Risk of Rain Returns: All 14 Artifacts Location

Here are the locations of all 14 Artifacts that are hidden at different locations in the game Risk of Rain Returns.

Risk of Rain Returns has a total of 14 Artifacts hidden at different places throughout the game. Players will have to discover these hidden places and then try to locate the artifacts there. These Artifacts are rather easy to find once you know where to look for them.

Key Takeaways
  • There are 14 Artifacts hidden in different stages.
  • These Artifacts give you huge bonuses that alter the game.
  • A few artifacts make the game easier, whereas others make the game a lot harder.
  • 13 of these Artifacts are unlocked while going through the game’s normal mode.
  • One Artifact is unlocked by getting a Gold Rank in 15 Providence Trials.

All Artifacts In Risk Of Rain Returns

Artifact of command risk of rain returns.The Artifact of Command acquired. [Image by the Author]

The Artifacts are all hidden on different stages, with one in the Providence Trials. Here are all of the Artifacts with their Description and location on where to find them.

Artifact of HonorEnemies always spawn as elites.Desloate ForestOn the left side of the map will be a waterfall. Climb the rope in front of it until you come acorss a passage to your left. You will have to use either the Miner or the Pilot to get on that platform. Go ahead and the Artifact will be waiting for you.
Artifact of KinOnly one enemy type spawns per stage.Drief LakeOn the right most side of the map, there will be a breakable wall. You will have to break it by dealing a lot of damage. Once the wall is broken, press three buttons and the artifact will be unlocked.
Artifact of DistortionLock a random skill every minute, but skills have decreased cooldowns.Damp CavernsYou will have to head to the top most location on the map. There will be a teleporter like structure to know you're at the right spot. From there, you will have to jump to the right side on to a platform. For that, you will either need high/long jumping items or characters with higher jumps. Use AoE skills on the vines covered button and press it. Once its done, you can fall down and respawn next to the Artifact of Distortion.
Artifact of SpiteEnemies explode on death.Sky MeadowIn one of the map variations, you will find a hole in the ground. Go in it and then complete a jumping puzzle where you have to jump to different platforms and vines. The artifact will be on the end of the puzzle.
Artifact of GlassDeal 500% damage, but have 10% health.Frozen TundraHead to the extreme left side of the map. Climb the high mountain and look for a passage in it. There will be five buttons that you will have to fire, while jumping around on platforms. I'd suggest going with the Pilot as his parachuting ability makes it easier to fly around. Once you hit all 5 buttons, there will be a small sound and you can go ahead to recieve the Artifact of Glass.
Artifact of EnigmaSpawn with a random equipment that changes every time it's activated.Sunken TombGo to the bottom right side of the map. There will be a series of pits on the ground. Fall down the right-most pit on the map and it will shoot you up, next to the Artifact of Enigma.
Artifact of DissonanceMonsters can appear outside their usual environments.N/AN/A
Artifact of SacrificeChest no longer spawn: Monsters now drop items on death.Magma BarracksThere are three buttons hidden all over the stage. You will need to either use the Huntress, Loader or the Bandit to activate these buttons using their piercing abilities. Once you've done so, head to the western part of the map where the artifact is located on an altar.
Artifact of TempusItems are worth multiple stacks. All items are temporary.Temple of EldersGet to the Temple of the Elders map in less than 15 minutes and the Artifact will be in the center of the map.
Artifact of CommandItems are no longer random.Hive ClusterHead to the top side of the map. There will be pink gooey vines leading to the top most platform. From there, head right, jumping through invisible vines and the artifact is on top right corner of the map.
Artifact of SpiritCharacters run faster at lower health.Temple RuinsHead to the right side of the map and fall down the ledge. You will have to complete a series of jumps, so its better to take a character that either has their own jumping ability, like the Pilot, or has flying items. Jump through the platforms to get the Artifact of Spirit.
Artifact of OriginImps invade the map every 10 minutes.Final Boss fightThe Artifact of Origin is acquired in the final boss fight. Once you have defeated the final boss, head down to the lower level and the Artifact of origin will be there.
Artifact of CognationEnemies create a temporary clone after death.Desolate ForestLook for a vine leading to a hidden room. There, hit both buttons to the right within a few seconds and a Golem will spawn. Kill it and the Artifact of Cognation will be available to collect.
Artifact of PrestigeAt least one Shrine of the Mountain spawns every stage. Shrine of the Mountain effects are permanent.Providence Trials (Game Mode)The Artifact of Prestige doesn't require you to head to any run. Instead, get gold rank on 15 Providence Trials to receive it.

These Artifacts are quite powerful as they can change how you play the game. Some will make the game harder for you, like the Artifact of Glass, which gives you 500% damage while reducing your HP to 10%, and others can make the game easier, like the Artifact of Command. But even the Artifact of Command has consequences for you.

But that doesn’t mean the game is hard. Here are the Best Characters in Risk Of Rain Returns for you to master. Check out the dedicated guides on Drifter, Mercenary, Chef, Miner, Bandit, and Acrid of Risk Of Rain Returns. These are all equally interesting characters you should try while playing the game.

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