Risk of Rain Returns: Secret Character [Unlock Robomando]

Learn how to unlock the Secret Survivor character Robomando with detailed steps, and learn why it's worth unlocking him!

Hopoo has done many cool things in their latest installment in the Risk of Rain series. Still, arguably, one of the coolest is the possibility of unlocking a Risk of Rain Returns secret character. You will need to follow a very fun series of steps to unlock the character, and it’s worth every bit!

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Key Takeaways
  • The Risk of Rain Returns Secret Character, Robomando, can be unlocked by completing an easter egg.
  • Start by setting the difficulty to drizzle and reach the fifth stage. Look for a hidden pot on the left or right side of the map and interact with it. 
  • After that, take it to the final stage, travel outside on the ship’s top to the far right, and discover a secret area with golems and a chest.
  • Place the strange battery inside the chest and end the run for progression.
  • Start a new run on a rainstorm or higher difficulty.
  • Reach stage 2, locate the chest from the previous run, and retrieve the dropped strange battery.
  • Complete stage 3, and wait until the in-game time is 22-22:59 minutes. 
  • If successful, on stage 4, you will find a drone-like object buried in the ground.
  • Insert the strange battery to spawn a powerful robot commando (Robomando).

Who Is Risk Of Rain Returns Secret Character?

Secret Character Risk of Rain Returns
Robomando [Image By Me]
The secret character in Risk of Rain Returns is Robomando.

The character has great skills to be utilized. He is faster than any other survivor; his primary is similar to commando.

Robomando arguably has one of the most powerful survivor skills, which lets you open any drone or chest completely free. All of this makes unlocking this character seriously worth it. 

Unlocking The Character

To unlock the character, follow all of the steps below. If done correctly, by step 4, your character should be unlocked and ready for use. 

Locating The Strange Battery

Secret Character Risk of Rain Returns
Obtaining Strange Battery [Image By Me]
To get started, simply set the difficulty to drizzle and start a run. You need to ensure your survivor has good mobility. A few Hopoo feathers along the way would do the job as well. 

  1. Once in the run, you must reach the fifth stage, the Temple of the Elders.
  2. Every variant of the stage would have a hidden pot, which could be on the stage’s very left or right side.
  3. To reach it, you would have to traverse the top of the building to reach outside the building walls.
  4. Once you are there, interact with the pot.
  5. At first, it may only seem like a strange battery that does nothing, but don’t worry; the little thing is the key to the easter egg

Putting The Battery In The Chest

Secret Character Risk of Rain Returns
Putting The Battery In the Chest [Image By Me]
After interacting with the battery, bring it to the Contact Light, the game’s final stage. Once here, you must;

  1. Travel on top of the ship from the outside.
  2. Make sure you travel to the far right side of the stage
  3. You will know you are there once you see the secret area where a group of golems are chilling to some music on their boom box. 
  4. Ignoring them, continue through the room, and you will find a chest that requires you to put equipment inside it.
  5. Place your strange battery inside and end the run by dying or defeating Providence

Starting Another Run

Secret Character Risk of Rain Returns
Obtaining Strange Battery on Stage 2 [Image By Me]
Once that run has been finished, you would have to start yet another run, but this time on a rainstorm or higher difficulty. This is important for this Risk of Rain Returns secret character easter egg. 

Your objective is to reach stage 2 and find the chest you put the battery in on the last run. The chest would act as a way to transfer equipment from one run to another. Therefore, the strange battery will drop from it. 

Finishing The Easter Egg

Secret Character Risk of Rain Returns
Interacting with Drone-like item [Image By Me]
Once you have progressed to stage 3 on that run and finished the teleporter event, you must wait before leaving for the next stage until your in-game time is 22-22:59 minutes.

If done correctly, you will spawn on stage 4 with something special, almost drone-like, buried in the ground. If you place your strange battery in it, you will spawn an extremely powerful robot commando.

To complete the step, you must accept defeat and die while the character is alive. Upon completion, you will finally unlock Robomando, the secret survivor in Risk of Rain Returns. 

Therefore, unlocking the Robomando survivor in Risk of Rain enhances the fun and adds variety to the already diverse roster. Just follow the steps to add Robomando to your team. Enjoy the game with your new powerful ally!


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