Risk of Rain Returns Chef [Unlock, Abilities & Best Items]

Here is a comprehensive guide on how to Unlock the Chef with his Abilities and Best Items in Risk of Rain Returns.

The Chef is one of the Best Characters in Risk of Rain Returns. He is difficult to unlock as you need specific items to unlock the Chef in Risk of Rain Returns. As the items are acquired randomly, there is a trick for you to unlock the him even in the first stage.

Key Takeaways
  • The Chef is unlocked in Risk of Rain Returns by acquiring the following items in a single run:
    1. Bustling Fungus
    2. Bitter Root
    3. Foreign Fruit
    4. Meat Nugget
    5. Sprouting Egg
  • Acquiring Artifact of Command makes it easier to unlock the Chef.
  • The Chef throws Cleavers at enemies that return like a boomerang.
  • His ability, ‘Second Helping,’ enhances the next skill that you use.

How To Unlock Chef

To unlock all of the characters in Risk of Rain Returns, players have to perform certain tasks. Regarding the Chef, you must collect different items in a single playthrough to unlock.

Here is the list of those items:

  • Bustling Fungus
  • Bitter Root
  • Foreign Fruit
  • Meat Nugget
  • Sprouting Egg

You will get these items randomly while going through different worlds. There is no pattern on when and where you’ll find them. If you go on with the random method, there’s no surety when or if you will gain all of these items in a single run.

For that, you can get the Artifact of Command. The artifact of Command will let you command which item you will get from the chests. That means you can select one of the five listed items and use that to get the Chef.

Chef acquired.
The Chef in Risk of Rain Returns. [Image by the Author]

Getting Artifact Of Command

To get the Artifact of Command, you must reach the Hive Cluster Map. In the map, the Artifact of Command is located in the Top right corner. To get there, you will have to go up the pink gooey vines. From there, head right, and there will be invisible vines. Jump through them till you get to the Artifact of Command.

Artifact of Command.
The Artifact of Command’s location. [Image by the Author]
When the run ends, while selecting the character, make sure to select Artifact of Command. That will give you command over what item to get from the chests. Use that to get your desired items, for now, the items that unlock the Chef in Risk of Rain Returns.

When you have acquired all of the items for the Chef, you can either continue with your run or die. I’d suggest dying because, by now, you might have missed out on the best build for the character you’re playing with. When you leave, you will then have an unlocked Chef.

Chef Abilities

Before I get to the skills, here are the Chef’s stats:

Character NameHPHP RegenDamageAttack SpeedArmor
Chef115 HP [+35/LVL]2.6/Sec12 [+3/LVL]1250 [+3/LVL]

The Chef, like other characters, has four skills. These are:

  1. Dice
  2. Sear
  3. Glaze
  4. Second Helping

1. Dice

The first skill of the Chef is called Dice. It is the basic attack or skill you’ll use most in your runs. You must press the Left mouse button or Z while using it. The Chef throws Cleaver toward ‘customers.’ It deals 100% of the Chef’s damage and returns back like a boomerang.

first ability of chef.
Dice is the 1st ability. [Image by the Author]
When you upgrade it using the Second Helping skill, it is renamed to Mince. When using Mince, the Chef will throw 9 Cleavers in a circle. Each of these cleavers deals 100% damage, making it perfect for when you’re surrounded by enemies while fighting the bosses.

2. Sear

The second skill is called Sear. As the name suggests, the Chef launches fire toward the ‘customers.’ The ability then Sears the enemies with 260% damage until they turn ‘Golden Brown.’ The skill knocks them back, giving you more space to reposition yourself.

second ability.
The second ability is named Sear. [Image by the Author]
If you use the Second Helping skill, it turns into ‘Blaze.’ With the Blaze, the Chef launches high-temperature flames towards the enemies and deals 420% damage to them. The upgrade increases the knockback range, too.

3. Glaze

The Chef’s third skill is called Glaze. Upon using it, the chef will throw oil on the ground. It slows any enemy that gets hit. He deals 78% damage to them while stunning them.

The third ability.
The third ability, Glaze. [Image by the Author]
With the upgrade from Second Helping, the skill is now called Marinate. Now, the duration in which the Chef throws oil is increased. While the damage and stun duration remain the same.

4. Second Helping

Second Helping is the final skill of the Chef. When using it, it enhances the next skill that you’ll use. If you re-use the Skill again, it will enhance or boost the next two skills that you’ll use.

Chef ability unlock risk of rain retruns
The fourth ability, Second Helping. [Image by the Author]
Players can use it in different combinations. You can use it twice to enhance the next two skills. And then, I’d suggest using the now-upgraded Glaze. While the enemies are stunned, use upgraded Dice or Minced ability. That will clear almost all of the enemies surrounding you.

Best Items For Chef

While playing with the Chef, remember that the basic attacks are your move. These hit enemies twice, and unlike most Characters’ attacks, the attacks don’t stop on one hit. Instead, they go from one enemy to the next. Keeping it in mind, I’d recommend items that enhance the Chef’s attack speed and basic attack damage.

chef best items risk of rain returns unlock.
Items in Risk of Rain Returns. [Image by the Author]
Here are the items that you should look for in your runs:

  • Soldier’s Syringe
  • Brilliant Behemoth
  • Predatory Instincts
  • Prescriptions
  • Warbanner

My Thoughts On The Chef

After you unlock the Chef, you’ll learn he is quite an interesting character in Risk of Rain Returns. His attacks are slow in the beginning, not dealing as much damage, but when you get a few of the Soldier’s Syringes and Brilliant Behemoth, he becomes quite deadly. He is easily one of the best characters in Risk of Rain Returns, with a strong following.

While you’re at it, consider reading the guide on Acrid. He is as interesting as the Chef because, unlike most characters, Acrid focuses on Melee attacks. Bandit is another deadly character in Risk of Rain Returns. 

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