Risk Of Rain Returns: Artifact Of Glass Location [With Pictures]

In this guide, I explain how to find the Artifact of Glass in Risk of Rain Returns, along with the solution to the puzzle.

What Is Artifact Of Glass In Risk of Rain Returns

The Artifact of Glass allows you to deal 500% damage, but it reduces your HP to 10%. It is hidden in the Ancient Valley.

It isn’t available on all variants. You will have to get one special variant where you will get the Artifact of Glass. When the round the map of Ancient Valley starts, make sure that you get the Frozen Tundra variant.

Now, getting it is tricky. Risk of Rain Returns is all RNG-based. It took me a whopping ten runs to get the required variant. I even skipped the final stage to re-visit older stages for the chance to get the required variant. But still, it took well over ten tries to get to the stage.

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Key Takeaways
  • Artifact of Glass is hidden in the Frozen Tundra variant of the Ancient Valley map.
  • To locate it, head to the bottom left side of the map and start climbing ropes.
  • After climbing a few ropes, there will be a platform with a tunnel.
  • Head inside and shoot at five buttons while making sure not to fall down.
  • A small chime can be heard once successful, and players can go ahead and pick up the Artifact of Glass in Risk of Rain Returns.

Artifact Of Glass Location

Once you get to the Frozen Tundra variant, you will first have to confirm if it is the correct one or not. For that, head over to the leftmost side of the map. There will be a large tunnel. Heading inside, you will find a blocked path. But it will have an Altar on it to show that you’re at the correct spot.

Shrine Location RORR
The Shrine is located at the bottom left side of the map. [Image by the Author]

Pressing The Buttons

So now, you will have to start getting to the Artifact of Glass. For that, climb up the chains and ropes until you see a small opening to a tunnel to your left on one of the smaller platforms. Go inside, and there are five buttons that you have to press by firing at them.

Here’s how it goes:

Buttons location artifact of glass
The first four buttons are rather easy to get. [Image by the Author]
  1. Begin with the first button on the tunnel’s path.
  2. Jump down the platforms, and the second button is left. Make sure that you don’t fall off the platforms.
  3. Drop down, and the third button is right below the second button.
  4. Go right, and the fourth button will be on a platform to the right.
  5. Jump down from the fourth button and jump through the chains to the left to get to the fifth button.

Getting to the fifth button is the hardest. You will have to look for it. That one took me a solid ten tries, and I was about to give up on it. Keep in mind that I was using Huntress without the Hopoo Feather. You can go with Pilot, as his abilities will make it easy for you to make the jumps.

Jump through them, and you will get to the platform for the fifth button and press it. Using the Best Controls for the Risk of Rain Returns makes the jumps a lot easier.

artifact of glass location risk of rain returns how to unlock
The fifth button requires you to perform some serious parkour. [Image by the Author]
When you’ve successfully pressed all of the buttons, there will be a small chime. That will show that you have completed the task. You can now jump down to get the Artifact of Glass on the Altar in Risk of Rain Returns.

Best Artifact Of Glass Build

The Artifact of Glass reduces Health by 10% while increasing damage by 500%. So, you will have to look for items that increase the attack speed of the already high attack damage. With that, look for items that increase the healing speed. Here are a few items that I would suggest for the Best Artifact of Glass Build:

  • Infusion
  • Tough Times
  • Guardian’s Health
  • Dio’s Best Friend
  • Mysterious Vial
  • Soldier’s Syringe
  • Mocha

The Artifact of Glass gives a new flavor to the vanilla game. It is perfect for players who don’t find the game challenging, even at the highest difficulty. It is no use building Health items like the Bitter Root as they will only give 10% of the original effect. Furthermore, according to this Steam Community Post, Health is limited to 1,000 max, unlike its other variant in Risk of Rain 1.

While you’re at it, give a read to the Artifact of Command in Risk of Rain Returns. You can check out the Risk of Rain Returns character guides on the Engineer, Loader, and Enforcer, among many others. Furthermore, there is a guide on how to beat Judgement Tiral in Risk of Rain Returns. That’s not all, and you will find a guide on All Risk of Rain Returns Bosses.

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