Risk of Rain Returns: How To Unlock Artifact Of Command

Unlock the Artifact of Command to customize your character's artifacts with item boxes!

The Artifact of Command is a highly sought-after Artifact in Risk of Rain Returns, providing the freedom to customize your build by transforming items into selectable boxes that match your build.

Key Takeaways
  • The Artifact of Command in Risk of Rain Returns lets you customize your build by choosing items from boxes.
  • To unlock the Artifact of Command, reach the Hive Cluster map and head to the top-right corner.
  • With the Artifact of Comand, items no longer appear randomly; instead, they are presented in boxes of different rarities.
  • You can select one item from these boxes, allowing you to tailor your character’s loadout.

How To Unlock Artifact Of Command

Climbing the Pink Vines
Climbing the Pink Vines [Image by Me]
You can find the Artifact of Command in the Hive Cluster map in Risk of Rain Returns.

It is one of the two potential level four maps, the other being the Magma Barracks, where the Artifact of Sacrifice is located in Risk of Rain Returns. When you encounter the Hive Cluster, it may have two different variations in Risk of Rain Returns. It can either contain the Bloated Survivor or the Artifact of Command.

You can find the Artifact of Command in the top right corner of the area in the game. To reach it, you’ll need to jump across and climb the pink vines hanging from the top of the level. These vines will disappear and reappear periodically, but you can still jump across and hold onto them even when they are not visible.

  1. Climb up the pink vine on the right to reach the platform that contains the Artifact of Command.
  2. Alternatively, you can jump, teleport, or use your jetpack to grab onto the vines above.
  3. Keep moving to the right by jumping and holding onto the vines.
  4. Once you reach the rightmost platform, you can unlock the Artifact of Command.

How Does The Artifact Of Command Work?

Selecting the Artifact of Command
Selecting the Artifact of Command [Image by Me]
With the Artifact of Command in play, items will no longer appear randomly but will be presented in boxes of different rarities:

  • White boxes for Common items
  • Green boxes for Uncommon items
  • Red boxes for Rare items
  • Orange boxes for Equipment

When you spend money to unlock a box, an interface appears, displaying all the items of that rarity. You can select one item, and it will drop as usual in Risk of Rain Returns. I advise you to clear your surroundings when opening these boxes, as the interface cannot be closed once it’s open, requiring you to make your selection quickly. You might die if you don’t make your selection, possibly within 10 seconds if you are on your initial rounds in Risk of Rain Returns.

That’s it on how to unlock the Artifact on Command. I suggest you opt for the Artifact of Sacrifice next, as it will get rid of the chest, and the items will be dropped when you kill an enemy.

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