Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown: Scrapper’s Location

Here is everything that you need to know about the Scrapper's location!

There are three types of currencies that you can use in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown. Xerxes is an ancient currency that is not used by any of the shops except one. The Scrapper is the only shopkeeper that uses Xerxes and gives you very useful items. That is why you must know Scrapper’s location in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown.

Key Takeaways
  • The Scrapper is one of the shopkeepers in Prince of Persia the Lost Crown.
  • You can pay him using Xerxes in exchange for items.
  • He can be found in the Depths right next to the Citadel Elevator. 
  • His shop includes 4 items, Lost Key, Starving Heart Amulet, Eye of Destiny Amulet, and Evil-Eye Amulet.

Scrapper’s Location

location 1
Following the Old Man will make you fall and see the Scrapper go through a door. [Image credits: eXputer]
The Scrapper is located in the Depths right next to the Citadel Elevator. However, the elevator is inaccessible to you if you haven’t reached the depths before. The easiest way to reach the Scrapper is after you have progressed the story and fallen into the Depths. 

location 2
Water slides room filled with spike traps. [Image credits: eXputer]
  1. Acid-Filled Room: After talking to the Old Man just follow him and when you fall into the acid-filled room you will see the Scrapper
  2. Scrapper’s Shortcut: The door he walks through is closed from the other side so you must go around it to open it. 
  3. Water Slides Room: Go to the far left and enter the room with the water slides.
  4. Tree Room: Avoid the spikes and once you reach the bottom go to the right side to access the tree.
  5. Lower Path: From the tree run towards the right and drop down. From there go to the right room through the lower path.
  6. Teleporter Room: When you reach the right room there will be two paths. Take the upper one to reach the teleporter room.
  7. Scrapper’s Shop: Once you get there go up and you will find a door in the wall where you can access the Scrapper’s Shop.
prince of persia the lost crown scrapper's location
The door leads to the Scrapper. [Image credits: eXputer]

Important: The lower path in the room right to the tree leads to the elevator. You must go around that path to unlock the elevator which then connects to the Haven.

Scrapper’s Shop Items

scrapper's items
Scrapper’s Items [Image credits: eXputer]
The Scrapper only accepts Xerxes and will not accept any other type of payment method. His wares are quite useful and can help you in different situations depending on whatever you buy. Following are the items you can buy from him:

  • The Lost Key (3 Xerxes)
  • Starving Heart Amulet (4 Xerxes)
  • Evil-eye Amulet (3 Xerxes)
  • Eye of Destiny Amulet (3 Xerxes)

My Take On The Scrapper

Although Xerxes are hard to find and are in very short amounts the items sold by the Scrapper are worth the extra effort. The Lost Key unlocks a hidden area that you can access with the help of the elevator. The amulets are also very useful. Eye of Destiny Amulet allows you to see an enemy’s health bar once you hit it. The other amulets are also useful but have some consequences of using. That is why you must know the Scrapper’s location in Prince of Persia the Lost Crown.


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