NBA 2K23 Memphis Grizzlies Ratings

Our guide ranks all the Memphis Grizzlies players in NBA 2K23.

Moving on to the ratings of players, it is extremely important that you get an idea of the team and players’ ratings. The rating will be your driver in picking the best team and best players for your matches. Getting to know the game’s roster is worthwhile. This guide talks about NBA 2K23 Memphis Grizzlies ratings.

Key Takeaways
  • Memphis Grizzlies is a Tier 1 team in NBA 2K23 with an overall rating of 82.
  • There is no doubt that Memphis Grizzlies’ roster has some amazing players with the top ranking in the game.
  • Ja Morant is definitely the best member of the team with an overall ranking of 93 in the game.
  • Some of the other high-rated players from the Memphis Grizzlies are:
    • Jaren Jackson – 83
    • Desmond Bane – 83
    • Steven Adams – 82
    • Dillon Brooks – 80

The game has a total of 32 teams, and the Grizzlies are the third-best team in NBA 2K23. At the launch, the overall team rating for Memphis is 95. The Grizzlies are a team of five players in total, and this guide talks about their rating.

Memphis Grizzlies Rating In NBA 2K23

Team member ratings
Team Memphis Grizzlies Rating
Player NameOverall RatingPositionArchetypeTotal Badges
Ja Morant93.0PGOffensive Threat31.0
Jaren Jackson83.0PF/C2-Way 3-Level Scorer12.0
Desmond Bane83.0SG/SFSharpshooter15.0
Steven Adams82.0CPaint Beast13.0
Dillon Brooks80.0SF/SGHybrid Defender9.0
Tyus Jones77.0PGVersatile Offensive Force1.0
Brandon Clarke76.0PF/C2-Way Inside-The-Arc Scorer5.0
Xavier Tillman75.0C/PF2-Way interior finisherNo Badges
John Konchar75.0SF/SG3-Level Scorer4.0
Ziaire Williams74.0SF/PFInside the arc scorer3.0
Danny Green73.0SF/SG2-way shooter9.0
Santi Aldama70.0C/PFStretch FourNo Badges
Killian Tillie69.0C/PFProspectNo Badges

Memphis Grizzlies are a Tier 1 team with the best players possessing various attributes. The players in the team have a fair overall rating in the game compared to most of the players belonging to other teams.

The team has an overall rating of 82, with a defensive rating of four in the game—Memphis Grizzlies trail behind only three teams, including Boston Celtics, Milwaukee Bucks, and Miami Heat. The rating of the players in the game is mentioned as follows.

Ja Morant

Overall RatingPositionArchetypeBadges
93PGOffensive Threat
  • 2 bronze badges
  • 5 silver badges 
  • 22 gold badges
  • 2 Hall of Fame badges

The guard Ja Morant has a rating of 93 in the game. The rating of Ja Morant falls between the rating of Karachi Leonard and James Harden, with ratings of 95 and 92, respectively.

If we analyze closely, this rating falls in the ninth position in the game and in the third position among the guards. The rating of Ja Morant falls behind Stephen Curry and Luka Doncic, with ratings of 96 and 95, respectively. 

Jaren Jackson

Overall RatingPositionArchetypeBadges
83PF/C2-Way 3-Level Scorer
  • 9 bronze badges
  • 3 silver badges

In the current version of NBA 2K23, Jaren Jackson has an overall 2k rating of 83. He has a total of 12 Badges with 2 Way- Inside the Arc Scorer Build. He has a pretty decent rating in the game, so you can pick it to make the best use of his build. 

Jaren Jackson has the team’s second-highest number of badges, including Aerial Wizard, Anchor, Chase Down Artist, Pogo Stick, Rise Up, Brick Wall, Masher, Middy Magician, Post Move Lockdown, Post Spin Technician, Vice Grip, and Work Horse. 

Desmond Bane

memphis grizzlies team rating
Team Desmond Bane
Overall RatingPositionArchetypeBadges
  • 4 bronze badges
  • 4 silver badges
  • 7 gold badges

Desmond Bane has a rating of 83 in its current version. The specialty of Desmond Bane is that he owns a Sharpshooter Build with a total of 11 Badges that are Catch and Shoot, Claymore, Green Machine, Slippery Off Ball, Amped, Blinders, Corner Specialist, Guard Up, Agent 3, Mismatch Expert, and Volume Shooter. 

