Risk Of Rain Returns: All 10 Prism Shards Location

The Prism Shards are hidden at places where you can't even imagine

Risk of Rain Returns has a ton of secrets for players to discover. The Prism Shards are some of these. Locating these Prism Shards is a hard task for players in Risk of Rain Returns.

Before You Start: You’ll need to have the respective character unlocked before you can get their Prism skins.
Key Takeaways
  • A total of 10 Prism Shards have been discovered as of yet.
  • These shards are for Bandit, Commando, Loader, Artificer, Chef, Huntress, Drifter, Acrid and Mercenary.
  • To unlock the shards, players only need to have their characters unlocked.
  • Players will need Artifact of Command to get the high mobility items to get the Prism Shards.

Prism Skins In Risk Of Rain Returns

Prism Skins are some of the rare skins in Risk of Rain Returns that are unlocked by going to hidden parts of some specific stages.

A total of 10 Prism Skins have been discovered as of yet. So, here is where you will find them:

NameStage Name
BanditTutorial Stage
CommandoDesolate Forest
LoaderSky Meadow
ArtificerDrief Lake
ChefSunken Tombs
HuntressMagma Barracks
DrifterAncient Valley
AcridBoar Beach
Acrid Final Stage
MercenaryFinal Stage

Bandit – Tutorial Stage

The Bandit’s Prism skin is the easiest to get. To get it, you will need to play the tutorial. For that, head to Settings and then to Controls. There should be a Tutorial button. Click on it and enter the Tutorial.

Once in the tutorial, go to the left side of the Map and climb down the vine. Then, you will have to head to the right side, and the Bandit’s Prism will be right there.

Bandit Prism
The Bandit’s Prism Shard location. [Image by the Author]

Commando – Desolate Forest

The Commando’s prism skin is in the Desolate Forest. To get it, you will first have to head to the top left part of the Map. There will be a vine on the Map. You can check out the image to know where exactly it is.

Risk of rain returns commando prism.
The Commando’s Prism shard is hidden on the Desolate Forest map. [Image by the Author]
Once you make it there, go down the vine, and you’ll come across a tall room. Keep heading down from the vine, and you will be in another room, which will be smaller. The Commando’s Prism is located in that room.

Loader – Sky Meadow

Up next is the Loader’s Prism shard that you will see on the Sky Meadow map. You will have to get to the specific point as shown in the picture. There is a passage there, but you will have to unlock it. For that, you will have to get a Parent Monster to use its ground slam attack on this specific position. Once they do that, you can then go inside the passage.

Loader prism
Unlock the passage by getting a Parent monster to slam on it. [Image by the Author]
Once inside, you will have to jump your way through the platforms. Then, you will have to get to the room above. For that, I’d recommend using the Loader, as it can pull itself up there. Once you’re there, the Prism will appear.

risk of rain returns prism.
You’ll need high mobility to get to the Prism shard. [Image by the Author]

Artificer – Dried Lake

Artificer’s Prism Skin is located on the Dried Lake map. It is quite hard to get, and you will have to use your parkour skills for it. First of all, you will have to get to the Fisherman’s skeleton. For that, head to the top left part of the Map and jump through the jump pads to get there. Once on the platform, fall down out of the Map.

Artificer Prism
You will first have to fall off the map. [Image by the Author]
Once you’re down, move to the right side while jumping up and down. As there will be no indication of where to go, you will just have to keep moving to the left side while jumping. After a while, you’ll find the Prism shard there. Pick up the Artificer’s shard.

risk of rain returns artificer prism.
Jump up and down to get to the Prism shard. [Image by the Author]

Chef – Sunken Tombs

Lastly, for the Cook’s Prism skin, you won’t have to find the Prism shard. Instead, you will have to locate one hidden boss in the game and ‘Cook’ it up. I am talking about the Acrid. You will have to locate the Acrid on the Sunken Tombs stage. Fight with it until it is low in health. Then, use the Cook ability on the Acrid to unlock the Chef’s unique skin.

Chef Prism./
Kill the Acrid with the ‘Cook’ ability to get the Prism Skin. [Image by the Author]

Huntress – Magma Barracks

At the Magma Barracks, the Huntress Prism is hidden on the bottom right side of the map. To get there, you will have to get to the passage, as shown in the picture. Once inside, jump down and keep going ahead. There will be a room with a rope going up. Climb on it, and you will find the Prism there.

Risk of rain returns huntress prism location.
The prism shard is hidden on the bottom right side of the map. [Image by the Author]

Drifter – Ancient Valley

For the Drifter, you will have to go to the Ancient Valley. The hint for the variant is that it will have a long bridge on top with no gaps. Head to the left side of the Map and climb on top of the platforms. You will have to get on the platform that is the longest one. If you can’t figure out which one it is, you can check out the picture below.

drifter prism
Jump off the longest platform. [Image by the Author]
Once there, jump across to the right side. Make sure that your character has good mobility. Hopoo Feathers and other such items seem to help a lot here. Once you make it to the other side, you will have to get on the platform with the snowman. For that, again, use all your mobility abilities. When you reach it, walk across to get the Drifter’s Prism.

Risk of rain returns drifter prism location.
The Prism appears once you cross the Snowman. [Image by the Author]

Acrid – Boar Beach

While you’re on the Ancient Valley, make sure that you stay there because the Acrid’s Prism Shard is also on the same stage but at a secret location. To get there, you will first have to get to the top left side of the Map. Using the jump. When you’re there, press and hold the Up key to get to the secret stage, Boar Beach.

Acrid Prism.
Reach the boar beach to the the Acrid skin. [Image by the Author]
On Boar Beach, go to the left side of the Map and climb down the vines. There will be an Environmental Log. But we’re not after that. To get the Prism Skin, you will have to keep going to the right side from here. Make sure to keep on jumping on the rocks as you may fall down. The Prism is on the end of the parkour track.

Acrid – Final Stage

The Acrid’s Prism skin is located in the Final Stage, Risk of Rain. In that stage, you will first have to locate the Keycard. Once you’ve done so, go to the Cabin on the Map, and you will have to climb up to the small tunnel. Keep heading inside, and the Prism will be located ahead of you. If you have trouble locating the exact location, you can check the directions in the image below.

Acrid prism skin risk of rain returns.
The Acrid’s second Prism skin is in the final stage. [Image by the Author]

Mercenary – Final Stage

Up next is the Mercenary’s Prism skin. For that, start from the Cabin on the Final Stage and drop down to a hidden passage. It is the same location where you find the Robomando. Keep jumping ahead till you come to the point where you insert the batteries. Once you’re there, jump to the two platforms ahead, and the Prism will appear in front of you.

Mercenary prism shard location risk of rain returns.
The Mercenary’s Prism shard is located next to the Robomando’s unlock location. [Image by the Author]

My Thoughts

That is all there is to the Prism skins in Risk of Rain Returns. Now, according to Steamcommunity, Prism shards are quite hard to find, but that is an achievement that I, for one, am excited to achieve, so I got to work. Locating these skins in unique nooks and crooks where you won’t ever imagine them is quite interesting, and the whole game, Risk of Rain Returns, is filled with secrets, like the Hidden Event Bosses.

While you’re at it, check out Asad Ahmed’s review on Risk of Rain Returns. The Artifact of Glass is a powerful artifact that can give extra flavor to the game. Furthermore, you can check out how to unlock the Ancient Scepter.

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