure to use the flash pods as it will blind him and bring you back to the ground.

Make sure to avoid his Super Nova attacks when the beast is in raged mode. During this state, maintain as much distance as you can until the Dragon is in a normal state again.

The following are the most effective attacks against Teostra:

  • Targeting the head with water or ice-enhanced abilities.
  • Using Blunt Weapon, with ice-enhanced traits to hit the front legs.
  • Targeting the wings, using a sharp or blunt weapon that is water-enhanced.
  • In the neck, use a blunt weapon with Ice or Water capabilities.

Teostra Rewards

Once you have defeated the mighty Monster, you will be rewarded with tons of valuable rewards and drop items.

Monster Hunter Rise Teostra
Teostra Materials

By fighting off big monsters, such as Teostra, you get useful items and materials that can be used for crafting Armor and upgrading your weapons. Here is a table of all the possible drop items you can get from Teostra, and this is how the table works:

  • Target: Your chance to obtain the item through a quest that involves Teostra.
  • Damage: Represents the chance of getting the item by damaging it in a specific place while doing the quest that involves Teostra.  
  • Capture: Represents the chance to obtain the item at the end of a quest by capturing Teostra, even if it was not the main objective of the quest.
  • Skinning: Shows the chances of getting the specific item by skinning the carcass or broken element of Teostra.
  • Recovered: Your chance to get hands-on that material if it falls to the ground while fighting thDragonon.
MaterialsTargetSeizeDamageCutting upRecovered
Teostra breastplate14%27%40%
Teostra tail12%80%
Jewel Teostra3%3%3%1%
Teostra + scale26%21%25%
Teostra + claw16%18%14%
Teostra Powder10%12%34%
Mane Teostra19%25%18%
Teostra horn +72%8%
Palmute Teostra70%10%
Ancient dragon blood10%
Dragon treasure40%

Best Strategy While Fighting Teostra

Here are some useful tips to remember while fighting Teostra in MHR.

  • The main counter of Teostra is fire damage. So make sure to use the right Armor set that has fire-resistant abilities. Armors such as Kushal Daora are the most optimal ones as it has the ability to enhance the effect of ice and water attacks, as well as absorb fire attacks in defense.
  • Teostra’s body is equipped with Armor which gives him resistance against your attacks. You can weaken his Armor with heavy attacks. The best way is to target the head as it is the weak part of the beast where it receives most damage.
  • Keep in Mind the weakness of Teostra and use those elements to your advantage for effective results.
  • When Teostra is in an enraged state, its body is immune to Hunter’s attacks. Only the tail and head can be damaged at this time. Selecting a ranged weapon with enhanced abilities of ice and water elements will be the most optimal weapon against Teostra.
  • Do not go too close to Teostra during the Rage phase, as the burning flames can inflict damage upon contact.
  • Teostra can also emit explosive fireballs randomly, so make sure to look out for them and dodge them accordingly.
  • Try to stay at the side of the Monster rather than staying in front. In this way, you can dodge most of its attacks and also target its weak body parts.
  • Teostra has a special attacking phase called Supernova, which is extremely overpowered. As soon as you notice that the beast is about to initiate the Supernova attack, quickly utilize the Wirebug to get away quickly to a safer place and make some distance from the Dragon.
  • When you bring down enough HP of Teostra, its AArmor will fall off, and its face will turn blue. It is the vulnerable state of the Dragon, so use it to your advantage by dealing with heavy attacks and bringing the Mighty Teostra to the ground.


This sums up our article on the Mighty Elder Dragon. Now, we are pretty sure that you are well aware of all the weaknesses of Teostra of MHR, and you can bring it down effectively by using the right strategies with the most suitable weapons and armory. The key point in fighting Teostra is to maintain some distance during the Monster’s attacking phase and hit heavy on its weak body parts when you get the opportunity.

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