Steven Adams

Overall RatingPositionArchetypeBadges
82CPaint Beast
  • 8 bronze badges
  • 4 silver badges
  • 1 gold badge

The current version of Steven Adams has a rating of 82. Steven Adams has a Defensive Anchor Build with a total of 13 Badges. The player also owns Athletic attributes of speed (48), Acceleration (37), and Stamina (80).

The thirteen badges of Steven Adams are Vice Grip, Backdown Punisher, Boxout Beast, Brick Wall, Rise Up, Aerial Wizard, Anchor, Dropstepper, Masher, Pogo Stick, Post Move Lockdown, Rebound Chaser, and Work Horse. 

Dillon Brooks

Overall RatingPositionArchetypeBadges
80SF/SGHybrid Defender
  • 5 bronze badges
  • 3 silver badges
  • 1 gold badge

In NBA 2K23, the current version of Dillon Brooks has a rating of 80 with a 2 Way Mid Range Shooter Build. The player has a total of 9 Badges. The total attribute score of Dillon Brooks is 2712. 

Tyus Jones

Overall RatingPositionArchetypeBadges
77PGVersatile Offensive Force1 bronze badge

The rating of Tyus Jones is 77 for the current version and owns a Diming Sharpshooter Build. He just has one badge with a total of 2488 attributes, including Rebounding, Defending, Playmaking, and Athleticism. 

Brandon Clarke

Overall RatingPositionArchetypeBadges
76PF/C2-Way Inside-The-Arc Scorer
  • 2 bronze badges
  • 1 silver badge
  • 2 gold badges

The rating of Brandon Clarke is 76 with a 2 Way Interior Finisher Build. The number of badges that he owns is five, with total attributes of 2633. If you have liked this guide so far, consider reading a similar guide on NBA 2K23 Dallas Mavericks Ratings.

Xavier Tillman

Overall RatingPositionArchetypeBadges
75C/PF2-Way interior finisherNo Badges

The current version of Xavier Tillman has a rating of 75 with a 2 Way Interior Finisher Build. He does not own any badges and plays at the Center or Power Forward position. 

John Konchar

Overall RatingPositionArchetypeBadges
75SF/SG3-Level Scorer
  • 3 bronze badges

1 silver badge

John Konchar has a rating of 75, and he owns a 3-Level Scorer Build. He does not own any badges, but a lot of his attributes make him a decent choice for you. 

Ziaire Williams

Overall RatingPositionArchetypeBadges
74SF/PFInside the arc scorer3 bronze badges

The position played by Ziare Williams is Small Forward or Power Forward. He is in 10th position in the case of the overall pick. He has an overall rating of 74 with Inside the Arc Scorer Build. Apart from this, he also owns 3 Badges, including Aerial Wizard, Pogo Stick, and Work Horse. 

Danny Green

memphin grizzlies rating
Danny Green
Overall RatingPositionArchetypeBadges
73SF/SG2-way shooter
  • 7 bronze badges
  • 2 silver badges

The current version of Danny Green is at a rating of 73, and he has a 2 Way Shooter Build. He plays at the Small Forward position for Memphis Grizzlies. A total of 2364 Attributes make him a decent choice for you. 

Danny Green has a sufficient number of badges in the team, including Clutch Shooter, Corner Specialist, Amped, Catch and Shoot, Claymore, Green Machine, Guard Up, Off Ball Pest, and Slippery Off Ball. 

Santi Aldama

Overall RatingPositionArchetypeBadges
70C/PFStretch FourNo Badges

The current version of Santi Aldama has been ranked at an overall rating of 70. He owns a Paint Protector Build and no badges. The overall attribute score for Santi Aldama is 2287. Besides that, you can also read a similar guide on NBA 2K23 Cleveland Cavalier Ratings.

Killian Tillie

Overall RatingPositionArchetypeBadges
69C/PFProspectNo Badges

Killian Tillie, who plays at the Power Forward position in the team, has an overall rating of 69. He owns a Prospect Build and no badges. His attributes revolve around defending, rebounding, and inside scoring, formulating a total attribute score of 2271. 


Getting to know about the members’ ranking in the team is an important step to moving on to the selection process. We have mentioned the overall team ranking and individual members’ ranking to give you a helping hand while you make the choices. This guide will help you play using not only your favorite but the best character in the game. 

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