NBA 2K24 Center Builds [Demi-God, Popper & 7-Foot Monster]

The NBA 2K24 Center Build guide will showcase attributes and Body Settings for your my career Center builds that can be tried early on!

NBA 2K24 is finally out, allowing players to create the Center build of their dreams and become a defensive powerhouse by aligning their positioning, wingspan, attribute allocation, and much more. Players might want to know a few solid NBA 2K24 best Builds for Center, and that is why I have curated three builds.  

Key Takeaways
  • Center build in NBA 2k24 focuses on a player who is typically the tallest on the court and concentrates on rebounds and blocking shots.
  • The advantage of having a Center Build in NBA 2k24 is that the player can effectively get rebounds, block shots from the opposing team with ease, and play a crucial defensive role.
  • The disadvantage of a Center build is that mastering it can be challenging without the correct attributes, making it crucial to know how to play it right. 

NBA 2K24 Center Build 

Below listed is a summarized version of the best NBA 2K24 Center Builds and their key attributes: 

NBA 2k24 Center Build StatsDemi-God Center BuildPopper Center Build7-Foot Monster Build
Standing Dunk908692
Pass Accuracy707576
Perimeter Defense774361
Offensive Rebound999299
Important: When making a groundbreaking NBA 2K24 center build early on while playing, players must first see what a center build does. Simply put, the player playing the center positioning will typically be the tallest on the court. 
  • Their player will mostly focus on getting rebounds while blocking the shots coming in from the opposing team with ultimate ease. 
  • Center positioning can be difficult to master if you don’t have the correct attributes; therefore, knowing how to play it right is crucial. 

Demi-God Center Build 

NBA 2k24 Demi-God Build
Demi-God Build
Attributes  Stats 
Close Shot  55
Driving Layup  56
Driving Dunk  74
Standing Dunk  90
Post Control  30
Mid-Range Shot  0
Three-Point Shot  0
Free Throw  0
Pass Accuracy  70
Ball Handle  35
Speed With Ball  0
Interior Defense  72
Perimeter Defense  77
Steal  71
Block  92
Offensive Rebound  99
Defensive Rebound  84
Speed  73
Acceleration  64
Strength  90
Vertical  88
Stamina  98

One of the first builds you can focus on in NBA 2K24 will be an absolute defense unit, hence being known as a Demi-God build. You will play a center positioning, be on the heavier side, and have a much larger wingspan than usual.

  • You can set your height to 6’10”, while your weight can be set to 239 lbs (an absolute unit!) 
  • As far as your wingspan is concerned, you can make it out to be around 7’8″. 

You will also be able to guard extremely well while getting every stop possible, not letting the opponent get any shots in. 

Driving Dunk 

First, when it comes to your Driving Dunk, you will want to set it to 74, no more, no less, which will determine your overall ability to carry out regular contact as well as alley-oop and putback dunk attempts while going towards the basket. 

  • Because of this, it will be able to affect your silver Posterizer badge, which can improve the likelihood of you Posterizing your opponent. 

Standing Dunk 

Now, when it comes to your Standing Dunk, you want to increase it up and take it to 90 in NBA 2K24, which determines your ability to complete the regular, contact, or putback dunk attempts while underneath the basket. 

Pass Accuracy 

Pass Accuracy NBA 2k24
Pass Accuracy

Your Pass Accuracy can be set to 70, through which you can throw the ball to the target in all different types of passing situations, which allows you to make excellent passes easily in NBA 2K24. 

  • You might also want to up your overall Close Shot to around 63, which determines the ability to shoot while standing still 10 feet from the basket. 
  • With Close Shot, you can also use the silver Fast Twitch badge. 

Perimeter Defense 

Perimeter Defense NBA 2k24
Perimeter Defense

As far as the point allocation for the Perimeter Defense is concerned, you will want to set it anywhere to 77, which will directly increase your other attributes, too, such as: 

  • Steal: It will be increased to 37, through which you can intercept or deflect passes and steal the ball, and can then be further increased to 71. 
  • Defensive Rebound: It will be bumped up to 32, which is slightly lower. 
  • Speed and Acceleration will also be affected here, which will further boost it up to 42 and 57 for acceleration, respectively. 


Block NBA 2k24

Regarding your Block in NBA 2K24, you will want to enhance it and take it to 92, which will determine the chance to block out all types of shots. 

  • With it, you will also be able to see an overall increase in your Interior Defense, your Defensive Rebound, and your Strength. 

Other than that, when it comes to your Offensive Rebound, through which you can easily grab offensive rebounds, all you need to do is max out it and bring it to 99. 

  • You can enhance your speed to 73, which is its maxed-out version. 
  • Lastly, your acceleration should be pushed to 64, your Strength to 90, Vertical to 88, and Stamina to 98, making you an absolute unit. 

Popper Center Build 

NBA 2k24 Popper Build
Popper Build
Attributes  Stats 
Close Shot  51
Driving Layup  56
Driving Dunk  76
Standing Dunk  86
Post Control  30
Mid-Range Shot  63
Three-Point Shot  78
Free Throw  57
Pass Accuracy  75
Ball Handle  40
Speed With Ball  0
Interior Defense  77
Perimeter Defense  43
Steal  81
Block  92
Offensive Rebound  92
Defensive Rebound  84
Speed  73
Acceleration  65
Strength  90
Vertical  89
Stamina  92

Next up, another build you might like to try out will have the Center Build Attributes allocated to make your Popper build outshine everything else. 

