Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Crashing [SOLVED]

The Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak crashing issue is certainly a real menace. Find out how to resolve it here.

Monster Hunter Rise has just been loaded with a massive new expansion called Sunbreak. Now that the expansion has made landfall, trouble has sprung up as the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak crashing issue is barring players from playing the title at all. The problem surfaces abruptly and leaves aspiring gamers totally helpless. However, this is no time to fret. We’re finally getting Frontier monsters in Monster Hunter Rise and there’s a lot more that the future possibly ensues.

Key Highlights
  • The Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Crashing is usually caused due to the following issues; “dinput8.dll”, outdated device drivers, or corrupted game files.
  • First of all, verify the integrity of your game files using the “verify” feature on Steam to look for any missing or corrupted files that may be causing the issue.
  • Get rid of any installed mods that may be causing it, doing so will most likely resolve the issue.
  • To avoid crashes an updated graphics driver is highly advised for running the game. You can update the drivers using the NVIDIA or AMD User App.
  • After trying out everything, try reinstalling the game since it has proven to be an effective fix for many players.

The guide at hand is going to walk you through the best fixes there to Monster Hunter Rise consistently crashing. Therefore, keep on reading until the end for nothing but the best results.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Crash on Startup 

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak has made landfall in recent times and players couldn’t be any more excited for the title. However, this latest hurdle in playability has turned a plethora of gamers off as they simply can’t even get the RPG going from the desktop menu. That is to say, the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak crash on startup issue is definitely a real hassle, one that eliminates all prospects of playing the title. 

The problem plays out when the game progresses to a specific point. That’s where it says, “Loading… Do not quit the game” and pops right off. No matter the number of tries you attempt, the issue repeats itself incessantly. In any way, this is an exceptionally undesirable situation that prevents you from playing Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak at all. 

Now, word has it that a wide variety of reasons can possibly be causing the problem at hand. It’s either an outdated operating system version or out-of-fashion graphics drivers. More possible causes include the installation of mods that do not fit in with the updated code of Sunbreak and even missing or corrupted game files. 

In the forthcoming section, we’ll be going through all the possible solutions that you can implement on your side of things right away. Some of the potential fixes are guaranteed to resolve the matter in question, so do follow them until the end for favorable results. Let’s get started with no further ado.  

How To Fix Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Crashing

The following is our cherry-picked collection of the most robust potential solutions to the crashing on startup hassle of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Do note that the fixes ahead take confidence that you’ve already tried restarting both your device and game at least a couple of times beforehand. 

Verify Integrity of Games Files on Steam

Steam, being one of the largest and most feature-filled game launchers in the world, doesn’t come without its unique expanse of added functionality. You can use the famed platform to check whether all installed game files are in place and working properly. The “Verify integrity of game files” feature cross-checks the files installed on your system with the ones that Steam has stored on its own servers. 

If any discrepancies are found, the files will be tended to accordingly and you’ll finally be able to enjoy the well-grounded action-adventure title just like new again. Follow the steps listed ahead to learn how to use this in-built Steam feature and get around this irksome Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak crashing on startup bug. 

  1. The first step is to launch the Steam desktop client on your Windows PC. Do this from the Taskbar if you have the application pinned there or simply look for it using the Windows Search bar.
    Launching Steam
    Launching Steam
  2. After you have Steam up and ready, click on the “Library” section within the interface of the application and find all of your installed games in the sidebar to the left. From here, hover over Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak and double-tap on it. Doing so should reveal multiple options on the screen for you. Select “Properties” to get to the next step.
    Accessing Game Properties
    Accessing Game Properties on Steam
  3. A small-scale window will appear on the screen for you right afterward. Click on the “Local Files” section on the left next. Once done, choose the “Verify integrity of game files” option to commence the process.
    Verifying the Integrity of Game Files
    Verifying the Integrity of Game Files

That’s about it for this potential fix. After you click on the aforementioned area, a progress-tracking prompt will appear, taking you through the completion of the assigned task. This shouldn’t take any more than a couple of minutes, so do rest assured and hope for the best. 

Verifying the integrity of game files on Steam does the trick most of the time, and you should hopefully be able to launch your copy of the title now. If, however, going through with even this fix didn’t help you out, we’ll have to nudge you toward the next solution in line.

Get Your Graphics Drivers Up to Speed

It appears that having fully up-to-date graphics drivers is highly advised for running Capcom‘s front-running RPG the way it has been intended. You need to make sure your PC packs enough capacity to run a game of this stature.

Otherwise, it’ll get increasingly hard for your device to serve its basic functioning, let alone play Monster Hunter Rise. One of the most basic ways of updating your graphics drivers resides right within the Windows 10 operating system. 

