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Best Fortntie PC Settings For High FPS (Updated 2021)

An In-depth guide to help you get Best Settings For Fortnite

Fortnite is one of the Best Battle Royale Games out there. The game is super competitive, and if you are not good at the game. You might just go 50 games without a win. Winning games require more than skill. To put it in perspective, you can never win a game in Fortnite if you are having inconsistent frames and bad graphics.

In the same vein, if you are not getting proper frames. Your High Refresh Rate monitor won’t be of no use, and the overall gameplay won’t be smooth. Now to get the best possible frames and win games at Fortnite. You need to apply the best Fortnite settings that I’ll list in this article. These Fortnite settings are tweaked to provide you with high fps and consistent performance. In addition to that, the visuals will be super sharp, helping you spot enemies instantaneously. Best Fortntie PC Settings For High FPS

Before we jump to all sorts of settings, I’ll like to clarify that getting high fps comes from no magic luck. That is to say; we’ll compromise on some funky features like exotic visuals, animations, and all those useless settings that provide no value in Fortnite. Besides this, make sure that your System Specifications are at least above the Required Minimum Specs of Fortnite.

Minimum System Requirements

    • Memory:4 GB
    • Graphics Card: Intel HD 4000
    • CPU: Intel Core i3-2100
    • Fortnite File Size:15 GB
    • OS: Windows 7/8/10 64-bit

Update Windows 10 To The Latest Version

First thing’s first. We have to ensure that Windows 10 is updated to the latest version. Once updated, you will see an incredible FPS boost in Fortnite. This is because new window updates are always better than the previous one. They are optimized in a much better fashion, and their tweaks positively impact the game’s performance. Here is how you can Update Windows 10 To The Latest Version.

      1. Go To Start > Type Windows Update > Open First ResultHow To Get High FPS In Fortnite
      2. Once Opened, Click on Check For Updates.
      3. How To Get High FPS In Fortnite
      4. If New Updates were available, Windows 10 will automatically download them. In case they were already updated, you will get a message saying “already updated to the latest version.”How To Get High FPS In Fortnite

Ultimate Performance Is Must For High FPS in Fortnite.

The second Important tweak is that you have to Enable the Ultimate Performance Plan in Windows 10. This plan isn’t enabled by default in Windows 10 because Windows does not want your Applications to consume 100% Usage. Once enabled, you will see massive consistency and improvement in Fortnite’s FPS.

      1. Go To Start > Search For Command Prompt > Open First ResultHow To Get High FPS In Fortnite
      2. Afterward, Enter This Code in Command Prompt.
powercfg -duplicatescheme e9a42b02 -d5df -448d -aa00 -03f14749eb61

If entered correctly, you’ll see a successful message, indicating that Ultimate Performance is enabled.

      1. If you successfully managed to get the Ultimate Performance indication after entering the code. Now you can head over to start again and type Edit Power Plan.How To Get High FPS In Fortnite
      2. Once Opened, Click on Power Options, which will be written at the top.How To Get High FPS In Fortnite
      3. Now, you will see the Balanced Power Plan and Ultimate Power Plan. Ignore the duplicate power plans in my screenshot. In your case, there will be only two. Consequently, if you were unable to see the Ultimate Performance Plan, make sure you click on Hidden additional plans.How To Get High FPS In Fortnite

After you have clicked on the Ultimate Performance Plan, you will now be able to maximize your PC usage. This will significantly improve your performance in Fortnite, and along with that. This will also optimize Windows 10 for you, creating a much responsive and fast environment.

Clear Temp Files And Perform a Disk Cleanup

Every week you must clean up Temp Files and Perform a Disk Cleanup. By doing this, you clean up all the virus-infected, leftover crash report, and numerous other files that can impact your Fortnite Performance. Most of these files appear out of the blue. They are automatically created from bugs, crashes, PC restarts, and so forth. All things aside, I’ll guide you on how you can clear out Temp Files and Perform a proper Disk Cleanup for Maximum Performance.

