Risk of Rain Returns: Lynx Totem [Boss Guide]

Here is all you need to know about Lynx Totem, his abilities and how to defeat him.

Lynx Totem is one of the new bosses added in Risk of Rain Returns. It can be a formidable foe for both new and old players. Its move set is similar to Colossus, but it is not as easy of a boss. It can be tough to beat if you do not know what to do.

Key Takeaways
  • Lynx Totem is the latest addition to the pantheon of bosses in Risk of Rain Returns.
  • It has three abilities: Stomp, Summon, and Terrain change. 
  • Using ranged characters like Commando and Bandit is the best strategy against Lynx Totem.
  • The best way to deal with it is by attacking from a higher altitude and evading the Lynx Tribesmen as much as possible.

Lynx Totem Abilities

Lynx Totem info book in Risk of Rain Returns [Image by me]
First of all, the following are all the stats of a Lynx Totem:

BOSS NAME Lynx Totem
BASE HP 1210
SPEED 18 km/h

The Lynx Totem is also a very slow boss, but that speed is compensated by its summoning. You can outspeed him, but his summons can keep up with you easily. He has three abilities.

The following are the abilities of Lynx Totem:

  • Stomp: It is a simple stomp attack and is the only physical attack of the Totem.
  • Summon Tribesmen: Lynx Totem can summon Lynx Tribesmen, which are small enemies that move very fast, unlike the Colossus’ Rock Golems.
  • Change Terrain: The Totem has a special ability that allows him to change the terrain. It makes small stones on the ground, which can stop you while you are trying to make an escape. 

How To Defeat Lynx Totem

risk of rain returns lynx totem
Lynx of Totem summoning Tribesmen [Image by me]
You need to find a place with a higher altitude from where you can hit the Lynx Totem to defeat it.

The Lynx Totem, just like the Colossus, cannot Jump over small ledges. That is exactly why you can defeat it in the same way as the Colossus. However, the Lynx Tribesmen summons of the Totem is much faster than the Rock Golems. They can also jump over surfaces which makes Lynx Totem a much harder boss. 

  1. Use ranged characters, like Commando or Bandit, so that you can shoot from a high altitude
  2. Try to distance yourself from the boss in a way that it cannot reach you. 
  3. If the Tribesmen come near you, attack with a stun attack so that they can be killed easily.
  4. Once you are at a higher altitude, keep attacking the totem while keeping the Tribesmen in check. 
  5. If the Tribesmen are overwhelming you, then run away for a minute to kill them first and then attack the Totem.
  6. Keep attacking the Totem, and it will slowly defeat him.

My Thoughts On Lynx Totem

The Lynx Totem is a new boss in Risk of Rain Returns and can be a bit problematic at first and hard to beat. The main thing you need to look out for is the Tribesmen. They can be very annoying as now you fight the boss while managing the new tribesmen horde too. The Totem itself is very easy to deal with, but the Tribesmen are the real trouble.

Characters like Bandit and Commando are a good way to deal with them. Close-range characters like Enforcer or Acrid can also work if you jump on a short ledge. Melee characters with Spite Artifact can also be useful.


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