Risk Of Rain Returns: Pilot [Unlock, Skills, Best Items]

Master the airborne combat skills with with exceptional mobility of the Pilot with the Best items.

The Pilot is part of three additional survivors, joining the franchise as a new character alongside the Drifter in Risk of Rain Returns. Unique for his exceptional mobility, the Pilot can fight enemies while in the air and smoothly navigate out of tough situations.

Key Takeaways
  • The Pilot, a new addition to Risk of Rain Returns, excels in aerial combat, attacking enemies while airborne with exceptional mobility.
  • Obtain the Pilot by collecting 15 Monster Logs by defeating monsters on Rainstorm or Monsoon difficulty settings.

Build the Pilot survivor with these items:

  • Soldier’s Syringe
  • Lens Maker’s Glasses
  • Backup Magazine
  • Harvester’s Scythe
  • Predatory Instincts

Who Is Pilot In Risk of Rain Returns

Playing as Pilot in Risk of Rain Returns
Playing as Pilot [Image by Me]
The Pilot is one of the two freshly introduced Survivors in Risk of Rain Returns

With the unique skills of deploying a parachute, the Pilot can take flight across the battlefield, attacking enemies safely from above. The Pilot is considered an accessible Survivor to learn initially, yet mastering the character’s abilities requires skill and practice, offering significant rewards for those who do so.

How To Unlock Pilot

Monster Logs
Monster Logs [Image by Me]
To unlock the Pilot in Risk of Rain Returns, you must gather 15 Monster Logs. Defeating monsters during your gameplay offers a chance to obtain these logs, which you can accumulate as you progress through the run.

Important: Monster Logs won’t drop in the lowest difficulty, Drizzle. They are available on Rainstorm or Monsoon difficulty settings in Risk of Rain Returns.

Starting directly on Monsoon might be challenging unless you’re confident or playing with a larger group. Patience is key here. Once you’ve collected 15 Monster Logs, you’ll notice the character unlocked and ready for selection in your subsequent runs in Risk of Rain Returns.

Default Skills

Default Skills
Default Skills [Image by Me]
The Pilot’s skills are truly remarkable, enabling attacks not just from the ground but also from mid-air. Once you’ve understood this playstyle, progressing through levels and defeating enemies becomes notably easier in Risk of Rain Returns.

ClusterfireFire weapon for 95% damage. Every third hit pierces and deals 190% damage.
Target Acquired!Shoot diagonally upward for 3x115% damage. If airborne, shoot downward instead. Hold to fire continuously.
Rapid DeploymentLaunch into the air, stunning enemies and activating a parachute. If airborne, launch forwards instead.
AirstrikeDash backward, leaving a bomb that knocks enemies into the air for 150% damage. Can trigger multiple times. If airborne, dash upwards and drop a bomb directly below instead.

Unlockable Skills

All Unlockable Skills
All Unlockable Skills [Image by Me]
Rapid FireRapidly fire weapon for 75% damage.Kill 30 enemies after launching them using Airstrike.
AerobaticsDash forwards, briefly becoming invincible. Can latch onto and climb walls upon dashing into one.Complete the Providence Trial "Race to the Finish!".
Aerial SupportMark an enemy in front of you, launching an airstrike for 10x120% damage over time.Kill 10 enemies without touching the ground or geysers.

Best Items For Pilot

Item Selection
Item Selection [Image by Me]
The Pilot possesses naturally high attack speed, particularly when using his alternate Primary skill, Rapid Fire. Consequently, items with on-hit effects become remarkably powerful as they frequently trigger in Risk of Rain Returns.

ItemDescriptionWhy It's Good for Pilot
Soldier's SyringeIncreases attack speed by 12%.Increases total damage output and the likelihood of activating on-hit effects.
Lens Maker's GlassesYour attacks have a 10% chance to Critically Strike, dealing double damage.Enhances overall damage and the probability of triggering Harvester's Scythe.
Backup MagazineAdd +1 charge of your Secondary skill.Provides additional charges for Target Acquired, elevating ground and aerial damage overall.
Harvester's ScytheGain 5% Critical Chance. Critical Strikes heal you for 8 health.Increases overall damage while enhancing survivability.
Predatory InstinctsGain 5% Critical Chance. Critical Strikes increase attack speed by 10%, up to 30%.Increases total damage output.

My Take On Pilot 

The Pilot can be unlocked by just playing, but mastering the pilot is no easy task as he’s a survivor with mobility. Don’t be discouraged when you die as with enough runs, you can also win one with Pilot. You can also try Loader who is probably the Best Character in Risk of Rain Returns.


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