  1. Open Start > Search and Click on RunHow To Get High FPS In Fortnite
  2. Under Run > Type %temp%
  3. Press CTRL + A On Your Keyboard To Select All > Right Click any file > delete.How To Get High FPS In Fortnite
  4. After we have deleted all temp files successfully, now we’ll perform a disk cleanup.
  5. Open My Computer > Right Click The Drive Where Fortnite Is Installed > Properties.How To Get High FPS In Fortnite

Under Properties,> Click On Disk Cleanup. Checkmark things like crash reports, temporary files, thumbnails, and others. Do not checkmark any folder, like downloads in the picture above. It’ll completely wipe out all contents from the folder.

Disable Useless Applications Running in The Background

When you Boot up your PC, you always feel relief that no extra applications are running in the background and that your memory cache’s clear. Well, this is true to some extent, and you might see a better performance. If you jump straight to Fortnite without opening the browser left and right.

On the flip side of the coin, there are always some useless applications and services running in the background. These applications mostly launch with your PC, and you will always notice applications like Discord and Steam automatically starting. Other than the essential applications. There are many more that impact your PC’s performance, consuming dozens of Memory and CPU Usage. When Disabled, you will see significant improvement in Fortnite’s FPS, and on top of that. Expect some incredible boot times.

      1. Go To Start > Run > Type “msconfig” and click ok.
      2. Afterward, go to the services tab > click on “Hide all Microsoft Services.” This will remove the important ones from the list.
      3. Now everyone will get a different List depending on their usage. But our goal is to uncheck all the useless services that will be mentioned in the list.
      4. Best Fortnite Settings

          I’ve already disabled most of the useless services, so there isn’t a lot for me.
      5. Now that you have unchecked all the useless applications. Make sure you hit apply and click on ok.
      6. After applying changes, head over to the Startup Tab, which is right next to services.
      7. Under Startup Tab. There will be a list of applications and right next to their names. You will find the word startup impact.
      8. Disable all the applications that have High Startup Impact if you have a Budget PC. I’ll recommend you to disable those with Medium as well. How To Get High FPS In Fortnite
      9. Before you close the tab, note down the Last BIOS time mentioned on the top right of your screen.
      10. After you make the changes, Restart your PC, and come back to this tab to see if the Bios or Boot Time changes.

Enable Game Mode and To Improve FPS In Fortnite

Game Mode is the best Windows 10 feature for gamers. The feature can do wonders for you, and I’ve seen a tremendous FPS increase in Fortnite. The Game Mode has a couple of tasks, but the most important ones are that. It automatically closes down irrelevant applications running in the background. These applications consume a lot of power, and they are unnecessary. On top of that, Game Mode also changes the priority for application from low to high. As a result, the application/Fortnite can consume 100% Power from Hardware, breaking all limits.

      1. Open Start > Search Game Mode > Click on First Result.How To Get High FPS In Fortnite
      2. Afterward, Simply Enable Game Mode, and you are all set.How To Get High FPS In Fortnite

Increase FPS in Fortnite Through Animation Optimization

While using Windows 10, you will see very extraordinary animations that feel good. But did you know that these animations can hurt your PC’s Performance?

When these animations are enabled, the CPU and Memory Usage are nearly doubled compared to when disabled. Now to get good performance and FPS in Fortnite. You must disable this fancy stuff and get straight to work. Here is how you can disable these animations.

  1. Go To Start > Type Advanced System Settings > Open First ResultHow To Get High FPS In Fortnite
  2. Afterward, Click on the Settings under the Performance Section.
  3. Now You will be taken to Visual Effects and do the following.
  4. Choose Custom and Enable The Following 
  5. “Show Thumbnails Instead of Icons”
  6. “Smooth Edges of screen fonts”
  7. How To Get High FPS In Fortnite
  8. Now Hit Apply and Ok.

Once you have correctly made these changes, you will see good improvement in performance. Along with that, Windows 10 will feel more responsive and consistent at all times.

Disable Enhance Pointer Precision

A lot of Fortnite players question their inconsistency, and many players blame it on low settings and performance. I’m going to agree that Performance and bass settings can cause serious inconsistency. However, many players fail to know that sometimes Enhance Pointer Precision is enabled. Ultimately causing inconsistency every other second.

The Enhance Pointer Precision is a builtin feature within Windows 10 that consistently changes your Mouse DPI and Sensitivity. To this, it’s always consuming a chunk of power, which can cause FPS problems in Fortnite.

