Ninja Legends Codes [Checked In April 2024]

Find the latest Ninja Legends codes and redeem them easily with this quick guide to receive free rewards!

If you’re looking for an easy way to level up faster in Roblox Ninja Legends, you’ll want to check out this Ninja Legends Codes guide. This guide features a complete list of working codes that will give you free coins, Chi, and ninjitsu, allowing you to unlock additional upgrades for your character. 

Key Takeaways
  • The few active codes are soulninja1000 (Redeem for 1,000 Chi), epictrain15 (Redeem for 15 Minutes Auto-Training), roboninja15 (Redeem for 15 Minutes Auto-Training), and christmasninja500 (Redeem or 500 Gems).
  • To redeem codes, launch the game, click the Codes button, type your code, and press ENTER to receive your rewards.
  • If your codes aren’t cooperating or you are facing any code-related glitches, dive into Ultimate Code Guide for all the necessary solutions!

Active Ninja Legends Codes

The codes you get come with bonuses, which help players earn Chi points quickly. It’s important to know that how much Chi players can get depends on their multiplier score. So, the final number of Chi they get might differ from the listed amount when they redeem the code in the game.

  • Last Checked: April 3rd, 2024.

Auto Train Codes

epictrain15Redeem code for 15 Minutes of Auto-Training
roboninja15Redeem code for 15 Minutes of Auto-Training

Gems Codes

christmasninja500Redeem code for 500 Gems

Chi Codes

soulninja1000Redeem code for 1000 Chi
zenmaster15KRedeem code for 15k Chi
Chiinnerpeace5kRedeem code for 5k Chi
Chiskyblades10KRedeem code for 10k Chi
darkelements2000Redeem code for 2000 Chi
Chisilentshadows1000Redeem code for 1000 Chi
omegasecrets5000Redeem code for 5k Chi
ultrasecrets10kRedeem code for 10k Chi
elementmaster750Redeem code for 750 Chi
secretcrystal1000Redeem code for 750 Chi
skymaster750Redeem code for 750 Chi
legends700mRedeem code for 1200 Chi
dojomasters500Redeem code for 500 Chi
dragonlegend750Redeem code for 750 Chi
zenmaster500Redeem code for 500 Chi
epicelements500Redeem code for 500 Chi
goldninja500Redeem code for 500 Chi
goldupdate500Redeem code for 500 Chi
legends500mRedeem code for 1000 Chi
senseisanta500Redeem code for 500 Chi
blizzardninja500Redeem code for 500 Chi
mythicalninja500Redeem code for 500 Chi
legendaryninja500Redeem code for 500 Chi
shadowninja500Redeem code for 500 Chi
legends200MRedeem code for 1100 Chi
epicflyingninja500Redeem code for 500 Chi
flyingninja500Redeem code for 500 Chi
dragonwarrior500Redeem code for 500 Chi
swiftblade300Redeem code for 300 Chi
DesertNinja250Redeem code for 250 Chi
fastninja100Redeem code for 100 Chi
epicninja250Redeem code for 250 Chi
masterninja750Redeem code for 1000 Chi

Soul Codes

sparkninja20Redeem code for 20 Souls
soulhunter5Redeem code for 5 Souls

Expired Ninja Legends Codes

This rundown contains codes that are now useless due to their expiration. Yet, you can give them a shot and take your chances.

Redeem CodeReward
epictower350Redeem code for rewards
treeninja400Redeem code for rewards
shurikencity500Redeem code for rewards
epicturrets450Redeem code for rewards
powers500Redeem code for rewards
bossbattle300Redeem code for rewards
Firstplanet250Redeem code for rewards
epicturretsRedeem code for rewards
waterfall500Redeem code for rewards
newgame500Redeem code for rewards
autotrain15Redeem code for 15 Minutes of Auto-Training
epicsensei500Redeem code for 500 Chi
launch100Redeem code for 100 Coins

How To Redeem Ninja Legends Codes?

Enhance your gaming experience and make the most of the latest codes with these simple steps.

The screen that appears while redeeming codes.
The screen that appears while redeeming codes.
  1. Visit the Ninja Legends website and click the green button to initiate the game.
  2. Select the prominent blue Codes button located on the side of the screen.
  3. A pop-up will appear on your screen with a designated space labeled ‘Type Code Here.’
  4. Copy and paste the codes from the list provided above and press ‘ENTER‘ to claim your rewards.

Following these steps should lead you through the code redemption process.

How To Get More Codes?

  • Stay updated with the latest codes in Ninja Legends from Scriptbloxian Studios by following them on Twitter (@Scriptbloxian).
  • For additional content and updates, subscribe to Scriptbloxian Studios’ YouTube channel.
  • This page consistently provides the most recent codes, so visit us regularly to stay informed and never miss out on any new codes.

This is everything you require to enhance your Ninja Legends adventure. Access special rewards, excel with Chi, Gems, Soul, and other complimentary items, and take the lead in the game. Follow the instructions, input the provided codes, and embark on your path to in-game supremacy!

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