Risk of Rain Returns: How To Beat Colossus Boss [Abilities + Stats]

Here is all you need to know about Colossus, his abilities, and how to defeat him!

Colossus is one of the many bosses in Risk of Rain Returns. He is one of the most, if not the easiest boss in the game. You can encounter him during the first two stages of the game. He can be defeated very easily if you know his abilities and his weakness. 

Key Takeaways
  • Colossus is one of the easiest bosses in Risk of Rain Returns.
  • It only has two attacks: Clap and Stomp.
  • Using a ranged character like Commando or Huntress because of his slow speed.
  • The easiest way to defeat him is to attack from a higher altitude.

Colossus Abilities

Colossus’ stats and description [Image by me]
Firstly, here are the stats of Colossus:

Colossus14004020 km/h

The Colossus is one of the slowest bosses in Risk of Rain Returns. You can very easily outspeed him. Moreover, he has only two attacks. 

Following are all the attacks Colossus can do:

  • Clap: Colossus can clap, which can summon Rock Golem enemies. Its main purpose is not to damage but to overpower you in numbers. 
  • Stomp: Stomp is the physical attack of Colossus. As the name suggests, he stomps on the ground to do damage. It is very slow and easily avoidable. 

How To Defeat Colossus In Risk Of Rain Returns

Fighting Colossus at a safe range. [Image by me]
To defeat the Colossus, you just need to find a high-altitude spot and keep attacking him. 

The Colossus is huge and very heavy. That means he cannot jump at all. It makes him vulnerable to almost any attack done from a higher altitude. Not only that, it makes him completely useless. He cannot damage you in any way. 

  1. Using ranged characters like Commando or Huntress is the best strategy against Colossus.
  2. Run away from the boss and find someplace from where even Rock Golems cannot reach you.
  3. Once you are at a higher altitude, you cannot be hurt by his attacks or the summoned Golems.
  4. Now, just keep attacking the Colossus until he is defeated. 

My Take On The Colossus

Colossus is the one boss everyone can defeat on their first try. It is slow, it cannot jump, and just getting a small height advantage from its feet renders it completely useless. You don’t even necessarily need a ranged character. Even a melee character like Acrid or Miner can easily defeat him. Using the right items and finding the right terrain can let you kill him in seconds, even before the teleporter is ready.


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