Shattered Psycho Online Codes [May 2024]

Redeem codes for some useful freebies such as Race Spins, Abilities Spins, and Yens!

Rare Spins are the best way to obtain stronger psychic powers in Shattered Psycho Online, but they require a tremendous amount of work and luck; that is where codes come in. Codes can reward players with Free Rare Spins, Race Spins, and Yen.

Players can use the Race Spins to have a chance of obtaining a better and stronger Race. Additionally, learn how to redeem these Codes for exclusive rewards below in great detail.

Key Takeaways
  • Codes can be redeemed for Race Spins, Yens, and Rare Abilities Spins.
  • Yens can be used in the shop to purchase in-game items.
  • FinalCountdown is one of the many Active Codes.
  • To redeem codes, head to the main menu, enter a code in the text box located on the right side of the Play button, and press Enter.
  • Players can join the Shattered Psycho Online Discord Server in order to find additional codes on their own.
  • To learn about all the possible errors that could arise when redeeming the codes and their fixes, make sure to check out the Ultimate Code Guide.
  • Bookmark this page to learn about new codes as soon as they are released.

Active Shattered Psycho Online Codes

All the latest and Active Codes can be found below. Although these codes are fully tested, I recommend you do not waste any time redeeming them because they could expire at any given time.

  • Last Checked On: 21st May, 2024.
Codes Rewards
1MillionVisits Use the Code for 30k Yen, 16 Race Spins, and 14 Rare Spins. (New)
WeaponScaling Use the Code for 6 Race Spins, 5 Rare Spins, and 45k Yen. (New)
FinalCountdown Redeem the Code for 10 Race Spins, 3 Rare Spins, and 30k Yen. (New)
TargetLock Redeem the Code for 8 Race Spins, 5 Rare Spins, and 20k Yen. (New)
1MillionVisits Claim the Code for 16 Race Spins, 14 Rare Spins, and 30k Yen. (New)
Thankyou Obtain 15 Uncommon Spins, 6 Rare Spins, and 10 Race Spins.
Sorry4Shutdown Obtain 4 Race Spins, 7 Rare Spins, and 20k Yen using the code. (New)
TheGrindIsReal Redeem for 8 Race Spins, 8 Uncommon Spins, and 15k Yen.
4kLikes! Redeem the Code for 2 Uncommon Spins and 7 Race Spins.
IHateMidterms! Claim for 3 Uncommon Spins and 10 Race Spins.
500kVisits! Attain 5 Common Spins and 3 Uncommon Spins.
PAYD4Y Use the code for 5 Race Spins, 8 Rare Spins, and 50k Yen.
GrandReOpening! Claim the Code for 6 Uncommon Spins and 10 Race Spins.
Shutdown+BossNerf Use the code for 3 Race Spins, 6 Rare Spins, and 15k Yen.

List Of Expired Codes

Below you can find all the codes that have expired and are no longer working.

  • BugFix1!
  • 25k Visits!
  • 40k Visits
  • HappyNewYears!
  • 75k Visits
  • Sorry for Bugs
  • 100k Visits!!!
  • 5k Visits!
  • DeviousFixes!
  • SpReset2
  • Release!
  • YayRaceSpins
  • 100Likes!
  • FinallyASpResetCode
  • 1k Members
  • RockyRelease!
  • 1k Players!

How To Redeem Codes?

Claiming Shattered Psycho Online Codes
Redeeming Codes 

To redeem the codes, players need to follow a simple set of instructions. Additionally, It is important that players copy and paste the Codes directly instead of typing them manually to avoid any typos. Follow the list of instructions below to successfully redeem your codes.

  1. Launch Shattered Psycho Online.
  2. Look for a text box on the right side of the screen that says “Enter a Code“.
  3. Copy a Code from the list of Active Codes above and paste it into the text box.
  4. Press the “Enter” key on your keyboard.
  5. Enjoy!

What Is Shattered Psycho Online?

Shattered Psycho Online is a Roblox game inspired by the infamous Anime Mob Psycho 100. Players can complete quests and dungeons in order to obtain resources such as Spins, Yens, and chests to become a strong psychic. In Shattered Psycho Online, players can Spin for various different races including Human, Superhuman, Esper, Ghost, Demon, Ange, and ???.

Additionally, players can also obtain Psychic abilities through spins ranging from Common to Legendary. Furthermore, players can spend Robux to purchase a game pass that allows them access to exclusive perks such as 2x legendary chance, Boss Spawn Notification, and more. 

In Conclusion, Shattered Psycho Online Codes offers a variety of rare and exclusive rewards that can assist both novice and experienced players. If used correctly, these codes can provide players with a substantial advantage in the battle against other players. Moreover, if you have any questions, make sure to leave them in the comment section below.

In addition to that, make sure to bookmark this page to get access to new code releases as soon as developers release them. Also, make sure to check out the Black Desert Codes for some more freebies.


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