Monster Hunter Rise Rhenoplos Egg: Location & Delivery

Our guide explains how and where you can find Monster Hunter Rise Rhenoplos Egg to stun the monsters and fight them.

Monster Hunter Rise offers a great experience to its players by providing them with brand new maps to explore while playing as a hunter to take down the monsters. If you are new to Monster Hunter Rise and have not tackled delivery quest in the past, finding Monster Hunter Rise Rhenoplos Egg would be very difficult.

Key Highlights
  • Rhenoplos Eggs are special account items in Monster Hunter Rise that are rare to find and can earn players a lot of Kamura Points.
  • The quest “Bunny Dango- With Eggs!” requires players to find Rhenoplos Eggs. Finding them makes fighting monsters easier.
  • Rhenoplos Eggs are delivery items that need to be manually cared for and carried to the main camp, and can be found in the underground area of Sandy Plains.
  • Players need to be careful when picking up Rhenoplos Eggs as they can be attacked by monsters and the eggs will break.
  • It’s important to use a low-ranked map to find Rhenoplos Egg and not Rhenoplos Egg+ as it will not fulfil the quest requirements.
  • Carrying Rhenoplos Eggs makes the player more vulnerable to attacks and can break if dropped or if the player falls from a height.
  • To complete the “Bunny Dango- With Eggs!” quest, players need to go to the main camp to deliver the Rhenoplos Eggs.

The quest “Bunny Dango- With Eggs!” requires players to find Rhenoplos Eggs but does not provide instructions on finding them. We have covered this guide to help you find Rhenoplos eggs in the game. 

What Is Rhenoplos Egg in Monster Hunter Rise?

Rhenoplos Eggs are special account items that are rare to find. These eggs can help you earn a lot of Kamura Points and serve as an objective to complete the quests.

Rhenoplos eggs are delivery items that are different from other account items. These eggs need to be manually cared for and carried to the main camp. There are no supply boxes in the sub-camp, so they need to be supplied to the main camp. 

When you are carrying Rhenoplos Eggs, you need to know that you will be more vulnerable to attacks. If you get hit while carrying a delivery item, the items will fall and break. The breaking of the delivery items will greatly hinder your progress.

You can also break the item if you fall from a height. You will be required to go back to the node and pick up a new one. However, you can prevent this from happening by using Wirebug dash. Monster Hunter Rise King Rhino is an interesting read, and you should not miss it. 

Where To Find Rhenoplos Egg

Rhenoplos egg
About Rhenoplos egg

You can find Rhenoplos Egg in Sandy Plains. They will be found in an underground area in Sandy Plains. Be careful while picking up these eggs, as there can be small and large monsters during the process. Specifically, the area is underground Area 11. You will also find several paths leading to area 7 out of the tunnel. 

While using the map to enter the caves, make sure not to use the high-ranked map. Using a high-ranked map will get you Rhenoplos Egg+, which will not fulfill the mission’s requirements. Do not forget to head back to the main camp to drop the egg there, as sub-camps will not give you the option to drop them.

Why Should You Find Rhenoplos Egg

You can find Monster Hunter Rise Rhenoplos Egg by completing the “Bunny Dango- With Eggs!” quest; know that it is worth all the trouble. It will become a lot easier to stun monsters by eating this Dango, and it will become a lot easier to fight the powerful monsters. You can also consider reading our guide on 16 Best Monster Hunter Rise Mods.

How To Deliver Rhenoplos Eggs

Deliver rhenoplos eggs
Delivery at Main Camp

Once you are done finding Monster Hunter Rise Rhenoplos Eggs, go to the ain cap to deliver them. These will be delivered at a Southern camp which is at a fairly long distance from your location. It clearly shows that you have to travel back, but you can cover a lot of distance using wirebug maneuvers. 

Steps To Complete Bunny Dango With Eggs! Quest

Bunny Dango- With Eggs!

Completing Bunny Dango- With Eggs! Quest is not time-consuming if you know all the steps, so we have covered a list of steps you can follow to complete it.

  • Click on Show Village Quest and then Expedition Tour.
  • A list of options containing the tours will open, and you will click “A Tour of the Plains”.
  • The next step is to select the time for your quest.
  • After completing these steps, you will be asked if you want to continue the quest; click “Yes” to proceed.
  • Using the map, you will reach Area 11. 
  • After picking the eggs from the location, you will deliver them to the main camp.
  • Completing it will open a final option asking you if you want to go back to the village. Click “Yes” to proceed.


Players usually find it challenging to collect Monster Hunter Rise Rhenoplos Eggs without instructions. Completing the quest requires you to know the steps beforehand instead of exploring them and spending a lot of time. We have covered everything you need to know to find Rhenoplos Eggs and get benefitted from them. 

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