Risk Of Rain Returns: All Hidden Event Bosses [Locations Guide]

This guide discusses the locations of all Hidden Event Bosses in the game.

Finding All Hidden Event Bosses 

Risk of Rain Returns Hidden Event Bosses - Location to enter the Boar Beach
The location to enter the Boar Beach in the Ancient Valley level (image by me)

Hidden throughout Risk of Rain Returns are various event bosses. Locating them proves challenging as you actively seek and land in the precise area variation. For instance, the Direseeker only emerges in a specific Magma Barracks variant.

The pursuit of these event bosses can be enjoyable, and defeating three unlocks The Hunt achievement for the Huntress, granting the Pierce skill. You may as well try activating classic Risk of Rain map variations (excluding the initial Cognation one) to make discovering these bosses easier.

Below, find a list of these bosses in the order of the levels they appear:

Key Takeaways
  • Discover the five event bosses in Risk of Rain Returns in Boar Beach, Ancient Valley, and Magma Barracks.
  • For Boar Beach, players can teleport by interacting with a fence at the top left of Ancient Valley’s second variant.
  • In Magma Barracks, players can find the special Elder Lemurian in the first and second variants.
  • In UES Contact Light, defeat both Gilded Worms and Providence in the final encounter in Risk of Rain Returns.
  • Unlocking these bosses contributes to progression in unlocking Huntress’ Pierce skill and is essential for acquiring survivors like Acrid and the Direseeker.

1. Acrid

Risk of Rain Returns Hidden Event Bosses - Acrid
Acrid – Risk of Rain Returns Hidden Event Bosses (image captured by me)

The acid character in Risk of Rain Returns resides in the first three variations of the Underwater Catacombs.

  1. Head to the upper right of the level to find the containment unit.
  2. Interact with the container to release and confront the character.
  3. It is advisable to step away from the container after opening it and begin strategic movement.

Exercise caution; Acrid can inflict various damage-over-time effects if you stay in one place for too long. Defeating him not only unlocks him but also contributes to progressing Huntress Pierce. Moreover, defeating Acrid while playing as Acrid unlocks an alternative ability for the character.

2. Golem Of Cognation

Risk of Rain Returns Hidden Event Bosses - Golem of Cognation
Golem of Cognation – Risk of Rain Returns Hidden Event Bosses (image by me)

The initial hidden mini-boss emerges in the first stage within the Desolate Forest, specifically in its fourth variant.

  • The unique Golem is associated with obtaining the Artifact of Cognation.
  • You can locate the boss by descending down a concealed vine hanging from the depicted tree.

Upon descending, you’ll find yourself in an underground hall with an Artifact gate. Press the buttons on the right to trigger a sequence of minor skirmishes. Among the adversaries, you’ll encounter the distinctive Golem enemy. Notably, I observed that defeating the Golem of Cognation contributes to advancing the Huntress Pierce skill.

3. The Direseeker

The Direseeker
The Direseeker – Risk of Rain Returns Hidden Event Bosses (screen grab by me)

The substantial Elder Lemurian presents a formidable challenge, enduring multiple hits and packing a slightly more powerful punch compared to its counterparts. However, taking on the Direseeker is less daunting than the task of actually locating it, found in both the first and second variations of the Magma Barracks.

  1. To track it down, explore the bottom right of the level.
  2. There, a tunnel at the base leads to the right, crossing a pool of lava.
  3. Ensure you have ample HP to traverse the lava and enough remaining for the impending battle with the Direseeker.

The encounter with the Direseeker unfolds on a narrow platform, so employ kiting tactics to avoid the fiery breath. Triumphing over the Direseeker unlocks the Miner for your subsequent run.

4. Boar Beach

The Boar Beach
The Boar Beach in Risk of Rain Returns (image captured by me)

Accessing the hidden level and encountering its event boss is possible through the snowy Ancient Valley level.

  1. Head to the top left of Ancient Valley’s second variant.
  2. Approach and hold up near a fence that catches your eye.
  3. This action will teleport you to Boar Beach, where you’ll engage in a battle against a horde of boarlings and a unique version of the Toxic Beast.

The experience of discovering the hidden level Boar Beach is reminiscent of discovering Pig Beach in Maplestory or stumbling upon the Cow Level in the Diablo series.

5. ProvidenceProvidence

The final boss – Providence (image captured by me)Conquering the concluding battle with Providence is crucial for unlocking Huntress’ Pierce skill. In the encounter, the player must overcome both the Gilded Worms and Providence. The successful completion of the fight contributes to your overall progress.

In Asad Ahmed’s insightful review of Risk of Rain Returns, he explores the resurgence of the legendary indie game, highlighting its captivating features and overall gaming experience. Also, make sure to check out the guide on facing the formidable Lynx Totem Boss, and mastering the strategies to conquer the challenging boss encounter.

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