MK1 Invasion Clues [All Solutions]

Most Invasion Clues in MK1 require you to perform fatalities of different characters, but some of the other klues can be tricky.

You would need to solve the MK1 Invasion Clues to get your hands on some specific rewards. These clues appear in every invasion as a fight encounter will open up a path toward chests. However, the chests are blocked by an obstruction, and to unblock them, you will have to solve the clues.

Key Takeaways
  • There are a total of 12 invasion clues players can find in different areas while playing in Invasion Mode.
  • In Mortal Kombat 1, the clues can be tricky as they are just hints, and players must decipher them.  
  • Most clues can be solved by using the fatalities of certain characters, but some will require completely different actions.
  • The Living Forest in Mortal Kombat 1 features the most clues, so players should start from there.
  • I found the Flipping Out Klue one of the hardest MK1 Invasion Klues to figure out in-game, requiring you to change the stance 30 times while fighting with Sindel.

What Are Mortal Kombat 1 Invasion Clues

MK1 Invasion Klues (Image Taken By eXputer)

In the Invasion Mode, at a certain fight, you will face some MK1 Invasion Klues that will help you eliminate the obstruction in the way of some rewards.

The clues in Mortal Kombat 1 will give you some sort of hint of what you have to do to unlock the path. However, you would need to figure out the rest by yourself. They can be a little tricky to solve as there are 12 invasion clues that I could find in-game.

The following are the all the Invasion Mode Klues in Mortal Kombat 1: 

  • Fire Temple – KCIRT TAH
  • Fire Temple – Use the element that brings life
  • Fengjing Village – ESDORYT TEH DWLOR
  • Shang Tsung’s Laboratory – Another Test Subject
  • Shang Tsung’s Laboratory – Brutal Ways
  • Tarkatan Colony – DEDAERHT
  • Tarkatan Colony – Flipping Out
  • Sun Do Festival – AMNISLTA4
  • Sun Do Festival – Toasty!!!
  • Living Forest – ERTECA AOSCH
  • Living Forest – NOMED RENNI
  • Living Forest – QUACKX10

Fire Temple Klues

KCIRT TAH Klue (Image Credits: eXputer)
  • KCIRT TAH:  To succeed in the fight and break through the barrier, you must use Kung Lao and perform fatality.
  • Use the element that brings life: The character you will have to use is Rain, so simply defeat Li Mei and perform the fatality to open the barrier.

Fengjing Village Klues

ESDORYT TEH DWLOR Klue (Image Taken By Us)
  • ESDORYT TEH DWLOR: The clue refers to using Cyrax as a kameo and fighting Geras as his fatality can blow up the entire world.

Klues In Shang Tsung’s Laboratory 

Another Test Subject Klue (Image Source: eXputer)
  • Another Test Subject:  Use Shang Tsung and execute his second finishing move on Kitana to open the barrier. 
  • Brutal Ways: To open the barricade, simply use brutality on the Reptile, and the barrier will be opened. However, if the barrier doesn’t open for you, it could be a glitch, so you can use Havik and perform his fatality, as it might open the barrier for you.

Tarkatan Colony Klues In Mortal Kombat 1

Flipping Out Klue (Screenshot Grab By eXputer)
  • DEDAERHT:   Use Ashrah’s second fatality on Baraka to open the barrier.
  • Flipping Out: The Flipping Out Klue refers to your fighting stance, so to break the barrier, you will have to switch your stance around 30 times during the fight.

MK1 Invasion Clues In Sun Do Festival

TOASTY Klue (Image Captured By eXputer)
  • AMNISLTA4: The node can be found almost at the end of the festival stage. The clue AMNISLTA4 translates to TALISMAN 4. So, equip a Talisman with four gem slots and use it four times against your fight with Reiko.
  • Toasty!!!: The Toasty refers to the Fatality of the Kameo Version of Scorpion. So equip him as your Kameo and use his fatality on Havik to unlock the barrier.

MK1 Invasion Klues In Living Forest

NOMED RENNI Klue (Screenshot Grab By Us)
  • ERTECA AOSCH: It is an anagram that refers to CREATE CHAOS, and it’s arguably referring to Havik. Choose Havik to use his fatality on Raiden, and the barrier will be unlocked.
  • Nomed Renni: The Clue Nomed Renni is another backward clue that translates to Inner Demon. It refers to the fatality of Sareena, so equip her as your Kameo and perform her fatality on Geras.
  • QUACKX10: It is the most hilarious clue out of all, as it refers to taunting ten times during your fight with Liu Kang. Even if the taunt is interrupted, it doesn’t matter, as the barrier will still break.

That’s almost everything you would want to know about MK1 Invasion Clues. The clues can be hard to decipher, and the guide contains all the information you need to solve them. All of them are explained, and you can do them quickly. You might have some trouble with them at first glance, but once you figure them out, they aren’t that tricky. You can also check out this Reddit Thread for more hints if you still have trouble.

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