Risk of Rain Returns: Top 4 Best Characters

Discover the best characters with unique abilities and playstyles that can enhance your survival and progression

In Risk of Rain Returns, there are 15 characters in total. Out of these, 12 are characters that veteran Risk of Rain fans will recall from the original game released in 2013.

Key Takeaways
  • There are 15 characters in Risk of Rain Returns, with 12 returning from the original game.
  • Characters in Risk of Rain Returns are ranked based on their abilities and playstyle, with distinct strengths and weaknesses.
  • Having the best characters can increase team synergy, crucial for survival and progression in Risk of Rain Returns.
  • If the character doesn’t match your playstyle, you may struggle to deal with increasingly difficult enemies and challenges.
Why Trust Us: Arham has spent over 13 hours playing Risk of Rain Returns, so you can easily trust him to list character information and their ranking accurately.

Best Characters In Risk of Rain Returns Compared

Here is the summary of the top four Characters in Risk of Rain Returns:

MinerClose-range fighter, berserker-styleModerate
EnforcerPowerful but slow, ranged attackChallenging
PilotAerial combatant, long-range fighterEasy
LoaderClose-range fighter, high damage outputModerate

4. Miner – Berserker-Style Brawler

Miner [Image by Me]
The Miner is a close-range fighter with a berserker-style approach. He can increase his damage output with the ability to fire himself. However, you need to manage the heat generated by your primary ability along with your skill usage to ensure you spend more time in a scorching state, which is crucial for survival.

The Miner specializes in crowd control. While his attacks can be used against individual targets, they truly shine when facing large groups of enemies because they deal damage equally to all foes within their range. This makes the Miner exceptionally effective at clearing out hordes of enemies rather than dealing with them one by one.


  • Berserker playstyle
  • Crowd control expertise


  • Heat management required

Read our full guide on Miner.

3. Enforcer – Tactical Guardian

Enforcer [Image by Me]
The Enforcer is a powerful yet relatively slow character in Risk of Returns. By using Shield Slam or Shield Tackle, you can effectively push back and keep enemies at a safe distance. It’s important to employ Protect and Serve near walls to block any attempts by enemies to flank you.

Staying alive as an Enforcer can be challenging because of his limited mobility. The primary method for the Enforcer to inflict damage is through the use of the Riot Shotgun. Although this attack is slow, it’s a ranged ability capable of hitting multiple enemies simultaneously.


  • Powerful attacks
  • Crowd control capabilities


  • Limited mobility
  • Relies on slow-paced Riot Shotgun

2. Pilot – Best Ranger

Pilot [Image by Me]
The Pilot is an aerial combatant who specializes in delivering damage from the skies. His weapons have a powerful recoil, and his ability to quickly deploy a parachute allows him to ascend high into the air, preparing for a precise Airstrike.

The Pilot in Risk of Rain Returns brings a fresh twist with a knack for aerial combat. His primary move, Clusterfire, is a fire weapon, which, with every third hit, deals significant damage to the enemy.


  • Aerial combat specialization
  • Precision Airstrike with Clusterfire


  • Recoil from powerful weapons

1. Loader – Best DPS and Tank

Loader [Image by Me]
The Loader is a close-range fighter who inflicts significant damage and possesses a distinct ability. The Hydraulic Gauntlet serves for swift repositioning to separate yourself or get close to your enemy over a distance.

Moreover, the Debris Shield skill offers 2 seconds of invincibility, which means you won’t take any damage during that brief period of time. However, the speed boost it provides is quite short and only occurs for a very brief moment at the beginning of those 2 seconds.


  • High DPS and Tank
  • Swift repositioning with Hydraulic Gauntlet
  • Brief invincibility with Debris Shield


  • Short-lived speed boost

My Take On Best Characters 

risk of rain returns hours in steam
My total hours count in Risk of Rain Returns on Steam

Having spent over 13+ hours and 55+ hours on its predecessor, Risk of Rain 2, I believe the loader is an OP character to pick if you want your run to go smoothly.

With high damage, mobility, and being a tank, the Loader is one of the best options to choose from. However, it still comes down to personal preference and playstyle for a fun run to complete.

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