Risk of Rain Returns: Complete Scavenger Hunt [Gold Star]

End the Scavenger Hunt with strategic tips to effectively use the Enforcer and claim the Gold Star achievement!

The Scavenger Hunt is among the more challenging Providence Trials in Risk Of Rain Returns, requiring players to use the Enforcer exclusively. In this trial, players must utilize the Enforcer’s new primary weapon, the Shrapnel Grenade, to progress through the encounter.

Key Takeaways
  • The Scavenger Hunt is one of the challenging Providence Trials in Risk Of Rain Returns 
  • Begin by moving left, then upwards towards the middle.
  • Grab a Healing Drone and use the Key Card to unlock a door on the opposite side.
  • Find Arms Race items to enhance Drone effectiveness.
  • Earn money by fighting robots to purchase chests for more drones.
  • Gather expensive cost drones before facing the Scavenger.
  • Acquire equipment like ‘The Backup’ for drone support.
  • Maintain attacks and aim to defeat the Scavenger within the time limit for a Gold Star achievement.

Requirements Of Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt Risk of Rain Returns Trial
Scavenger Hunt Trial in Risk Of Rain Returns [Image by Me]
Before starting the Scavenger Hunt in Risk Of Rain Returns, these are the requirements you should keep in mind for the Providence Trial:

  • All chests on the map will contain drones.
  • The Enforcer will commence with a maximum of 200 health points without natural health regeneration.
  • The Enforcer will start equipped with a Key Card and will primarily use the Shrapnel Grenade during this specific Risk Of Rain Returns encounter.
  • Achieving the Gold Rank in the Scavenger Hunt may necessitate multiple attempts due to the considerable time required.

How To Beat Scavenger Hunt

Using Key Card
Using Key Card [Image by Me]
  1. As the Scavenger Hunt Trial begins, move to the left side of the map. 
  2. Progress upwards towards the top and then head to the middle of the arena.
  3. Along the way, locate a Healing Drone to pick up.
  4. Use the Key Card obtained at the start to unlock a door on the opposite side.
  5. Behind the door, find a pair of Arms Race items.
  6. Collect these items to boost the effectiveness of your Drones during the rest of the Trial.

Head towards the map’s center and start fighting the spawning robots to earn money, the primary way of obtaining drones. After accumulating enough money, aim to purchase several chests priced at 90 Credits each for drones.

Defeating Elder Lemurian
Defeating Elder Lemurian [Image by Me]
I managed to secure two chests before the appearance of an Elder Lemurian at the center; defeating it rewards an extra Key Card. Although this Key Card unlocks the top right locked door, it’s advisable to keep it for later. Instead, gather additional healing and attack drones before facing the final boss, the Scavenger, in Risk Of Rain Returns.

Best Tips To Kill The Scavenger

Defeating the Scavenger
Defeating the Scavenger [Image by Me]
When advancing toward the Scavenger, access to the area requires a Key Card. During your descent, seize two pieces of equipment. My preference typically leans towards ‘The Backup’, resembling a walkie-talkie, allowing you to summon multiple drones for combat support.

  • Swiftly engage the Enforcer’s ‘Protect and Serve’ defensive skill upon entering the battle arena.
  • Utilize your drones for most damage while assisting them with the Shrapnel Grenade and Shield Slam abilities.
  • Maintain your attacks to withstand the challenging encounter.
Important: Aim to defeat the scavenger within the 3:30 timer limit, ensuring the battle concludes before 1:30:00 on the clock to achieve the Gold Star in Risk of Returns Providence Trial.

That’s everything you need to know to defeat the Scavenger in Risk Of Rain Returns. It took several tries for me to get the Gold Star; it might take one for you. Moreover, read about the Robomando Secret Character, who is probably the most powerful character in Risk Of Rain Returns. Unlock All Artifacts in Risk Of Rain Returns to alter the game with different bonuses to make it more fun. And with the Best Characters, you can get your run to go smoothly.


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