Risk of Rain Returns: Miner [How To Unlock & Abilities]

Learn all you need to know about how you can unlock the Miner and what his abilities are in Risk of Rain Returns.

Risk of Rain Returns is a remastered version of the original Risk of Rain. Most characters, like The Miner, are added to the game again. The Miner is a close-range survivor who can deal heavy damage by launching himself up. The miner needs a specific condition completed to unlock him. Here’s how you can unlock the miner in Risk of Rain Returns.

Key Takeaways
  • Miner is one of the locked characters you need to unlock in Risk of Rain Returns.
  • To unlock him, you must find and kill the Direseeker in the Magma Barracks in Risk of Rain Returns. 
  • The Miner has some of the strongest abilities, with high damage and other utilities such as Crush and Drill Charge.

How To Unlock Miner

Direseeker found in Magma Barracks. [Image by me]
To unlock Miner, you need to defeat the Direseeker found at the bottom of Magma Barracks.

During stage 4, one of the locations that you can spawn in is Magma Barracks. In Magma Barracks, there is a unique mini-boss named Direseeker that you must defeat to unlock the Miner. Here is how you can get to the mini-boss

  1. Go to the right-most section of the Magma Barracks. 
  2. Look for a section with hanging platforms.
  3. Fall down to the bottom platform and look for a tunnel in the wall.
  4. Drop down in the lava and reach the end as fast as possible. 
  5. There you may find the Direseeker.

Important: The encounter with Direseeker is entirely random. You may or may not find the tunnel, but there is no guarantee the mini-boss will spawn even if you do. Also, the mini-boss will despawn if the teleporter is activated before defeating it.

The Direseeker is like the other Elder Lemurians. However, it is bigger than the rest and has more HP. Furthermore, it has the same attacks. Here is how you can defeat it easily.

  1. Pick a character that has a more extended range, like Soldier or Huntress.
  2. Take a few drones with you. 
  3. Keep a distance from the boss and keep shooting it.
  4. It can be stunned, so if you have a Soldier’s Shotgun, then try to use it. 
  5. When it is stunned, damage it with regular attacks and the other abilities to kill it.

Miner Abilities

miner's abilities
Miner’s Abilities in Risk of Rain Returns [Image by me]
As mentioned earlier, the Miner has a short range but can launch upwards to fall and deal damage.

Following are the four abilities that you can use as a Miner:

  • Crush: It can crush any nearby enemies. The ability deals 140% damage and has 0 seconds cooldown.
  • Drill Charge: An ability that can be charged for 2 seconds. On release, The Miner dashes forward, dealing up to 600% damage. The Miner is immune during the Drill charge.
  • Back Blast: Blasts the Miner backward, dealing 200% damage and stunning all enemies in the process. You cannot be hit during the ability.
  • To The Stars: Let the miner jump up and shoot three projectiles below, dealing 180% damage each to the enemies below.

My Thoughts On The Miner

The Miner is a short-range attacker. However, he has some of the strongest moves in the game. Melee fighters like Acrid or Mercenary do higher than usual damage, but even among them, Miner is the best. Not only are his moves strong, but they can be utilized in different places. Furthermore, you can use To the Stars to gain height that can get you to platforms you can’t reach usually, making him one of the best characters in the game.


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