Risk of Rain Returns Enforcer [How To Unlock, Skills, Items]

Understand all the steps required to Unlock the Enforcer & dominate foes in the game!

Enforcer is one of the unlockable characters in Risk Of Rain Returns. The Enforcer is considered one of the best characters in Risk Of Rain Returns. Unlocking Enforcer is easy, as you only need to defeat a few bosses. Doing so rewards you with a great character in your roster.

Key Takeaways
  • Enforcer uses his shotgun to attack and block the attacks of the enemies. 
  • To unlock Enforcer, you must defeat three specific bosses: Colossus, Magma Worm, and Lynx Totem.
  • Enforcer has four abilities, and Protect and Serve is what makes him stand out. 
  • The following items are the ones that I think work best with Enforcer:
    1. Prison Shackles
    2. Warbanner
    3. Leeching Seed
    4. Soldier’s Syringe
    5. Foreign Fruit

How To Unlock Enforcer 

All bosses that are required to unlock the Enforcer [Image by me]
To unlock The Enforcer, you must defeat three specific bosses” Colossus, Magma Worm, and Lynx Totem. 

In each stage of Risk Of Rain, you need to find a teleporter that activates and summons a boss. Defeating the boss and spending 90 seconds in each stage will let you win. To unlock Enforcer, all you need to do is defeat the boss. Dying after defeating the boss will not reset the progress.

Following are the three bosses that you need to defeat:

  • Colossus: It is a huge golem that can stomp and summon other golems. To defeat Colossus, you just need to find a place where it cannot reach and keep attacking it.
  • Magma Worm: It is a giant worm that jumps in and out of the ground. You must keep moving and attacking to be able to defeat it.
  • Lynx Totem: As the name suggests, it is a totem. It can summon totem tribesmen and change some of the terrain to obscure your path. All you need to do is use a ranged character to attack as it is very slow-moving.

Enforcer’s Skills

First of all, here are the stats of Enforcer:

EnforcerDrizzle: 169 [+34 per level]
Rainstorm: 119 [+34 per level]
Drizzle: 3 HP per second [+0.12 HP per level]
Rainstorm: 1.2 HP per level [+0.12 HP per level]
12 [+3 per level]69.23 [80 with Protect and Serve]0 [+2 per level]

The Enforcer, like all other characters, has four skills. They are as follows:

  1. Riot Shotgun
  2. Shield Slam
  3. Protect And Serve
  4. Crowd Control

1. Riot Shotgun

risk of rain returns enforcer
Enforcer’s Riot Shotgun [Image by me]
Riot Shotgun is the primary move of the Enforcer. As the name suggests, it is a shotgun that can do 160% damage. But because it is a shotgun, it has a small range. It can hit all enemies at once if they are in the range of the Enforcer’s shotgun. The damage can cover up for the loss of the range. It has a 0-second cooldown.

2. Shield Slam

shield slam
Shield Slam Skill of Enforcer [Image by me]
The Shield Slam allows the Enforcer to use his shield to knock away any enemies that come too close. It does 210% damage and is especially useful when you are getting overpowered by a group of enemies. Shield Slam can also be used when you need an escape. It has a 5-second cooldown.

3. Protect And Serve

protect and serve
Enforcer’s Protect and Serve Skill [Image by me]
The Protect And Serve skill is a defensive skill rather than an offensive one. It allows the Enforcer to use his shield to make him immune to any damage he deals with from one side. The skill is most useful when you are pushed against a wall. Using Protect and Serve also increases the attack speed as well. It has a 5-second cooldown.

4. Crowd Control

crowd control
Enforcer’s Crowd Control Skill [Image by me]
The Crowd Control skill lets the enforcer throw a grenade at enemies. Not only does it do 250% damage, but it also stuns the enemies. The skill can be very useful against hordes of enemies when they are chasing you. The stun can let you kill enemies with ease as well. 

Best Items For Enforcer

risk of rain returns enforcer
Leeching Seed in Risk Of Rain Returns [Image by me]
There are many items in Risk Of Rain Returns, but some work better with certain characters than others. The Enforcer is a slow character, plus he has to use a shotgun, which makes his range much smaller than other characters. 

The following are the best items that you can use with the Enforcer:

  • Prison Shackles
  • Warbanner 
  • Leeching Seed 
  • Foreign Fruit
  • Soldier’s Syringe

My Thoughts On The Enforcer

As mentioned earlier, the Enforcer is one of the best characters in Risk Of Rain returns. That is because of the Protect And Serve skill. If you hug a wall from your back and use it, you will have almost zero blindspots. This makes Enforcer almost invincible. The only enemies who can hurt him in this way are Jellyfishes and Magma Worm. 

Enforcer is one of the short-range characters like Acrid or Miner, but because of his skills, he stands out from them. You can use specific artifacts to improve the performance of Enforcer as well. Health items like Bitter Root are also a great help for Enforcer in general.


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