Palworld: Egg Seems A Little Cold [How To Fix]

With more than 8 hours spent perfecting incubation, this is my take on how to make cold eggs feel more comfortable.

After you get your first boss kill and unlock the world of incubation, you will probably rush to hatch all the eggs you accumulated so far. Some of them may give the message in Palworld that the Egg Seems a little cold. This message hinders the incubation speed and can increase the time it takes for the new Pal to hatch.

Key Takeaways
  • Warm-natured eggs can feel uncomfortable in cold or normal environments in Palworld.
  • Such eggs will display a message that they feel a little bit cold in the incubator.
  • At level 17, you can unlock and build the Heater to make them feel warmer.
  • The eggs will feel comfortable with a heater and hatch 50-100% faster.
  • You can also use the natural environment temperatures to increase incubation speeds.

Be sure to check out eXputer’s video tutorial on warming up eggs if you want a quick and visual guide:

YouTube video

How To Warm Up Eggs In Palworld

Heater in Palworld
Heater heating up a Scorched Egg (Image captured by eXputer)

You can use almost any fire source, such as campfires or Warm Bodies Pals, to warm yourself up. However, for heating sensitive eggs, you need a little more firepower. The best solution for said heating is a heater. You will unlock it at level 17 and must build it near your incubators to get rid of the “Egg seems a little cold” status message in Palworld and get the increased incubation speed advantage.

How To Build The Heater

As previously stated, you must be level 17 and use your technology points to unlock the Heater recipe. You will also need a Pal employed at your base who is proficient with fire, as the Heater needs constant kindling to work. Once unlocked, you will find it in the Infrastructure tab in the build menu.

Items required to build a heater:

  • 20 Ingots.
  • 10 Charcoal pieces.
  • 5 Flame Organs.

My Tips For Hatching Eggs Faster

Scorching Egg Seems Cold Palworld
A very uncomfortable Scoring Egg (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

Naturally, all the egg-hatching has made me a master of husbandry in Palworld. My best advice is to use the character thermometer to your advantage. For example, Scorching eggs will hatch rather fast at Obsidian Mountain, while Damp eggs will do better near beaches. Consequently, build incubators both inside and outside your base and use the night-time coldness to your advantage.

That concludes my guide on how to fix the Egg, which seems a little cold in Palworld. I recommend checking out the guide on how to breed in Palworld to get even more eggs; you can try your luck at hatching.

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