Risk Of Rain Returns Direseeker [Location + How To Defeat]

Here is all you need to know about Direseeker, where to find him, and how to defeat it!

Risk of Rain Returns has a few hidden bosses that you cannot find by the usual means. The Direseeker is one of such hidden bosses in Risk of Rain Returns. The Direseeker is just a bigger Elder Lemurian with more health and damage than regular ones. It is a relatively simple boss to fight, and if you know how to deal with the normal Elder Lemurian, then it is a piece of cake. 

Key Takeaways
  • Direseeker is one of the hidden bosses that can be found in Risk of Rain Returns.
  • You can find the boss in the Magma Barracks on the right side of the map.
  • Using ranged characters can make the boss very easy to defeat.
  • Defeating the Direseeker will unlock Miner in Risk of Rain Returns.

Where To Find The Direseeker

The Tunnel in Magma Barracks that leads to Direseeker [Image by me]
Direseeker can be located in the Magma Barracks in a hidden area connected with a magma-filled tunnel.

Magma Barracks is the fourth stage in the game. You can find many different types of enemies here. Usually, to fight an area boss, you need to start the teleporter. The Direseeker is a special boss and cannot be spawned by turning the teleporter on. 

Following are the steps you need to follow to find the boss:

  1. Once you spawn at the Magma Barracks, run to the right edge of the map.
  2. Drop down to the lowest level of that area, just above the lava
  3. When you see a tunnel at the bottom of the edge of the map on the right side, enter it.
  4. Reach the end as fast as you can to find the boss. 

Important: The Direseeker is a chance encounter. Hence, you can only find it if RNG is on your side. Sometimes, the tunnel can be found, but other times, when you find the tunnel, you might not find the boss itself. 

How To Defeat Direseeker

Fighting the Direseeker [Image by me]
To defeat the Direseeker the easiest, you need a long-ranged character and shoot it from afar.

As mentioned earlier, Direseeker is just a bigger Elder Lemurian with more health and higher damage. You can defeat it fairly easily with any character you want. But it also has a larger AOE of its attacks. So, melee characters like Acrid or Mercenary can die much more easily. The best part about the boss is that no enemies spawn when you are fighting it, so it is even easier.

Here are a few tips that can help you out during the boss fight:

  • Use ranged characters to fight the boss to avoid getting damaged. 
  • You will already be damaged by the lava trying to reach the area, so it is better to be at a distance.
  • Keep healing items on you when you are playing as a melee character. 

My Thoughts

The Direseeker is very easy since it is just a bigger version of a regular enemy. There is no right or wrong way of defeating the boss. You need to keep a distance from the boss and keep shooting the boss. Ranged characters like Bandit or Pilot work great against the boss. This way, you can defeat Direseeker without even taking a single hit in Risk of Rain Returns. Defeating the Direseeker unlocks Miner, one of the game’s best characters. 

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