It’s definitely worth checking out whether any graphics drivers update is awaiting your attention. After all, the reward here is a permanent solution to the Sunbreak crashing affair, so the motivation is due and on point. The following steps are going to illustrate how you can update the graphics drivers manually on your device.

  1. The first step is to fire up the “Device Manager” system application on the PC. An easy way of doing that is by right-clicking the “Windows” icon in the top-left corner of the operating system’s interface, followed by clicking on the app in question. Alternatively, you can just search for it through the Windows Search bar as well. The following screenshot should illustrate the latter.
    Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak crashing on startup
    Opening Device Manager on a Windows PC
  2. A separate window will launch as soon as you click on “Device Manager.” This is where you’ll be effortlessly able to get your graphics drivers up to speed. Click on the “Display adapters” entry to reveal your GPU. Right-click on the latter to expand the area. Once done, click on “Update driver” and you should be good to go until the next step.
    Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak crashing on startup
    Updating the Graphics Drivers on Windows
  3. A prompt will appear asking you, “How do you want to search for drivers?” Simply select the first option, which is, “Search automatically for drivers.” That way, the system will commence the hunt for any pending updates that your GPU hasn’t received yet. Your graphics drivers will be updated if Windows detects anything workable. After a brief moment, you’ll see that the update process will begin.
    Searching Automatically to Update the Graphics Drivers
    Searching Automatically to Update the Graphics Drivers

That’s about it for updating your graphics drivers on Windows 10. Having an up-to-date GPU is a surefire way of preventing most pertinent issues from surfacing, so you’ve definitely done a good job here.

We recommend that you download dedicated software as well to optimize and take care of your graphics drivers from here on out. Doing so will make it easier for you to install updates whenever they are released from the developer’s end. 

In addition to the information above, you can also check manually for any impending updates to your Windows PC’s graphics drivers. We’re leaving links for two of the most popular graphics card manufacturers’ websites across the spectrum below. 

Visit the official support page on the site using the given links and enter your product’s information to download the relevant updates. Shouldn’t be too hard to do that. As soon as you’ve confirmed that your graphics drivers are all fully updated, proceed toward launching Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak and confirm if your efforts have come to fruition. If not, keep on reading to try the steps given ahead.

Delete the “dinput8.dll” File From the REFramework

The Monster Hunter community saves the day again. One godsend of a Redditor called Patsiecki has managed to dig out the one singular thing that resolves the crashing issue for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Apparently, the addition of the massive new expansion has messed up the compatibility for the mods you have installed for the game, regardless that you got those mods from NexusMods or from Fluffy Manager 5000 within.

The fix here, therefore, is pretty much simple to get going with. All you have to do is dig up the main directory of Monster Hunter Rise on your Windows PC. The major culprit here is REFramework which is basically a modding tool coming with a powerful scripting API.

You’ll find the REFramework within the “File Explorer” system utility. Look for it using the in-app search bar and that’ll be it for the most part.

Continue by digging out a specific file called “dinput8.dll” within the folder and delete it right away. Doing so is certain to resolve the issue, but your work isn’t quite done yet. The next step is to verify the integrity of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’s files yet again and let the process complete.

Only after the latter concludes should you launch the well-established RPG up and see whether it’s still crashing or not. 

In the case that you still cannot play the title, go back to the game’s installation folder and check if the “dinput8.dll” file is there as well. Please note that you have to remove this particular file from the REFramework directory as well as the main installation folder of MH Rise: Sunbreak to yield the best results. One user who couldn’t get the game to start even after trying the aforementioned method did something else.

It turns out that you may as well delete the “dxgi.dll” file as well wherever you find it. Doing so should uninstall your mods and restore the game back to its pristine condition.

Don’t forget to use Steam’s verification feature afterward to manifest the cherry on top. Quite frankly, all of these steps should resolve the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak crashing on startup issue for you in a jiffy. 

However, if there’s still trouble in paradise, keep on reading to try what appears to be the final potential solution we can possibly outline for you in this guide. 

Reinstall the Game

A reinstallation is something that always bodes well for a troubled title. We can go on and on about the efficiency of this strict methodology, but it’s already understood at this point that reinstalling the action RPG is the only way to resolve Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak crashing.  

Plenty of players managed to sit out the installation times of the title and get back into the multiplayer action of Sunbreak shortly after reinstalling the game from top to bottom. If you’re on PC playing the game through Steam, or on any of the frontrunning consoles, delete the game from the system and proceed toward installing it again.

Download the relevant updates and try finding a match to see if you can make your way inside the RPG without the crashing issue popping up anymore. If that is the case, you’re all set. It’s finally time to wreak some havoc.  

Do let us know down in the comments section if the guide in question helped you get back on track with monster-slaying or not. As always, eXputer wishes you good luck! 

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