  1. Open Start > Search Mouse SettingsBest Fortnite Settings
  2. Afterward, Click on Additional Mouse Options
  3. Proceed to Pointer Precision Tab and Uncheck Enhance Pointer Precision. Don’t forget to save changes by clicking on Apply and ok.


Do not Allow Useless Notifications to Impact your Fortnite’s FPS.

Whenever you open Fortnite or play the game, there are always sounds of notifications, and most of them also appear on the screen. These notifications are mostly from Xbox, saying how to record games, capture screenshots, and many more things.

When enabled, some of these notifications also have access to start automatic game recordings and much more. Now to get the best possible FPS in Fortnite, we must disable all these useless applications. They have a significant impact on your FPS because not only can they take screenshots or recordings. But they pile up in the task center and consume a chunk of power every second.

      1. Go To Start > Type “Game Mode Settings.” Best Fortnite Settings
      2. Once Opened, proceed to the Game Bar Tab and disable everything as indicated in the picture below.Best Fortnite Settings
      3. Afterward, click on Captures Tab right below Game Bar and Disable Everything here as well.Best Fortnite Settings
      4. Once Done, Simply Exit.

Disable Hardware Acceleration

Hardware Acceleration is entirely necessary for all gamers out there. This feature forces the application to work in a different meta. That is to say, the resources and output is unpacked differently. This sort of action requires power to perform, and likewise, Applications with Hardware Acceleration always consume a chunk of power. The feature is available within most third party applications like Discord, Steam, and Google Chrome. You have to ensure that it is disabled while you play Fortnite.

      1. Open Discord > Settings > Scroll Down > Appearance
      2. Disable Hardware Acceleration and Restart the application.

Hardware Acceleration is also available within Google Chrome, which is another common application. 

      1. Open Chome > Click On Settings > System
      2. Disable “Hardware Acceleration when available.”


Best Nvidia Settings for Fortnite in 2020.

To get the best FPS in Fortnite. You will also have to configure your Nvidia Graphics Card Settings. These settings are located in the control panel, and changing them can positively impact your frames. Now before you jump to the settings tab, make sure that your Nvidia Graphics Card is updated to the latest version.

      1. Goto Desktop > Right Click Nvidia Control Panel
      2. Now click on Check for Updates.Best Fortntie PC Settings For High FPS
      3. If Updates were available. They will be automatically downloaded; if not, you will get a message “You have the latest GeForce Game Ready Drivers.” Adequately, if you had trouble updating drivers. Head over to the Nvidia Website and update them manually.

Now, let’s jump to the best Nvidia Settings for Fortnite in 2020.

  1. Open Nvidia Control Panel, often located on the bottom right of the taskbar.
  2. Go To the Adjust Image Settings with Preview, and select Use the Advanced 3D Image Settings.Best Nvidia Settings for Fortnite
  3. Afterward, Click on Take Me There, and you will land in the Manage 3D Settings Tab.Best Nvidia Settings For Fortnite
  4. Under Global Settings, Make The Following Changes.
  5. Afterward, click on Adjust Desktop Color Settings, and change the default color percentages to this.Best Fortnite Settings
  6. Set Colors to Nvidia Settings
  7. Brightness 55%
  8. Contrast 55%
  9. Gamma 1.00
  10. Under Further Enhancements, Make sure Digital Vibance is 60%, and HUE is 0.

Applying these incredible changes to your Nvidia Graphics Settings, I’ll highly recommend you to open Fortnite and see the magic for yourself. For many users, including me, the settings vastly improved FPS, Smoothness, Responsiveness, Killed Stutters, and most importantly, made the frames very consistent. Other than this, the color enhancements will improve graphics’ saturation, and spotting enemies will become much more comfortable.

Best AMD Settings For Fortnite in 2020

AMD users, don’t worry because we have you covered with some incredible settings as well. Just make sure your AMD Drivers are updated, and afterward, do the following.