  • When it comes to your Body Setting, you want to, of course, have your positioning set to Center
  • Other than that, the other general build will have your height be 6’10”, while your weight should be around 235 lbs with a wingspan of 7’6″. 

Three-Point Shot 

Three Point Shot NBA 2k24
Three Point Shot

When it comes to the Three-Point Shot, it will directly affect your Mid-Range Shot as well as your Free Throw. 

  • Set your Three-Point Shot to 78, determining your ability to make shots of all different types from a three-point distance. 
  • While setting it to 78, your overall Mid-Range Shot will be enhanced to 63, while your Free Throw will be increased to 53. 

Standing Dunk 

Standing Dunk NBA 2k24
Standing Dunk

As far as your Standing Dunk is concerned in NBA 2K24, you can increase it up to 86, which will determine your ability to complete regular, contact, and putback dunk attempts while standing under the basket. 

  • As you do so, you will also see an enhancement in your Closeshot, which will now be driven up to 51. 
  • Your Driving Layup will be increased to 26, too, while your Driving Drunk is increased to 46, enhancing your Vertical. 

After this, you can further increase your Driving Layup to 56. 

  • Other than that, you want to drive up your overall Pass Accuracy to 75, which will further affect your Ball Handle, which can be increased to 40. 

Offensive Rebound 

Offensive Rebound NBA 2k24
Offensive Rebound

Regarding your overall Offensive Rebound, you will want to max out of it, taking it to 92 for the NBA 2k24 Center Build My Career

  • This will also directly increase your Defensive Rebound and increase it up to 84. 
  • Bump up your Block stats to 92, further strengthening your center positioning, while your Steal can be increased to 81. 

Other Stats 

Lastly, some of the other stats that you will want to focus on are as follows in order to succeed with this build in NBA 2k24. 

  • Interior Defense will be driven up to 77, further affecting your Acceleration, Stamina, and Perimeter Defense. 

7-Foot Monster Build 

NBA 2k24 7 Foot Monster
7 Foot Monster
Attributes  Stats 
Close Shot  83
Driving Layup  37
Driving Dunk  57
Standing Dunk  92
Post Control  53
Mid-Range Shot  43
Three-Point Shot  0
Free Throw  53
Pass Accuracy  76
Ball Handle  41
Speed With Ball  0
Interior Defense  77
Perimeter Defense  61
Steal  60
Block  92
Offensive Rebound  99
Defensive Rebound  84
Speed  53
Acceleration  45
Strength  90
Vertical  72
Stamina  92

Moving on, there is another early-game center build that you might want to try out, which will make you an absolute monster in height. 

  • You can set your height to 7’2″, while your weight will be 249 lbs, and have a wingspan of 8’0″. 

Close Shot 

Close Shot NBA 2k24
Close Shot

Starting with your Close Shot, you want to set it to 83, which is on the higher side, and it will automatically affect your overall Standing Dunk, Post Control, Mid-Range Shot, as well as your Free-Throw and Vertical. 

  • Your Standing Dunk will be increased to a 28, while the Post Control will be enhanced to 53; all the while, your Mid-Range Shot will be increased to 43. 
  • The Free Throw will be enhanced to 43, while your Vertical will be increased to 38. 

Driving Layup

Driving Layup NBA 2k24
Driving Layup

Your Driving Layup will determine your ability to complete regular, as well as contact and putback layup attempts while going towards the basket. As such, it’s recommended to increase your Driving Layup to 37 in NBA 2K24.

  • You will also want to increase your Driving Dunk to 57. 
  • Your Standing Dunk, which will determine your regular contact, alley-oop, and putback dunks while under the basket, should be enhanced to 92. 

Pass Accuracy

Pass Accuracy NBA 2k24
Pass Accuracy

Besides that, your Pass Accuracy should be increased to 76, which will determine your ability to throw the ball to the target in all types of passing situations, such as the bounce, chest, or overhead passes. 

  • It will also increase the Ball Handle, set to 41 in NBA 2k24. 

Interior Defense 

Moving on, you will also need to focus a bit on your ‘My Career’ on your Interior Defense, which will determine the ability of the player to defend the paint both on and off the ball, and you should increase it to 77. 

  • This will then affect your Perimeter Defense and bring it up to 27. 
  • Your Block, Defensive Rebound, and Strength will be enhanced because of it, too. 

Other Stats 

Regarding your other stats, you can increase your Steal to 60 while enhancing your Block to 91, which will also change your Vertical Center Build Attributes

  • Max out your Offensive Rebound and increase it to 99. 

And that’s just about it! While there are definitely many things to consider before making your NBA 2K24 Center Build, this is what players need to know about the Center Builds, and with that, let’s wrap up the guide! While you’re here, why not read up on the NBA 2K24 Crossplay guide? Alongside that, the NBA 2K24 Features guide is a must-read!

Other than that, you might find the NBA 2K24 Locker Codes guide interesting! 

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