Rainbow Six Siege Best SMGs [180+ Hours Experience]

After playing for over 180 hours, here are the Best SMG to use and win the round.

There are about 19 different SMGs in Rainbow Six Siege, and it’s pretty tough to tell which is best when defending the site with the Best Defenders. Knowing the best weapon can be pretty useful for Roamers and Anchors altogether. 

Key Takeaways
  • SMGs in Rainbow Six Siege serve as primary weapons for several defenders.
  • There are about 19 different SMGs in Rainbow Six Siege.
  • SMGs offer a balance between maneuverability, fire rate, and damage
  • Typically, SMGs excel in short to medium-range gun fights.

Best SMG In Rainbow Six Siege Summary

Here’s the summary of the Best SMG in Rainbow Six Siege:

S.NoSMGOperatorDamage (Suppressed)Fire RateMobilityCapacity
19mm C1Frost36 (36)5755034
2MP5KRecruit (Defend Only)
30 (25)8005030
26 (21)8305030

3. MPX

Most Versatile SMG.
MPX SMG in the loadout of Valkyrie [Image by eXputer]
Operators Damage (Suppressed) Fire Rate Mobility Capacity
26 (21) 830 50 30
  • Why I Choose This: Its versatile performance across operators, balanced attributes, and adaptability in various combat scenarios despite its slightly lower damage output make it one of the Best SMGs in Rainbow Six Siege.

The MPX resembles the MP5 but trades some damage for a faster rate of fire. Like the MP5 versions, hitting headshots is crucial in gunfights due to its lower damage output. Yet, it compensates with minimal recoil and a solid rate of fire. I have been able to use MPX very well in various situations.

  • Low recoil.
  • Moderately fast rate of fire.
  • Low damage output.

2. MP5K

Balanced SMG.
MP5k SMG in the loadout of Mute [Image by eXputer]
Operators Damage (Suppressed) Fire Rate Mobility Capacity
Recruit (Defend Only)
30 (25) 800 50 30
  • Why I Choose This: I chose the MP5K for its balanced traits — moderate damage, high fire rate, good mobility, and decent magazine size, despite the absence of a grip attachment.

The MP5K shares functional similarities with its larger counterpart, the MP5. It boasts a similar rate of fire and nearly identical recoil, albeit with slightly higher damage. Despite its good controllability, the gun’s limitation lies in its inability to equip a grip, which affects its overall strength.

  • High damage per shot.
  • Moderate rate of fire.
  • Minimal recoil.
  • No useable grips.
  • Severe damage reduction over distance.

1. 9mm C1

Highest Damage Dealing SMG.
9mm C1
9mm C1 SMG in the loadout of Frost [Image by eXputer]
Operators Damage (Suppressed) Fire Rate Mobility Capacity
Frost 36 (36) 575 50 34
  • Why I Choose This: With its low recoil, ample magazine capacity, and effectiveness in medium to long-range combat, the 9mm C1 is the Best SMG you can choose out there in Rainbow Six Siege because of its high damage output.

The 9mm C1 has an unusually slow fire rate of 575 rounds per minute. Yet, it compensates for this with low recoil and high damage of 45 per round.

I find its stability effective for medium to long-range combat, but its slower fire rate can be challenging for close-range encounters. Moreover, it boasts an above-average magazine size. 

  • Low recoil.
  • High damage per shot.
  • High magazine capacity.
  • Quick Reload.
  • Low rate of fire.

Honorable Mentions

While there are some other good SMGs too, I didn’t mention them due to specific reasons:

  • Vector .45 ACP: It has a high rate of fire, however, its drawback can come from its low magazine and damage drop-off.
  • P10 RONI: With low recoil and a high rate of fire, it’s great for close-to-medium-range combat, but its small magazine capacity and low damage per shot can be drawbacks.
  • P90: Ideal for short-range combat, this weapon offers a high-fire rate to compensate for its moderate damage per shot.

My Thoughts On The Best SMG

As a defender, you only have access to SMG most of the time. If you do not care about the utility, I think the Best SMG would be 9mm C1 to win most gunfights. Moreover, with Frost’s balanced speed and health, you’ll have no problem most of the time.

Not only does 9mm C1 have low recoil, but it also has one of the highest damage outputs with high magazine capacity, which makes it the deadliest SMG for a Defender. Read the Best Attackers in Rainbow Six Siege and get the victory over defenders.


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