Risk of Rain Returns: Best Controls [Controller & Keyboard]

Learn all you need to know about the Risk of Rain Returns Controls and how you can adjust them according to your preferences.

The control scheme is something that can make or break the experience in a game. Luckily, you can change these controls to your liking. Since there are various players, I have written this guide on Risk of Rain Returns’ best controls so you can jump right into playing it without any worry.

Key Takeaways
  • The controls in Risk of Rain Returns can be adjusted according to the player’s preferences, namely Classic, Modern, and Risk of Rain 2 inspired. 
  • The Risk of Rain 2-inspired layout uses a combination of Keyboard and Mouse.
  • The Classic and Modern layouts only use the keyboard.
  • There are also multiple accessibility options to choose from, such as Auto Jump or Rapid Fire. 
  • It is worth noting these layouts can be mixed and matched, depending on how you like to play.

Keyboard And Mouse Controls

Risk of Rain Returns Best Controls
Layout for Keyboard and Mouse. [Image by me]

For players who play on keyboard and mouse, there are some options you can choose from. I believe that these are the best controls. This layout is recommended for players who are familiar with the default controls of Risk of Rain 2. It uses a combination of keyboard and mouse.

Here are the Risk of Rain Returns controls:

Primary SkillLeft Mouse Button
Secondary SkillRight Mouse Button
Utility SkillShift
Special Skill R
Activate EquipmentQ
Swap EquipmentF
Info ScreenTab

Best KBM Layout

Risk of Rain Returns Best Controls
Layout for Keyboard only. [Screenshot by me]

For returning players to Risk of Rain who only prefer to play on their keyboards, this is the best control layout:

Primary SkillJ
Secondary SkillK
Utility SkillL
Special Skill ;
Activate EquipmentU
Swap EquipmentQ
Info ScreenTab

Playstation Controller Controls

Risk of Rain Returns Best Controls
Layout for the PlayStation controller. [Image by me]

For players who prefer playing on a controller, it is worth noting that the movement is controlled with the d-pad. Here are the recommended settings:

Primary SkillR1
Secondary SkillR2
Utility SkillL1
Special SkillL2
Activate EquipmentCircle
Swap EquipmentTriangle
Info ScreenR3

Accessibility Options

All the accessibility options in Risk of Rain Returns. [Screenshot by me]

Other than the basic controls, there are plenty of accessibility options that can aid you with your experience.

The accessibility options included in Risk of Rain Returns are:

  • Rapid Fire
  • Auto Jump
  • Up to jump
  • Hold Swap
  • Controls on HUD
  • Mini Health HUD
  • Mini Skill HUD

These options can be toggled on or off, depending on your preferences. 

My Thoughts On Best Controls

The controls set by default merely serve as a reference point and can be changed according to your preferences. I’ve shared the layout that I think is the best, but you can tweak it to suit your playstyle. It can be a mix of modern and classic controls, where you utilize both keyboard and mouse or simply just use one device of your choosing. 

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