Risk of Rain Returns: Engineer [How To Unlock, Abilities, Items]

Here's all you need to know about Engineer how to unlock him, his abilities, and best items!

Engineer is another close-ranged character in Risk of Rain Returns. It is not as short-range as someone like the Loader. But its attacks are still much shorter than characters like the Bandit or Huntress. Its much longer-range attacks are bound by cooldown, so using the Engineer as a short-range fighter is better.

Key Takeaways
  • Engineer is a character that uses grenades and traps to deal damage to his enemies in Risk of Rain Returns.
  • To unlock the Engineer in Risk of Rain Returns, you must buy 40 drones in total. 
  • He has a great set of traps as skills, but the Turret is his best skill out of all. 
  • Following are all the items that work best with the Engineer:
    1. Soldier’s Syringe
    2. Alien’s Head
    3. Dynamite Plunger
    4. Photon Jetpack
    5. Hopoo Feather

How To Unlock Engineer In Risk Of Rain Returns

unlock engineer
Unlocking Engineer Achievement screen [Image by me]
To unlock Engineer, you must buy a total of 40 drones in the game. 

You are not bound to a single playthrough to unlock the Engineer. Just play as usual and get as many drones in a run as possible. You need to buy a total of 40 drones regardless of the number of your tries. One of the ways it can be made faster is by using Life savings. It will allow you to make more money. In this way, you can buy more drones, making unlocking the Engineer much easier. 

Engineer’s Abilities

All of the Engineer’s skills [Image by me]
Firstly, here are all the stats of Engineer:

BASE HP 120 (+34 per level)

Drizzle: 170 (+34 per level)

DAMAGE 10 (+3 per level)
HP REGEN 0.9 HP/sec  (+0.3 HP per level)

Drizzle: 2.7 HP/sec (+0.3 HP per level)

ARMOR 0 (+2 per level)

The Engineer is an excellent character for laying traps and acts as a support. In co-op, people can use it as support during boss fights and when many enemies surround them. You can also use him alone by using the correct items; its damage can be devastating. 

Following are all the skills of the Engineer:

  • Tri-nades
  • Bounding Mines
  • Thermal Harpoon
  • Turrets


It is a regular attack of the Engineer. It releases three grenades at once. Each grenade does 80% damage to any enemy it hits. The grenades can hit one enemy at once or hit multiple enemies one by one. The Tri-nades can also bounce off walls. It can help when you are attacked by enemies from behind while facing a wall.

Bounding Mines

The Bounding Mines drops mine traps on the ground. The mines do a 300% damage to enemies. They will explode whenever an enemy walks on them. You must be careful about using mines because if you fight fast enemies, the mines explode slower than those enemies. You can also use them mid-air while many enemies are below you. It is great against bosses like Magma Worm.

Thermal Harpoon

It launches four enemy-seeking missiles. Each missile does 250% damage. They have a really good range and can easily target hard-to-reach enemies. The Engineer has no mobility attacks. That is why it can actually be hard to reach at a few places. The Thermal Harpoon is really useful in those situations. It is also useful while fighting a boss who you cannot fight up front.


As the name suggests, the ability allows you to set up turrets. Being a close-range character, the Turrets give the Engineer a somewhat long-range option. It shoots thrice, doing 100% damage per hit. It is very useful against bosses because it can actually aggro enemies towards itself. By doing so, you can get a chance to escape and place mines while you are at it. Placing the Turret in a hard-to-reach location is the best use for it.

Best Items For Engineer

risk of rain returns engineer
Soldier’s Syringe in Risk of Rain Returns [Image by me]
The Engineer has very little movement and is fairly slow. You do not have any dodge ability other than your jump. Which is why you are prone to a lot of damage. You need items that allow you to get mobility as well as on-hit items. On-hit items are great because they are activated with every attack of Engineer except the mines. 

Following are all the best items for the Engineer:

  • Soldier’s Syringe
  • Alien’s Head
  • Dynamite Plunger
  • Photon Jetpack
  • Hopoo Feather

My Thoughts On The Engineer

The Engineer is very easy to unlock but can be a bit challenging to use at first. The main problem with the Engineer is that you don’t have any skill for evasion. All you can do is run away. Which is why the only way to dodge is to jump. Using Hopoo Feather and Jetpack makes it easier to dodge enemies. Not only that, you can use the vertical advantage to kill enemies. Just drop mines when enemies flock under you and kill them easily.

While the Engineer isn’t a melee character like Acrid or Mercenary, he still has a small range. His slow speed can also be a problem for people. However, using the right items, artifacts, and a few techniques, you can easily make him your ideal character.


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