      • Go To Desktop > Right Click AMD Radeon Software.
      • Best AMD Settings for Fortnite
      • Now click on Gaming Tab, and select Fortnite. Afterward, make the following changes in Graphics Settings.Best Fortnite Settings
      1. Graphics Profile: eSports
      2. Set Raden Anti-Lag to Enabled
      3. Set Radeon Chill To Disabled because we don’t want to Limit FPS.
      4. Enable Radeon Image Sharpening
      5. Set Sharpness to 80%. In case you have room to compromise on some Frames, set it to 85 for better visuals.
      6. Disable Radeon Enhanced Sync
      7. Make Sure Vertical Refresh is Always off
      8. Radeon FreeSync – AMD Optimized
      9. Scaling Mode – Centre
      10. Set Image Scaling To Disable
      11. Disable Launch with AMD Eyefinity
      12. Set Custom Color to Disabled

Now head over to the Advanced Tab, and continue to change the settings.

      1. Set Anti-Aliasing to Override Application Settings
      2. Set Anti-Aliasing Level to 2X
      3. Set Anti-Aliasing Method to Multisampling
      4. Make Sure Morphological Anti-Aliasing is Disabled
      5. Disable Anisotropic Filtering
      6. Texture Filtering Quality Should Be Performance
      7. Enable Surface Format Optimization
      8. Select Override Application Settings for Tessellation Mode
      9. Under Maximum Tessellation Level Select 8x
      10. Lastly, Disable OpenGL Triple Buffering

By the way, we applied these changes specifically for Fortnite. In case you wanted the same settings for other games, simply copy them and paste them into the other game’s profile. I think these AMD settings are the best and most optimized for Fortnite. There aren’t too many compromisations on visuals, and the frames are decent. Consequently, if you wanted more frames, simply go back to these settings, and you will have the option to lower numerous things like Maximum Tessellation Level, Anti-Aliasing, and so forth.

Best Fortnite PC Settings For High FPS Best Fortntie PC Settings For High FPS

Well, with these countless new updates in Fortnite. The game has become laggy, and I felt like leaving it. Anyhow, I managed to find these incredible settings through Fortnite and Reddit Community. The settings have significantly improved performance, and I’ve to say the visuals look fantastic. With these settings, I can spot enemies from really long distances. Other than this, the night mood looks fabulous, FPS does not drop in close fights, and the general experience is worth it. Here are the best Fortnite Settings in 2020.

      1. Set Windows Mode To Full Screen; else, you won’t get the right performance.
      2. Resolution – This is personnel preference, but for sharp visuals, always go for 1920×1080. On the other hand, you can lower it for better FPS.
      3. Frame Rate Limit – Either Disable it or Choose the Max Value Available, Depending on your Refresh Rate.
      4. Brightness – Anywhere between 100-150 will be suitable.
      5. User Interface Contrast – 1x
      6. Color Blind Mode – Off
      7. Color Blind Strength – 0

Fortnite Graphics Settings

      1. Auto-Set Quality – Auto-Set
      2. Quality Presets – Low
      3. Bump 3D Resolution to 100%
      4. View Distance – Near
      5. Shadows –Off
      6. Anti-Aliasing – Off
      7. Textures – Low
      8. Effects Low
      9. Post Processing – Low

Fortnite Advanced Graphics

      1. VSync – Off
      2. Motion Blur – Off
      3. Show FPS – On (Highly Useful)
      4. DirectX Version – 12 (This can make staggering improvement)
      5. Allow Multi-Threaded Rendering – On
      6. Use GPU Crash Debugging – Off

Takeaways From The Guide Best Fortntie PC Settings For High FPS

Ending the guide, I’d like to clarify that these settings can be applied to all sorts of Fortnite versions. The PC as well all know, allows us to make more than just a few changes, and thus the output also becomes more remarkable. Further, if you followed the guide properly, you will know that we made some color changes in Nvidia Tab. Well, those settings were made before the Fortnite locations, and together they sync well. Now, if you were to face some issues, just simply increase brightness or Texture quality, and everything will be fine. Lastly, this guide is not all about FPS. That is to say, these settings are also going to enhance visuals, improve optimization, smoothen Windows 10, provide smooth gameplay, and most importantly, get you the best visuals In Fortnite.

2021: The guide has now been updated with more effective methods to help boost FPS in Fortnite.

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